Chapter 194: Second Senior Brother

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Should they start fighting?

Qin Tian was stunned, his eyes only focused on the Half-God tool in Zhou Wei’s hands. Feeling its powerful and surging aura, he was tempted, as if he had fallen in love at first sight and inexplicably wanted to take it for himself.

“Netherworld God Sword, what a good item.”

He swallowed his saliva, not concealing his greed in the slightest.

As soon as the Netherworld God Sword appeared, the atmosphere in the refining building immediately became incomparably oppressive. It was as if there was a heavy blow to the depths of his heart time and time again.

All of the disciples surged out like floodwaters. They weren’t able to withstand the pressure released by the Netherworld God Sword. The energy within the semi-divine tool wasn’t simple at all.

“Qin Tian, if you know what’s good for you, hand the Green Dragon furnace over.”

“Otherwise…” Zhou Wei swept his gaze across them and gave a cold laugh. “Otherwise, I will make you a soul of the sword. My treasured sword has never killed a person before, haha …”

With the Netherworld God Sword in hand, Zhou Wei’s aura suddenly changed. There was a sense of contempt in his eyes as if he was looking down upon the mortal world. This was the boost from the Half-God tool.

A Half-God tool does not only possess an extremely powerful attack, but it also has a unique spiritual resonance. When a person’s will and the will of the God tool are merged together, their mind becomes one and their mental energy becomes stronger as well.

“Eldest senior brother, you are really desperate.”

“You can’t accept a loss, so why the f * ck are you betting? You’re the senior apprentice brother of the Fierce Sun Pillar. If you lose, you should eat sh * t; if you don’t, then that’s fine too. Now you want to kill someone and steal their goods, your character is questionable.” Qin Tian was secretly anxious, but his face remained unmoved. His calm demeanor shocked Zhou Wei.

“No, there is a problem with your personality. A very huge one.” Qin Tian’s words were heavy. At the same time, he also knew that the furnace was actually the Green Dragon Furnace. Just this name alone, Qin Tian felt that it was extraordinary, as there were not many things that could cause Zhou Wei to take the risk.

Clearly, this  Green Dragon Furnace was not simple.

“Cut the crap, do you want to hand it over or not?”

Zhou Wei’s face darkened and he said coldly: “Hand it over, and I will let you die a quick death. If not, you will die a miserable death, your soul will never be able to reincarnate.”

Zhou Wei meaning was clear ‘Whether you hand it over or not, you shall die.’

“Wanting to kill me in public, aren’t you afraid of Master’s punishments?”

“Aren’t you afraid of the Disciplinary Hall?”

“Eldest senior brother, I advise you to put down your butcher knife and turn around.” Qin Tian started becoming nervous. Rank 2 Rebirth realm was not something he could deal with now. Although killing Zhou Wei was not impossible, the consequences would definitely be very serious.

“Master? Haha …” Zhou Wei laughed heartily and said: “Killing a useless refiner like you is not something that Master would care about, not to mention Master doesn’t even dare to care.”

After saying that, Zhou Wei’s expression changed once more, becoming savage. He said coldly: “Let me be honest with you, I am also from the Violent Sky Faction. If not for Young Master, you would have died long ago.”

Hearing this news, Qin Tian’s heart did not have much of a change.

Everything seemed to have been within his expectations.

“Violent Sky young master, what is he trying to do?” Qin Tian’s heart skipped a beat. He thought about how Gu Cang had mysteriously escaped from the Evil Demon City a few days ago. He thought to himself, “Could it also be because of Violent Sky young master?”

Qin Tian’s calmness surprised Zhou Wei.

Logically speaking, Qin Tian should be shocked, but right now, he was completely expressionless.

However, Zhou Wei did not hesitate, he smiled faintly, a murderous look on his face as he said: “Although I do not know why Violent Sky young master wants to keep you alive, he is him, and I am me. Today, you will definitely die.”

Suddenly, Qin Tian sensed an incomparably large aura approaching closer and closer to the Refining Building. He then smiled faintly. His smile was thought-provoking and unfathomable.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Master seemed to have made a rule that the disciples of the Fierce Sun Pillar are not allowed to join any forces. Aren’t you afraid that Master will blame you for doing this?” Yet, Qin Tian was laughing complacently in his heart.

“Master, blaming me? Haha …” Zhou Wei laughed heartily, saying: “Do you really think Master is that powerful? Blame me? What a joke, you don’t understand how strong the Violent Sky Faction is, it is ten thousand times stronger than what you imagine, even if the forces of the eight pillars combined, it would not be worthy of the Violent Sky Faction licking their toes. “

Qin Tian was alarmed.

The Violent Sky Faction was so powerful that even the eight great pillars combined were unable to match?

Could it be that Violent Sky young master had other powers backing him up?

Initially, he had thought that the Violent Sky Faction was formed by a few silly young men eating too much. Now, it seemed that the Violent Sky Faction was much more complicated than he had imagined.

Judging from Zhou Wei’s expression, he did not seem to be flustered at all. In all likelihood, the Violent Sky Faction still had a powerful force backing them up, otherwise, he would not be so reckless.

“Could it be that Sect Leader Long Xiaotian is supporting Violent Sky Faction?”

The first thing that came to Qin Tian’s mind was Long Xiaotian. He let out a heavy breath, and the pressure on him increased drastically.

If it was really Long Xiaotian supporting from behind, perhaps he wants to make changes.

His brow furrowed, he looked at Zhou Wei and said: “It seems like you are not afraid of Master at all.”

“Afraid of her? It won’t be long before all of the Fierce Sun Pillar is mine. Why should I be afraid of her? ” Zhou Wei burst out laughing, his laughter extremely arrogant.

At the same time, Qin Tian coldly laughed. However, he didn’t utter a word. The more he smiled, the more ferocious his expression became. After which, he coldly stated, “Master is right behind you.”

“Qin Tian, do you think you can deceive me?”

“Master is refining in seclusion today. I’ve long heard about it. Otherwise, do you think I would be this stupid?”

“You want to lie to me? You’re still a bit too inexperienced.” From the very beginning, he had been prepared. Regardless of whether Qin Tian was able to forge a spiritual tool or not, he still had to kill him.

As for his master, he had already sent people to be around her. When Master came out of seclusion, he would definitely know.

It could be said that he was completely prepared, and had already took into account any unforeseen circumstances.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I’m serious, Master is really behind you.” Qin Tian looked extremely serious as he looked at Zhou Wei.

The more he was like that, the more Zhou Wei did not believe him.

The pleased expression on his face intensified, “Qin Tian, no one can save you, even if Master is here, I will still kill you. I advise you to hand over the Green Dragon furnace as soon as possible, otherwise … …”

“Weng …”

The Netherworld God Sword suddenly released a powerful sword hum.

In an instant, the entire refining building shook tremendously. Just a light sword hum from the semi-divine tool caused Qin Tian’s heart to faintly tremble.

However, Qin Tian did not react and revealed a faint smile. Looking behind Zhou Wei, he said respectfully: “Master.”

“Don’t even think about playing any tricks. Die.”

Zhou Wei’s entire body suddenly moved, and with a sudden wave of the Netherworld God Sword in his hand, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering aura pressed down on him.

The ground beneath his feet began to tremble and the furnaces within the refining building began to shake. It was as if a giant beast was moving beneath his feet.

Qin Tian shook his head with a bitter smile. His body didn’t even move as he softly said, “I really didn’t lie to you.”

“Zhou Wei, how dare you!”

A deep and shrill sound rang out suddenly as if a sharp thorn had stabbed into Zhou Wei’s heart.

“Master?” Zhou Wei’s pupils constricted and his body trembled secretly. Cold sweat broke out from his forehead as he turned to look at Shen Yan, his face turning pale white, as if his heart had died.

Shen Yan’s face was dark, her entire body bursting forth with her Void Piercing Aura. Her eyes glared angrily, and before Zhou Wei could react, the Void Piercing Force rushed out of her body, condensing into powerful energy.

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“Boom …”

Zhou Wei did not have any chance to retaliate and was sent flying, crashing into the wall. The Netherworld God Sword fell down and the wall quickly cracked open.

Even in his dreams, he would never imagine that Shen Yan would appear.

Qin Tian was also shocked. The originally amiable Shen Yan was now like a lion showing its might, incomparably fierce.

“Master, Master, please listen to my explanation.” Zhou Wei crawled back up with some difficulty, revealing a pitiful expression as he kneeled down and said: “Master, it’s all Junior Brother Qin Tian’s fault. He kept looking down on Fierce Sun Pillar refining techniques, I was forced into such a sorry state by him. Everything I said was just to scare him.

Master, Master, in my heart, you are my new parent. You’ve personally taught me how to forge tools. Without you, there would be no Zhou Wei.”

Zhou Wei’s face was streaked with tears, showing a pitiful expression. He knelt on the ground, grabbing onto Shen Yan’s thigh and started crying loudly … Qin Tian had always felt that his acting was quite good.

However, after seeing Zhou Wei’s bloody performance, he could not help but feel that he was lacking.

His acting had reached a superb level, Qin Tian could not help but admire his acting.

However, Qin Tian did not move. He silently stood to the side and did not say anything. Right now, he still did not know what Shen Yan was thinking, so he did not want to speak for himself.

Shen Yan felt grief. Her disciple who she had painstakingly nurtured for so many years actually treated her in such a manner. Looking at Zhou Wei’s pitiful expression, she let out a long sigh.

Zhou Wei was startled and he immediately admitted his mistake. “Master, I was wrong. If you give me another chance, I will definitely change for the better.”

“A talent.” Qin Tian could not help but praise him in his heart. Similarly, he knew that Shen Yan’s heart had softened.

Shen Yan waved her hand and the Netherworld God Sword that had fallen down in the corner suddenly flew up into her hands. She lowered her head to look at Zhou Wei and said: “Zhou Wei, you have disappointed me.”

“Master, I was wrong, master …”

Zhou Wei’s crying could move the world, and Qin Tian even believed that if this fellow was placed next to the Great Wall, he could definitely cry till it’s destruction.

“Master, just spare him. “

Qin Tian knows that Shen Yan’s heart softened. He had to find a way out. Now that Qin Tian had stood out, it couldn’t be any better.

Shen Yan’s expression changed and she let out a long sigh, looking coldly at Zhou Wei as she said: “Junior brother was begging for mercy on your behalf and yet, you wanted to kill him, you’re the one who said that … sigh …”

Zhou Wei immediately turned to look at Qin Tian, kneeling on the ground and said: “Thank you Junior Apprentice Brother for your forgiveness, thank you!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, what are you talking about? We are all fellow disciples of the same sect, what’s with this forgiving or not forgiving? Just stop causing trouble for me and it’ll be fine.” Qin Tian was very polite and very generous as he said.

“No, absolutely not. No one from Fierce Sun Pillar would dare to cause trouble for you in the future.” Zhou Wei immediately said.

Qin Tian smiled. “Then I’ll thank eldest senior brother. Also, what about the bet …”

As he spoke, Qin Tian glanced at Shen Yan. Seeing that her eyes were slightly closed and had no expression, Qin Tian immediately said: “It seems that you’ve lost, Eldest Senior Brother.”

Startled, Zhou Wei turned his head to look at Shen Yan. Seeing that she was not even looking at him, he gritted his teeth and said: “I admit, it’s my loss, I will eat …”

After getting up, Zhou Wei did not hesitate to grab the bowl, one hand grabbing it and stuffing it into his mouth, swallowing all the yellow food. He felt a wave of nausea, as if he was about to vomit, but was able to endure for a while.

Qin Tian felt a wave of disgust as his stomach churned. However, he was feeling very proud. “Offending Laozi will not end well for you.”

Shen Yan didn’t even look at him. She turned her head to the side and said, “Qin Tian, you’ve refined an immortal tool overnight. The refining technique shocked me greatly. From today onwards, you will be the second senior brother of the Fierce Sun Pillar.”

“Ah?… Second senior brother? ” Qin Tian cried out involuntarily.

Second senior brother, this is too … He felt despondent and immediately thought of the second senior brother from Journey to the West. He sighed to himself.

“What is it? “Don’t you want to?” Shen Yan said indifferently.

“Yes.” Qin Tian immediately said respectfully.

“Alright, Zhou Wei, let it go. Today’s matter will teach you a lesson and it will not be so simple if you commit another offense in the future.” She returned to her usual easygoing manner and said, “This Netherworld God Sword ….”

Zhou Wei put down his bowl, a light flashed in his eyes.

Qin Tian was stunned at the same time. As he looked at the Netherworld God Sword, his heart throbbed.

“I’ll temporarily keep this Netherworld God Sword. In the ranking competition of the top 100 disciples, I’ll reward whoever among you who’s at the top.” Shen Yan looked at Qin Tian and said.

Qin Tian’s heart tightened. He was secretly shocked and filled with desolation.

His Tools Refining Skill had already reached the peak of Master Grade, and she had only used ‘Second Senior Brother’ to send himself off. Previously, when Zhou Wei had reached Master Grade, he had been rewarded with a’ Half-God tool ‘, the Netherworld God Sword.

It seems that Shen Yan had not given up on Zhou Wei.

In the top hundred ranking competition, how could Qin Tian have Zhou Wei’s high ranking?

He was someone from the Violent Sky Faction. Half of the people from the Violent Sky Faction would be in the top 100 rankings. Getting a good name was not something that could be casually done.

Shen Yan’s actions were clearly biased towards Zhou Wei.

Qin Tian was secretly surprised in his heart.

Zhou Wei lowered his head, a killing intent flashed in his eyes as he thought to himself: “Shen Yan, you old thing, to actually use my Netherworld God Sword as a reward, just you wait, it won’t be long before I show you my hands.”

Shen Yan sighed, waved her sleeves and walked out of the refining room.

The outside of the refining building was completely surrounded by people. When they saw Shen Yan coming out, they immediately bowed and said: “Master.”

Shen Yan slightly nodded her head and said, “Yan Bing, Yan Xin, the two of you are not allowed to take another step out of the room for another three days.”

Yan Bing was speechless. She pouted her lips, took off the cloak on her head and said in a low voice, “Yes.”

After which, Shen Yan frowned and disappeared on the spot.

At the same time, Qin Tian walked out and everyone said in unison, “Second senior brother.”

Qin Tian smiled, feeling a little awkward in his heart. However, when he heard so many girls call him, he secretly felt pleased. In the future, it would be easy for him to find a junior sister to talk about his life and talk about his dreams.

Not long after, Zhou Wei also walked out with his head lowered.

Before they even got close, Qin Tian shouted, “So smelly. Eldest senior brother, I was just playing with you. I didn’t expect you would really eat it.”

The surrounding female disciples roared in laughter, which was especially loud for Yan Bing.

Zhou Wei was filled with killing intent, but he dared not release it!

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