Chapter 2: birth

Pain, it was all Xavior could feel. There was this, tightness, like being squeezed, crushed even. It ecombered his entire being. He couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t hear anything, he didn’t even know where he was was. One thing he did know though,was that everything hurt.

It was like his entire being was getting forcibly pushed through a small tube. Worst of all, most of the pressure was focused around his head. It was the greatest pain he had ever felt. He tried holding it back at first, after all he’s a man, and a man has his pride. Ultimately though, the pain became to much for him as he began screaming in agony.

Xavior began struggling, fighting with all of his strength to get out of his current situation. He didn’t know what was happening but he couldn’t even take the time to think about it. He couldn’t focus on anything but the pain and a way to make it stop. Just when he felt his head was going to pop, something saved him from his misery. He felt what seemed like a pair of hands begin to cradle his head.

Some of the pressure dissipated around his skull, but it wasn’t enough. At the prospect at a savior, Xavior couldn’t help but scream louder than anytime before. His throat started becoming hoarse but he couldn’t stop himself. Without warning, the pressure around his head all but disappeared, replaced by a bright light ‘F***! How many times will I be blinded today?!?’ he screamed in his mind. Regardless of his head being free or not, the light only made him want to scream louder, but that didn’t seem possible at the moment.

He was screaming as loud as he could already. That doesn’t mean he didn’t make the effort to try though. Perhaps to only annoy his apparent tormentors with his cries, with a little hope of rupturing someones eardrum. While his head was finally free, his body was still being squeezed to Death. The man tried to look around to catch his bearings if nothing else, although his main goal was to finally witness his torturers face and commit it to memory.

Xavior was not the forgive and forget type and he fully planned on having his revenge. In his efforts, he realised another problem. He couldn’t see. It’s not as if the man was blind, but the world was nothing but blurs and blobs moving around. He couldn’t make out a single distinctive face.

This is when his second problem came forth. Everybody and everything is the entire world seemed to be Too. F******. Loud. Sound bombarded his ears without mercy and it did nothing but make this terrible day, all the worse.

He could see that all of the blobs and shapes around him were humongous giants. At this point, Xavior was terrified out of his mind. He was being tortured by blurry giants the minute after his reincarnation and he couldn’t do anything about it. All of his movements from the lower part of his body were restricted by the same force they used to torture him with. He didn’t even know what type of world he was born into but from the looks of everything, he wasn’t going to like it one bit.

With one final pull from his captors, the lower half of his body was finally free. With all of his might, he was determined to use this opportunity to get away from the giants, but just like everything that happened today, there was a problem. Even without the restriction around his body, he couldn’t f****** move. With a mighty roar and shout that displayed his determination, he began trying with all of his being to get out of the monster’s hands. In the end, he was barely able to move his arms and legs.

He didn’t understand what was going on, he felt so weak and just the slight movement he’s achieved has made him tired. With a shift in position, the old man could feel himself getting moved from one place to another. The giants were passing him around. ‘Probably deciding who gets to eat me first!!’ Screaming with a mighty roar once more, he tried again to control his body, to get it to move or do anything really besides being useless. Alas, the only thing that came from his efforts, were exhaustion and a feeling of sluggishness surrounding him.

The only good thing that came from this whole ordeal is that it seems his hearing was slowly adjusting to all the noise. The trade off for this it seemed was his vision. He could slowly feel his eyelids closing against his Will. He was just so damn exhausted. More exhausted than he’s ever been, in fact. ‘It’s alright, I couldn’t see anything anyway.’

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“-a fighter. Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Dark, it’s a healthy baby boy! Just look at the lungs on this one. Have you decided on what you want to call him.” All of a sudden, everything seemed to click. This was birth! The squeezing, the prison, the pain, it must have all been from him coming out of the womb! So many things were happening at once that he couldn’t even think straight. If he did, he would have known how obvious it was.

After all, he was reincarnated, that does mean having to be born, it would be stupid to say he’s been reincarnated and then placed into an adult body. ‘That’s more like transportation right?’ He felt like an idiot for not realising it sooner. He also realised why babies cried so much coming out of the womb. ‘That s*** was painful!’

“Yes, we have, we decided to name him after his grandfather. I think it would fit, what about you dear?” a feminine voice asked. It was tired yet joyful. Xavior couldn’t see her face clearly, even as she was now holding him, but he could practically hear her smile. It seemed she was truly happy at his birth. He must have been a planned child.

“Hmph, it’s not like I had any choice, I still want to go with Dante Jr.” a manly voice spoke. He sounded sour and pouty. It looks like Xavior’s parents had a argument over his name before today.

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“Oh you and your jokes. You are joking, aren’t you~?” his apparent mother asked with sweet venom. Apparently his mother wore the pants in the family. He would laugh if he didn’t feel so tired.

“Ha ha, of course honey. You know me, a joker all around!” he said in fright. “Besides, I’m sure he loves it. Don’t you Xavior?”


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