Chapter 315: Please Believe Me (13)

He was angry earlier on, but that anger lost to his affection and care for her.

He helped her kick Gu Xing Shan out so that she would not have to endure anymore drama.

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For her, her mother would always be first.  Si Zheng Ting wonders who she would choose to save if both he and Zhuang mama are to be in a perilous situation in the future.

That question is like a thorn in his heart.

Si Zheng Ting stands up; he should ask her.

Perhaps, her answer will not be too heartbreaking.  It will be better than brooding about it by himself.

But then, he remembers that she already bade him good night through text.  What if she is already asleep?

Si Zheng Ting slowly sits back down before casually clicking on the mouse again, revealing a black window tab.

He laughs when he sees what is displayed on the screen.  This is the software that he installed to tap into Zhuang Nai Nai’s phone back then, to snoop on her conversation with Su Jin Hui.  Seems like he forgot to turn it off.

His mood suddenly gets a little better.

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Everything on her phone is displayed there, including her conversation with Lin Xi Er.

His cheeks turn red when he reads their conversation.  He massages his forehead; Zhuang Nai Nai actually shared all that with Lin Xi Er?

From the anxious way she was describing their problem though, he can tell that she really cares for him.

His mood becomes even better as his lips curl up in a smile.

Was that why she tried to seduce him in the car yesterday?  Because Lin Xi Er told her to seduce him?  Not bad.

He continues checking her chat list.  Zhuang Nai Nai does not have many friends, so there are barely any chatboxes inside her inbox.

She would occasionally exchange good night texts with Su Mei from the company.

Her chatbox with Gu De Shou suddenly appears on his screen.

‘Di Hao’s draft designs are not ready yet.  Give me a couple more days.’

That smile freezes on his face.

He reads it again, trying to make sure he is not seeing wrong.  Perhaps, someone purposely sent that using her phone to harm her.

But no…. No.  Gu De Shou had been calling her a couple of times prior to the message.  She did not accept any of the calls and had merely responded with that message.

He fists his hands tightly.  She really did have something to hide.

The screen suddenly flashes with an incoming call.

He looks at the caller ID and discovers that it is from….. Gu De Shou.

Si Zheng Ting stares at the screen for a moment, before plugging in his earphone.


As for Zhuang Nai Nai, she originally thought that she wouldn’t be able to sleep, but she was wrong.  She did fall asleep, though only after tossing around for a while. 

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