Chapter 195: Everyone’s Idol.

The seniority within the Fierce Sun Pillar depends on their refining arts.

The more skilled they are in the refining arts, the higher their position would be within the FIerce Sun Pillar.

Since Qin Tian could refine a mid immortal tool, his refining arts should have reached the peak of grandmaster level, a rank higher than Zhou Wei. Also, just from the silvery light on the dagger, his refining arts was much more skilled and exquisite than Zhou Wei. Logically speaking, he should be the senior brother.

However, he had become ‘Second Senior Brother’, which is below Zhou Wei.

Qin Tian did not have much of an objection, just that his title as the ‘Second Senior Brother’ put him in a bad mood, especially the word ‘second’.

Who does Second Senior Brother refer to?

It’s Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West.

[Zhu Bajie is the ‘pig’]

Who does Eldest Senior Brother refer to? Is it not the Monkey King?

[Monkey King is Sun Wukong]

Hearing the few words ‘Second Senior Brother’, Qin Tian naturally thought about the big belly and pig eared Zhu Bajie. Although his heart was unsatisfied, he did not dare to express it.

“Second Senior Brother, you’re so mighty.”

“Second Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother’s face is green.”

“Second Senior Brother, did master pass you some tools refining secret arts?”

……Qin Tian could only smile bitterly, hearing ‘Second Senior Brother’ over and over again. Full of emotions, he wondered, “My friend Bajie, how could even you stand this?”

After a while, Qin Tian finally squeezed out of the crowd.

He returned to his residence and slept soundly. After training for the entire night previously, he was mentally exhausted. In one night, hundreds of cores had been refined. However, he admired the fact that his Art of Tools Refining had reached rank 6, allowing him to refine immortal tools.

He was truly excited by that.

Once it’s rank reached the absolute, won’t he be able to refine godly tools whenever he wants?

In the future, Laozi can also use godly tools to overwhelm enemies. That would feel refreshing right?

It was already afternoon when he woke up. Qin Tian observed his Qigong value. Seeing that it was full, he smiled and got out of his courtyard.

“Junior Sister, may I know where’s Junior Sister Yan Xin’s residence?”

Her heart started beating fast and she responded shyly, “Second Senior Brother, let me bring you there.”

“What’s with this situation?” Qin Tian wondered.

Her expression doesn’t seem right, could it be that something huge happened during the period he slept?

Something huge happened indeed.

Qin Tian had become an idol in the hearts of many.

From a powerless refiner to someone that refined a mid-grade immortal tool, and also forcing that ‘evil demon’ Zhou Wei to eat sh*t. It really helped them to vent out their frustrations.

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This was like emerging as everyone’s hero all of a sudden. Killing an evil demon and saving the people, hence becoming people’s idol.  

Of course, Qin Tian does not know.

However, seeing her face filled with affection and her shy expression, he screamed inwardly, “Spring has come.”

“Junior Sister, don’t call me Second Senior Brother in the future, just Senior Brother would do.” He truly felt conflicted due to the word ‘second’.

“Understood, Second Senior Brother.” She looked into Qin Tian’s eyes slightly and blushed.

Fierce Sun Pillar has hundreds of disciples, with male disciples not over 11. The strength of the female disciples cannot be considered weak, allowing them to retain their youthful appearance. However, each of them was like chinese cabbage, flower buds ready to burst open. They all felt shy when they looked at Qin Tian.

[小白菜Chinese cabbage – delicate]

Suddenly, Qin Tian felt that he was amidst hundreds of flowers. It was simply wonderful.

Along the way, Qin Tian grew increasingly aware that he was the focus of attraction, the idol in their hearts.

Half an hour later, she pointed at the house near the cliff, “Senior Brother, that would be Senior Sister Yan Xin’s residence.

“Oh.” Qin Tian nodded, “What a nice residence, like a house floating in the clouds.”

“Thank you, Junior Sister.”

“You’re welcome, Senior Brother.”

She lifted her head to look at Qin Tian. Immediately, her face turned red and she ran away.

“If everyone were like you in this world, how great would it be.”

Qin Tian smiled and entered.

At the entrance, a female disciple was standing guard. Seeing Qin Tian, she greeted, “Second Senior Brother.”

“Junior Sister, can I visit them?” He asked.

“Master only disallowed them to exit, there are no rules against visitors. Second Senior Brother, please enter.”

“Thanks, Junior Sister.”

“You’re welcome.”

If it was yesterday, perhaps he would not be allowed to enter. But his identity was different now as everyone wanted to please him. Although some were fake, Qin Tian was too lazy to bother. As compared to Yan Xin and Yan Bing, the other female disciples were nothing much anyways.

“Junior Brother Qin Tian, you’ve come……”

Before Qin Tian could knock on the door, Yan Bing pushed it open joyfully. “No, I should be calling you Second Senior Brother, xixi……”

It has been 2 days since the Thousand Snake Valley incident, Yan Bing had placed it at the back of her mind. The sight of Qin Tin made her happy as if she forgot that her body was seen and chest was touched by him.

Compared to Yan Bing, Yan Xin was calm, but her face was faintly red.

Yan Xin wanted to forget all about it, yet it kept lingering in her mind, making her unable meditate.

Qin Tian entered.

The house was tidy, with flowers as decorations.

Yan Xin stood up. Her face was as cold as usual, just that her expression was a little warmer. “Second Senior Brother.”

Qin Tian scratched his head, “I was your Junior Brother yesterday, and now I am your Senior Brother. I’m really not used to it.”

“Senior Brother, this is Fierce Sun Pillar’s rules. Who told you to be so good at tools refining.”

“Senior Brother, you’re my idol! So cool, I’m loving you to death!”

“Zhou Wei’s expression made me want to laugh. To think that he would actually eat sh*t, haha……”

Like a small sparrow, Yan Bing chirped non-stop. She was visibly excited.

“Yan Bing.” Yan Xin lowered her voice and said with a frown.


Yan Bing realized that she said something she shouldn’t have said and quickly explained, “Senior Brother, the love I’m referring to isn’t the love you’re thinking about, you know right?”

“I know.” Qin Tian laughed.

Hearing that, Yan Bing was a little displeased and muttered, “Replied so fast.”

She suddenly thought about what happened in the Thousand Snake Valley and her face heated up. She stated viciously, “My body was already touched by you, yet there isn’t any hesitation.”                                                    

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“E?” Qin Tian stood there in a daze and asked, “Junior sister, what did you just say?”

“I said……” Yan Bing’s voice became softer and softer until nothing could be heard.

Of course, Qin Tian had heard it. Yan Xin heard it too.

At that moment, the 3 of them became awkward.

The cheeks of the 2 girls were burning.

After that day, Yan Xin felt that she owed him. If not for their recklessness, such a situation would not have happened.

Qin Tian saved them, yet they did not even thank him.

If not for Qin Tian, they may already be lying dead within the Thousand Snake Valley. Even if they did not die, with the Inner Qi within them being so chaotic, recovery may take a few years.

Unable to cultivate for a few years, they may be better off dead.

Although they did not express it using words, their hearts were full of gratitude. Especially with the fact that Qin Tian refined a mid-grade immortal tool, humiliating Zhou Wei greatly.

These few years, who knew how many people Zhou Wei had harmed, how many Junior Sisters were bullied. They harbored intense hatred towards him but were not strong enough and master was partial towards him, otherwise, they would have already given him a few slaps.

“I’ve come today to ask about how much you know about Thousand Snake Valley.” Qin Tian decided to break the ice.

Hearing about Thousand Snake Valley, the 2 girls became a little awkward again.

Qin Tian did indeed reminisce that day, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face.

“Senior Brother, what are you asking this for?” Yan Bing asked. Her face was still slightly hot. Although she tried her best to forget, it still kept appearing in her mind.

Yan Bing was like that, Yan Xin was also the same.

She was like a volcano hidden within an icy mountain, and these thoughts were the eruption, melting her ice-cold exterior.

“I want to kill some monsters and use their cores to refine some tools.”

Qin Tian had tens of thousands of cores, so he did not need to worry about having a lack of cores.

His main motive was to level up.

It was strenuous to face Zhou Wei as a Rank 3 Ascension realm cultivator, what’s more, there were only 10 days left before the competition. For that Netherworld God Sword, he must level up.

Previously when he entered Thousand Snake Valley, he realized that it was different. Whether it was Kunlun Mountain Range or Impendence Mountain Range, none of them had Rank 9 monsters. However, Thousand Snake Valley has, with strength close to the Rank 10 Absolute realm.

The most important point was that there was something powerful within Thousand Snake Valley.

Qin Tian sensed it when he was killing the Rank 9 fire python. Could there be a powerful monster hidden within all the darkness and mist?

“Our understanding of Thousand Snake Valley isn’t that great either. Master stated that it was a very dangerous place and disallowed us to venture deep.” Yan Bing spoke seriously.

“That place was once known as the Thousand Snake Mountain Range. The sect’s Founding Ancestor, also the first patriarch, used his boundless might to drag a meteorite down from a world beyond this and suppressed the mountain range with its Golden Hepta aura. Ever since that day, the valley of our Duxiu Peak became the current Thousand Snake Valley. There is only one type of monsters within – snakes. They do not come out and never die out. Who knows why that’s the case.” Yan Xin followed up.

This was the first time Qin Tian heard Yan Xin said so many words.

“Senior Brother, it would be better for you to not enter. You can ask us for cores if you need.” Yan Bing uttered.

“May Junior Sister not worry, I will take care of myself.” Qin Tian smiled. “After a few days when your punishment ends, I’ll send you a gift.”  

With that, he left.

“Sister, is Thousand Snake Valley really that dangerous?”

“I’m not sure, but I heard that hundreds of years ago, a Universe realm revered elder entered and never to return.”

“A Universe realm elder did not manage to return? Doesn’t that mean if Qin Tian ventures deep, he……”

“Hope he doesn’t enter……”

Yan Xin became anxious.

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