Chapter 609: Smelting Death Cave

The wasteland located northwest of Sea Emperor City was the only place in Undersea city without throngs of people. There were crumbling piles of rocks, and grasses grew everywhere; it was quiet without sound. This place was the private land of the Miluo Clan. In the past, it had once been a mine. Although it had been discarded after all the ores had been mined, this land still belonged to the Miluo Clan.

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A black shadow suddenly appeared in the distance, and in the next second, that black shadow materialized in the sky above this place. The afterimage in the distance had yet to dissipate, giving any who witnessed the scene strong visual intimidation.

The shadow slowly descended from the sky and then stowed away the sea cloak he wore, revealing his figure. A white silk gown draped his form, and he looked handsome; he was none other than Long Yi.

Long Yi went straight toward a pile of rocks covered with long weeds and stopped. Karl lay there in the midst of a thick clump of grass like a corpse. This Karl, who had not fallen apart even when Frank had died before his eyes, appeared as if he had now lost his soul. His eyes were blank, and he didn’t even blink. His milky-white eyelid layer had become light red, looking very scary.

Long Yi sat on a rock and gazed at the azure seawater on the other side of the barrier like those various kinds of sea creatures swimming above were very interesting.

Even after a long time, Karl didn’t move. Long Yi also sat as still as a statue.

“Why are you not speaking?” Karl blinked, and a hint of focus appeared in his empty eyes, but, his voice was very hoarse.

“Eh, you are still alive! I thought you were dead,” Long Yi pretended to look surprised and joked.

Karl sat up on the grass. His heart was still in pain, but compared to his feelings a moment ago, he felt a lot better. As a matter of fact, Long Yi hadn’t done anything to contribute to this. He had simply used a bit of his spirit power to shake Karl back into reality, forcing Karl to notice his existence, before intentionally ignoring the Miluo Prince for a long time.

 Karl had thought that Long Yi had come over to comfort him, but Long Yi had just sat still at one side like he had forgotten of his existence. This had also pulled his attention out of that despairing mood, and now that he had opened his mouth, much of his dark emotions dissipated.

“Long Yi, do you think I am a joke? The woman I dearly loved was only fooling me. Everything was just a scheme concocted by her and Great Elder. If it were not for her stealing the Miluo Divine Arrows, making my Miluo Divine Bow lose a lot of power… if it were not for Great Elder sparing no efforts to instigate this matter, would Frank have died? Would Miluo Adventure Group have been wiped out?” Karl’s dark green face trembled as he spoke his words of resentment.

“Since you know there was a scheme, what are you doing here, full of remorse? It is very likely that the Great Elder of your clan is planning something big. Aren’t you afraid that your family members are in danger?” Long Yi faintly asked.

Karl was startled. He had drowned in sadness and despair, but he had never thought of this. If he continued to wallow here, there might be unforeseen events in his clan.

“Thank you, Long Yi,” Karl thanked Long Yi gratefully then flew toward Sea Emperor City.

Long Yi looked at the back view of Karl and smiled. As the patriarch of Miluo Clan, how could Karl’s father be an ordinary person? Before he had come out to look for Karl, Long Yi had met with Miluo Patriarch and chatted for a while. In a few words, Long Yi had discerned that Miluo Patriarch was very clear about the current situation of Sea Race; moreover, he was not ignorant of the small movements Great Elder had been making in secret. In the beginning, Long Yi had found it somewhat strange. Why had the patriarch of Miluo Clan told him, a human who he had seen for the first time, all these secrets? Later on in their conversation, Long Yi had vaguely guessed something by carefully examining the Patriarch’s expression.

At this moment, the Sea Emperor City seethed with excitement. The Treasure Seizing Conference, the main event of the Sea Race Convention that was paid close attention to by all the forces of the Sea Race, was about to begin. Everyone coveted the treasures inside the Undersea Smelting Death Cave. However, while they were the treasures left behind from the War of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago, they were accompanied by extraordinary danger at the same time; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been called the Smelting Death Cave.

According to Sea Emperor, Smelting Death Cave was a space that existed independently at the bottom of the sea. Inside, the environment was very harsh. In addition, not only were there resentment specters and zombies formed from the corpses of Gods and Demons, but there were also all kinds of variant magical beasts. All of them were variants left behind from the cross-breeding of god beasts and magical beasts that had survived the great War of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago. Moreover, they had evolved in such a harsh environment for 100,000 years; thus, they might even be many times stronger than their ancestors.

Therefore, this Treasure Seizing Conference was very dangerous. It was very likely that all the participating people might never return, but if one was able to bring out a treasure, that person and his entire clan would be greatly honored, and their reputations would flourish. Moreover, all the treasures inside were extraordinary. With such a treasure in hand, no matter their hard or soft power, both would reach another level. As a result, although this Treasure Seizing Conference was very dangerous, even the clans who had significant power within the Sea Race would risk their young experts by participating.

In the spacious square of the imperial palace, Sea Emperor solemnly gave a brief explanation about the Treasure Seizing Conference, elaborating the dangers of this event and finally sung his own praises to illustrate that there was no coward in the Sea Race under the leadership of the wise Sea Emperor.

After Sea Emperor, as the three major powers nominally beneath Sea Emperor, the patriarchs of the Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan each delivered a speech one after another. Finally, the etiquette officer of the imperial palace announced the list of people and their associated clan who were participating in this Treasure Seizing Conference.

This time, there were 1,500 young experts of various clans participating in the Treasure Seizing Conference. One could well say that the Sea Race was filled with experts. Among these experts, the majority of them had formed alliances in secret. Once they found a chance, they would cooperate to kill other experts to seize treasure or reduce competitors.

After their vehement speeches, Sea Emperor as well as the patriarchs of the various big clans led those 1,500 participants to the transfer magic array that led to the Smelting Death Cave that was opened just once every one hundred years.

Long Yi, wearing a sea cloak, was mixed among those 1,500 young experts. There was a concealed triangular symbol on his sea cloak. This was the unique symbol of Sea Emperor. Long Yi observed this crowd of 1,500 participants and discovered that roughly a hundred people shared this concealed symbol, meaning that they were the people of Sea Emperor.

“Blue Sea Divine Soul, what is its use?” Long Yi muttered to himself as he walked into the transfer magic array. Then, the white light flashed, and he was surrounded by seawater once more.

From the amount of pressure, Long Yi knew that this place was without a doubt at least ten thousand meters below the sea’s surface. While it ought to have been dark, there was a glimmering light ball that illuminated every detail of their surroundings. That light ball most likely marked the place where the entrance to the Smelting Death Cave was located.

At that time, all participants arrived here through the transfer magic array.

Sea Emperor looked deeply toward Long Yi. He was full of expectations and hopes. He was clearly placing his greatest hope on Long Yi.

“The time is running. Patriarchs, are you all ready?” Sea Emperor stepped forward and asked the eight strongest patriarchs of the Sea Race.

The eight patriarchs silently formed a circle with Sea Emperor at the center. Then, a large amount of energy gushed out from their bodies and gathered above Sea Emperor because of Sea Emperor’s special ability to contain the energy of all living beings and fuse them together. After fusing the energy, he attacked that light ball.

Only after attacking several times, did a crack appear on that light ball. Then, that crack slowly expanded until it completely opened, and one could see red light glimmering inside.

The etiquette officer of the imperial palace who had been paying close attention to the situation waved his hand and loudly announced, “Enter.”

Immediately, several hundred participants rushed forward, vying with each other to be the first one to enter as if they feared that the treasures inside would be taken away first if they were late. Long Yi, however, acted far more leisurely. Since he was not familiar with the circumstances within the Smelting Death Cave, why shouldn’t he let other people scout the path first? Besides, if the treasures were so easy to find inside, why were there so few people who had obtained a treasure in these past 10,000 years? Finally, his objective was the Blue Sea Divine Soul located at the deepest parts of this Smelting Death Cave. Still, he also wouldn’t mind killing and robbing others if he saw a treasure he liked on other people.

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In the blink of an eye, among the 1,500 participants, only Long Yi and another person wearing a sea robe were left.

Long Yi sized up this person with surprise, and a smile appeared on his face. Then, under the urging of that etiquette officer, he entered the Smelting Death Cave. That person also followed behind Long Yi.

After everyone had entered, Sea Emperor and the other eight patriarchs simultaneously retracted their energy, and the entrance reverted back to the original state.

Inside, Long Yi glanced around and began to understand why this cave was called the Smelting Death Cave. It was very wide inside, and there were conical rock-like things hanging down from the roof; the walls were also uneven. Nevertheless, everything here was fiery red in color; everything glowed red with heat, and steam curled up from the floor. With the water-attributed physique of the Sea Race, those who were slightly weaker would immediately lose their fighting ability upon entering, and they could die without even once encountering any terrifying magical beasts.

Long Yi glanced around, and his gaze stopped on a person beside him. He said with a smile, “Karl, now, you resemble a man. If you wanted to give up your life just because of that small matter, how could you accomplish great matters?”

“You are correct. No matter what Xueji did to me and Frank, since she has already died, all affection and hate towards her should also perish. Now, I just want to do my part for my clan,” Karl sighed and said.

Long Yi smiled mysteriously. However, looking at that hidden triangular symbol on Karl’s sea cloak, he couldn’t help but frown a little.

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