Chapter 3: Three Months In

3 months…That’s how long it took for Xavior to develop that complicated mystical arts of seeing. 3…f******…months. And even then, he still felt like a kid who needed glasses. Needless to say, the old man now turned toddler was not happy. From all of the webnovels he’s read, things should not have been going like this.

There was not any pain in any of the stories he read online about being reincarnated. When they finally were born into the world, they didn’t mention feeling like their ears were gonna burst. And at the very least, they could f****** see without waiting around for 90 days! Speaking of waiting around, Xavior didn’t think he would have minded being a baby at first. Lazing about, doing nothing all day, being taken care of without fail, it all sounded like paradise. That is, until you realise that you s*** yourself.

Yes, you s*** yourself, babies did that and then they sat in it. Normally, it wouldn’t have been such a problem. He would have just held it until the right opportunity. That way, the moment he shat, the next moment he’d get changed. The problem with that entire plan though, was that just like how he couldn’t control his body well, he couldn’t control his ass well enough to dictate when he could s***.

Sometimes, he didn’t even get the feeling in his stomach, it just came out without any semblance of restraint. The embarrassment was enough to last an entire lifetime. After 3 months though, things began getting easier. Simply moving his body was still a struggle, but not nearly as much as when he was first born. Gradually, he was refining his motor skills.

This also came with the advantage of more easily controlling when he shat. It was not easy, but the first time he successfully timed his s*** and his changing close after, he cried in joy. His mother of course just thought he was hungry and fed him. Thank goodness from a bottle, Xavior’s mother was quite adamant on him drinking formula and he couldn’t agree more. He’d never be able to look his mother in the face otherwise.

Besides the embarrassment of not controlling his poop and the very large accomplishment of controlling his poop, nothing else really happened during his first 3 months. Then again, he doesn’t even know if that’s true, he couldn’t see anything after all. When everyone was asleep and he had a moment of alone time, he tried talking. He literally couldn’t. Nothing came out but a low whine.

This was during his first month though, now at 3 months, if he put his mind to it he could say simple words. Of course he didn’t reveal it to his parents, that would do nothing but freak them out. Another thing about this screwed up situation, these were his parents. His actual parents from his first life. Before him dying, before being introduced to the mythical world, before him meeting the mighty Odin himself.

These were his REAL mom and dad. This shocked him more than anything else. He wasn’t in some mysterious fantasy world with elves and dwarfs. Nor was he in some medieval time before technology. He knew because his parents owned a flat screen tv.

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As far as he could tell, there was nothing magical about the tv either, it looked like it ran on electricity. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it out loud, but it still baffled him. There were not many stories, if at all, that depicted the main character reincarnated into his own world. ‘Then again, who is to say I’m the main character of anything. I could be that one hero’s companion that dies and the actual main character uses my Death as a way to power up with the magical power of friendship.’

That depressing thought had him crying that night. He’s still a baby after all, he’ll act like one if he so chooses. Nevertheless, he had many questions, and those questions piled up with every day he was in this world. He tried talking to his god, Odin, but no matter what he did, nothing worked. At one point, he was even desperate enough to put in the effort of placing his hands together and praying silently.

When silent praying didn’t work, he started praying out loud but the only thing that really came out were baby gargle. Eventually, he gave up trying to contact his god, he didn’t really need Odin right now anyway. It would just have been nice to have him. It’s not like he could ask Odin for some super secret training, he was a baby after all, he couldn’t move yet alone train. Unless you count trying to have any sort of control over your finger and bowel movements as training.

Without much to do, Xavior just lived his life as a baby for 3 months. In the end, he couldn’t really do anything else. His god wanted to become anti-social all of a sudden, so he was useless at the moment. He could barely control his body, so training was out too. The only thing he could do was wait to walk and talk.

Then, and only then, will he be able to start his master plan. With this plan, he will gather minions, he would become unstoppable, and he will even take over the entire world! ‘It’s only a Game after all.’ All he needed was time, the other Chosen should still be babies too, they’re in the same boring situation as him. With nothing to see or do, he bets that they are all just being little shitty kids. ‘Disgusting children.’ he thought, avoiding the fact that he’s a toddler himself.

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‘You better prepare yourself world. I am not the type to hold back, even on the other Chosen. We all didn’t pick to be reborn, but even so, I have to win. Even if I chose to sit around without participating, I doubt the others would let me. As long as I’m a Chosen, I’m a threat to them and there power… No that’s only an excuse. If I’m going to get anywhere, I have to stop treating this as if I’m forced to do anything. I don’t have any good reason except that it sounds like fun. Power for the sake of Power. I have no choice but to put my plan in action and destroy you all……..Now I just need to come up with a plan.’ He then yawned. ‘Eh, I’ll come up with a plan tomorrow. I’m tired.’

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