Chapter 4: Her Ability

It’s been 6 months now and the daily life of Xavior Dark has officially gotten epic. Or really f****** weird, he honestly couldn’t tell you which or even if there was an actual difference. First things first, Xavior met this really weird baby. Now all babies are weird little creatures but this baby was really weird. Xavior’s mom, Ava Dark, took Xavior across the street one day to hang out with her friend.

She apparently had a kid too, a little girl named Elise. She was an adorable little baby and if he had his adult body he would have cooed over her like a buffoon. She had what seemed like a fluff of golden hair on top of her head with the cutest green eyes. He was sat in a little baby pen right in front of her while his mother went to go do something. Xavior really didn’t know what to do at first, she held this blank like look and stare on her face.

He decided to raise his hand in a awkward wave and say hi. That’s when things got weird. Instead of making baby gargle or doing something stupid like he thought she would, she simply tilted her head to the side like a cute anime girl and waved back. She just, waved back, like she was waving hello. Now normally he would write this off as a baby copying him but she just had this weird sort of intelligence in her eyes.

It was as if she wasn’t just copying but could really understand the significance of the motion. Xavior crawled a bit closer to her, because he obviously still couldn’t walk at this point, and sat right in front of her. “Can you understand me?” he asked with a tilt of his own head. With 3 more months of practice, he was finally able to speak full sentences. Although his parent’s still didn’t know yet, he did make sure to say his first words.

After very careful consideration he crawled in front of his mother while she was cooking dinner and said ‘Mama’. She was so happy, she picked him up and bragged to his father the entire day. The baby, to his complete and utter surprise, nodded. She looked the toddler straight in the eye, and nodded. He literally fell back in surprise.

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Without raising his hand again, he said, “If you can really understand me, wave again.” as a test. Without fail, the baby girl raised her hand again, and waved. As Baby Xavior sat there, pondering the meaning of life and the ramification of this baby in front of him, said baby then began trying to poke him. For the first few times, he ignored it, to deep into his thoughts to care. It’s only when she kept going for a solid 20 seconds without stop that he began getting annoyed.

He blocked her next poke while saying, “No” firmly. Her previous nonchalant expression quickly turned into a frown. She tried again but Xavior only kept blocking all of her advances. After 2-3 more failed attempts of poking, her frown became more defined, and she began to cry. That’s when all semblance of normalcy decided to take a cab to Scotland and jump out the window.

When she began to cry, a weird sort of pink aura began surrounding him. This, without a doubt began to freak him out, but he really lost it when he began to float. One second, he was on the ground defending himself from a very determined child, the next he was in the air. Obviously he began to scream for help, but as he was a baby, it all just sounded like him crying. Even though this was totally not the case and he handled the freaky situation like a man.

While in the air, he was pulled closer to Elise and was defenceless against her barrage of pokes. He just couldn’t get in the right position to block them in midair. Her laughter that followed soon after did not help his wounded pride. Continuing his pleas for help, both of their mothers finally came back into the room and noticed the situation. With a shocking gasp that came from Ava, all that happened next was a giggle.

“Oh Diane, I didn’t know Elise was so talented. Magic Talent or Ability?” Ava asked her friend Eve while chuckling at Little Xavior’s predicament.

“The doctors are saying ability, isn’t my little girl just the best?” she answered.

From crawling around and sneaking on his parents phone he learned a lot. So there are 3 categories in the world of supers. The magic category, the technology category, and the Chi/Ki category. Each of these have subcategories but that’s not really important right now. You see, just like in any system, there are exceptions.

Ability users are people born with a super power not powered by any one type of energy. For example, say a mage threw a fireball spell, if the opposing mage was skilled enough, he could take control of the mana within that very same fireball spell and throw it back at the mage that cast it. If a person had the Ability to throw fire however, that fire wouldn’t be made of mana, therefor the mage wouldn’t be able to control it. A mage trying to do so, would do nothing for him but give him a really effective tan. Ability users are really rare though, although he was in the air, Xavior couldn’t help but be amazed at this baby.

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Because they didn’t belong to a specific group on the power spectrum, their powers could be anything from making forks turn into spoons, to controlling space and time. They are really dangerous beings but if you are one, no matter what your power is, you’re basically golden for the rest of your life. The government takes very special care of Ability users from health care to free insurance, but they also keep a very close eye on them. ‘It looks like I met someone interesting.’

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