Chapter 72 – Archaic Bronze Ring

Zhuang Zheng had promised Chen An that the army will save F City and that was why the latter agreed to protect him. If the truth is exposed, Zhuang Zheng will no longer have a powerful protector and Zhuang Zheng was also afraid that Chen An will do something terrible to him.

“Then please tell me, what is my purpose for doing this?”

Yang Tian’s words caused Zhuang Zheng to be speechless. Yang Tian’s words were real, it was true that Zhuang Zheng had no way to retort.

“Mayor, did you really deceived me?”

Chen An looked at Zhuang Zheng with displeasure, the former was only protecting Zhuang Zheng because of Zhuang Zheng’s promise. Having heard the truth, it was only natural that Chen An found the truth hard to accept.

“The army’s abilities are limited, it is impossible for them to save every city. When the army has vacated excess manpower, I will definitely fight for F City to be rescued.”

“Vacate excess manpower? Empty words.”

Yang Tian laughed in disdain, causing Zhuang Zheng’s face to turn ugly. Everything was initially under his grasp, but Yang Tian’s appearance had destroyed his plans.

“I grew up and lived in F City all my life, I can never allow it to be destroyed.”

To be able to attain the position of a Police Station Chief, it shows that Chen An was a person of a certain level of intellect. Zhuang Zheng’s explanation had undoubtedly proved Yang Tian’s words.

This was also the malpractice of F City, how many high-level officials who managed F City were locals from the region? As all of them were outsiders so they would naturally only focus on protecting their own interests, why be bothered about what happens to F City?

“So this is your goal? Now that you have achieved it, please release my daughter.”

Zhuang Zheng knew that it was pointless to continue the topic, the most important thing now was to rescue his daughter.

“Of course not. I am here to get something from you.”

“What is it?”

“Your family heirloom.”


When Zhuang Zheng heard Yang Tian’s request, the former immediately rejected it.

“Then your daughter will be…”

Yang Tian’s knife dug deeper into Zhuang Ru’s neck, the blood flowing out slowly increased.


Zhuang Ru started crying from fear, she did not dare to make hasty movements as she fears that Yang Tian would take her life by accident.


Zhuang Zheng shouted loudly. His daughter is also his precious treasure, by he must not lose the family heirloom!

“Mayor, saving the young mistress is more important.”

“Indeed! Mayor, your family heirloom is no longer useful in this world.”


Voices of mediation came from everywhere. Zhuang Zheng knew that if he hesitates any longer, his daughter will be gone forever.

“Wait, wait. I… I will give it to you.”

Zhuang Zheng’s family heirloom was an Archaic Bronze Ring, he has been wearing that ring all along, but now he had no choice but to perform the exchange.

“That’s the right choice.”

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“The goods first then the person.”

Yang Tian moved the knife away from Zhuang Ru’s neck, allowing both Zhuang Ru and Zhuang Zheng to sigh in relief.

Zhuang Zheng passed the Archaic Bronze Ring to the police and whispered some words in the latter’s ears before the police approached Yang Tian for the exchange.

Rank 2 Rock Warrior

The Rock Warrior stood in front of Yang Tian and showed the Archaic Bronze Ring.

Yang Tian pushed Zhuang Ru to the police and quickly snatched the Archaic Bronze Ring with his hand, the speed was so fast that the Rock Warrior was unable to react in time.

When the Rock Warrior received Zhuang Ru, he turned and sent an attack towards Yang Tian.

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Zhuang Ru knew what Yang Tian was capable of and she wanted to stop the Rock Warrior, but she was too late.

Yang Tian was already in Venom-Form, he released a scream that shocked the attacking Rock Warrior into taking several steps back. At Rank 2, the Rock Warrior could already turn his upper body into rock, he relaunches an attack on Yang Tian.

“Get lost!”

Yang Tian’s right arm turns into a battleaxe and smashed it against the Rock Warrior, the Rock Warrior crossed his arms in front of him in reaction.


The Rock Warrior flew back from the strike, the rock that covered his arms had been shattered into dust while the bones in his arms were also fractured. The rocks covering his chest was also shattered while blood colored his grey chest.

“Better scram before I really consider killing you.”

The Rock Warrior was sent flying, but it did not bring Zhuang Ru with it. When Zhuang Ru heard Yang Tian, she immediately shivered in fear and ran into the arms of Zhuang Zheng.

“Station Chief Chen, your subordinate is not obedient, I hope you don’t blame me for teaching him a lesson! Haha!”

The Rock Warrior was wearing a police uniform and he knew that Cheng An and Zhuang Zheng were no longer in a cordial relationship, yet he still listened to Zhuang Zheng’s orders. This explained which side he was standing with.

A Rank 2 Rock Warrior was considered one of the strongest within their group, Zhuang Zheng had spent a great deal of effort before he managed to persuade him to join him. However, in front of Yang Tian, the Rock Warrior looked so weak and powerless.

Zhuang Zheng’s expression turned slightly ugly, but he was out of ideas and could only helplessly watch Yang Tian take away the Archaic Bronze Ring.

“Mayor, since you are planning to leave and I, Chen An, is planning to remain in F City. We should part ways now.”

“Station Chief Chen, let us discuss further in the warehouse.”


Zhuang Zheng was not planning to retain Yang Tian in the discussion, he wants to see how many of the Metahumans was willing to remain with Zhuang Zheng and how many were willing to follow Chen An to save F City.

Yang Tian immediately left the garbage dump after he got the Archaic Bronze Ring. The Archaic Bronze Ring was not a mere family heirloom, just that no one in the Civilized Age was able to discover how to use it.

Storage Ring

A Storage Ring that required at least a Rank 2 Mental Power to activate the storage function. Yet how many people in the Civilized Age possessed Rank 2 Mental Power?

Yang Tian had undoubtedly fulfilled the requirement to use it, but to activate the storage ring, there was one crucial step: blood binding. After using blood to bind the ring and become the Ring’s master, no other creatures will be able to open the storage ring even if the owner loses it. Unless the person has a much stronger Mental Power which can completely crush the owner.

Yang Tian pierced his fingertip and dripped his blood onto the Archaic Bronze Ring. He sent his Mental Power into the Archaic Bronze Ring using his blood as the medium, completing the binding process.

Master Recognition Process Complete.

Yang Tian sent his Mental Power inside the Archaic Bronze Ring to check, it has an area about 6500 square meters. Yang Tian had seen a newspaper that had a picture of the mayor wearing the ring and that was when he recognized that it was a storage ring.

Storage rings are not considered rare during the later part of the Post-Apocalyptic World, but these items are indeed convenient.

Yang Tian placed the two Devil Fruits he had inside the ring, only the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror was still kept outside on his body. The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror’s rank surpasses a storage ring greatly, he was worried that the Archaic Bronze Ring might be destroyed if he tries to keep the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror inside as the ring would not be able to hold its power.

The grade of storage rings was usually not high; a storage ring that held an area of 6500 square meters was often around Rank 2.

As Yang Tian traveled, he discovered that some of the bodies have been there for some days, a large number of small scale zombie hordes had happened since a few days ago and it must have created several disasters in F City. However, now the attacks should have entered a short period of respite before a massive zombie horde will erupt; the remaining tall buildings in F City would likely be flattened.

In every corner of each street, one can witness the occurrence of fights due to conflicts over food, even including young children and elder folks. Within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, killing someone for the sake of a morsel of food will not be uncommon.

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