Chapter 112: She Was So Good that It Angered Him

“Your Majesty—-“ says Imperial Physician Wang as he follows Jun Qian Che from behind.  He gathers enough courage to say, “Does this official need to re-brew the special tonic for Her Ladyship?”  Truth be told, the physician has an inkling that he does not have to anymore, but Jun Qian Che is just too hard to fathom that it is simply better to ask.

“No need.  Do not bring this incident up to other people,” replies Jun Qian Che coldly.

“Yes,” replies Imperial Physician Wang respectfully, secretly happy for the unborn child.

“From now onwards, you are in charge of the Empress’ pregnancy.  Take good care of her, nothing bad should happen to zhen’s child.  Otherwise, zhen will hold you accountable.”

“Yes, this official will do everything to ensure the safety of the Empress’ child,” replies the imperial physician in deference.

“And the Empress herself,” adds Jun Qian Che.  He grew up in the palace and knows what war amongst the womenfolk is like.  A pregnant woman will be the main target of everyone.  In the surface, everyone will be fine and harmonious.  On the back however, is where all the scheming commences.  One wants the mother to die, other wants the child to die, another wants both mother and child to die.  Although Mo Qi Qi’s relationship with the other consorts have been good lately, that does not mean that everyone will wish her well.  Better safe than sorry.

“Yes,” replies Imperial Physician Wang.

“Alright, you are no longer needed here.  You can go.” 

“Yes,” Imperial Physician Wang quietly retreats.

Jun Qian Che’s chest suddenly feels a burst of pain and he suddenly vomits blood.

Eunuch Lin is quick to run to him.  “What is wrong, Your Majesty?  This old servant will immediately call Imperial Physician Wang back.”

“Stop!” says Jun Qian Che.  “You are not allowed to let this matter spread.  We’ll head over to Gui Ning Palace.”

“Yes!” replies Eunuch Lin as he escorts him to Gui Ning Palace.

When Jun Qian Che reaches Gui Ning Palace, pretty much everyone can see that something is wrong with him.  Yang Shi Han on the other hand, runs over to him coquettishly while saying, “Your Majesty, why are you only here now?  Chenqie have been waiting for you for so long!”  She turns to her servants, “All of you may go.”


Once all the servants have left them, Yang Shi Han immediately helps Jun Qian Che sit, “Hurry and sit, Your Majesty.”

“What is wrong with His Majesty, Your Ladyship?” asks Eunuch Lin in worry.

Yang Shi Han can only smile, “Don’t worry, Eunuch Lin.  His Majesty has only been poisoned.”

“Poisoned?  Who would dare to poison His Majesty?  How is His Majesty now?” Eunuch Lin becomes even more worried when he heard what Yang Shi Han said.

Yang Shi Han smiles casually, “Don’t worry.  Now that he is here, even if he is on his last breath, bengong will still be able to pull him back from the Underworld Gates.  The poison inside His Majesty’s body is not recent.  It has been there since the last trip out of the palace.”

Eunuch Lin is stumped when he hears that, “It has been there for so long?  This old servant didn’t notice anything off with His Majesty’s health.  This is all this servant’s fault for failing to take care of His Majesty properly!”

Jun Qian Che calmly says, “There is no need to blame yourself.  This has nothing to do with you.”  He pretty much grew up under Eunuch Lin’s care.  Although they are a pair of master and servant, Jun Qian Che feels a certain kind soft spot for Eunuch Lin.  He does not want him to feel guilty over something that he has no fault in.

Yang Shi Han comforts the old eunuch as well, “Don’t worry, Eunuch Lin.  With bengong here, nothing will happen to His Majesty.  He is almost completely cured now, he only needs one treatment left.”

“Then why did His Majesty vomit blood?  It looked pretty serious,” Eunuch Lin is still worried.

Yang Shi Han sighs, “That question, you need to ask His Majesty himself.  Did anything happen that pissed him off?  He clearly knows there is still remnants of poison inside his body, why didn’t he control his temper?  Never mind a poisoned man, even a regular man will vomit blood if you anger him enough.  Things will get a little tricky, but bengong will be able to help him.  Don’t worry.”

Eunuch Lin calms down a lot when he hears that. 

Jun Qian Che turns to Eunuch Lin, “You may go and wait outside.  Do not let anybody in.”

“Yes,” Eunuch Lin walks out.

Yang Shi Han helps prepare Jun Qian Che’s herbal bath and the medicines that he will need to take.  Once everything is prepared, she heads over to Jun Qian Che and calmly says, “The bath is ready, you can bath now.”

Jun Qian Che gets up and walks to her private chamber.

Beyond the portable screen shielding the bath tub from view, smoke can be seen curling into the air.  A large wooden bath tub is placed behind the screen.  The colour of the water filling it is brown.

Jun Qian Che takes off his robes, leaving only his pants and climbs into the bath tub, sitting there and soaking the medicine in.

Yang Shi Han walks in with a tray full of herbs and occasionally adds more of those herbs to the bath water from time to time.

Jun Qian Che puts his arms on the sides of the bath tub as he closes his eyes.  He can feel the bath water warming up his body.

While putting more herbs, Yang Shi Han cannot contain her curiosity and directly asks him, “I heard Your Majesty went to the Empress’ palace with Imperial Physician Wang.  Did everything happen smoothly?”

Jun Qian Che does not open his eyes as he replies her, “What are you trying to say?”

A beautiful smile appears on Yang Shi Han’s face, “Even Your Majesty has learned to play stupid?  Chenqie is naturally talking about the child inside the Empress’ stomach.  The child is already two months old, you cannot delay it any longer.  Did you forget what Aunt said?”

Jun Qian Che coldly replies her, “This is zhen’s personal business, other people are not allowed to interfere.”

“Other people?” Yang Shi Han shakes her head while laughing, “Aunt’s heart will break if she hears you!  She is your mother, how could she be ‘other people’?  If even Aunt is ‘other people’, who in this world is not ‘other people’ to you?  Don’t tell me that in Your Majesty’s heart, the Empress and her child are your real family?  You threw up blood after leaving the Empress’ palace, did you two fight?  Is it because of the child?  The Empress wanted the child and could not accept that her child is gone, so she threw a temper tantrum and fought with you.  Is that what happened?”

Jun Qian Che simply says, “Zhen can only wish that she wanted the child, that she fought with zhen over the child’s safety.  Tonight, she was too obedient.  It angered zhen.”

Yang Shi Han pauses in the middle of adding herbs and looks at him in confusion, “What are you saying?  Are you saying that you regret getting rid of the child?”

Jun Qian Che opens his eyes and looks at her warningly, “That is zhen’s child, zhen will not allow anyone to lay a hand on zhen’s child.”

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Yang Shi Han looks at him incredulously, “Your Majesty, you—- Do you even know what you are saying?  That child is Mo Qi Qi’s.  If the child is born, you will never be able to sever your ties with Mo Clan.”

“The blood flowing inside the child’s vein is zhen’s.  He or she will be born bearing the imperial surname, the child has nothing to do with Mo Clan,” replies Jun Qian Che firmly.

Yang Shi Han laughs helplessly, “You have gone mad.  The Emperor has gone mad.  Do you know what sort of threat that child will pose if he is born?”

Zhen has thought about it, but zhen is not worried.  Zhen is the father, it is zhen’s responsibility to make sure the child is born safely,” says Jun Qian Che, love and gentleness flashing in his eyes.

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