Chapter 111: Don’t Cry, Your Ladyship

The sky slowly turns dark.  The stars are now blinking prettily at mortals from high above.  The moon, on the other hand, is hidden by dark clouds.

“The Emperor has arrived!” someone announces from outside.  Mo Qi Qi trembles when she hears that.  It feels as though the entire Feng Yang Palace is quaking alongside her.

Mo Qi Qi forces herself to calm down.  No matter what she feels, everything is too late now.  She must calm down and welcome Jun Qian Che warmly.

Jun Qian Che walks in with large strides, followed by Imperial Physician Wang.

The physician is holding a tray with a bowl perched on top of it.  Mo Qi Qi knows that the bowl contains the abortion tonic.

Since she knows she cannot avoid what is to come, she can only greet Jun Qian Che calmly, “Chenqie greets Your Majesty.”

“You are pregnant, you should not perform these sort of ceremonial greetings anymore,” says Jun Qian Che as he sits in front of a table.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” says Mo Qi Qi before sitting opposite him.

Both of them look at each other without saying a word.

After a moment of silence, Jun Qian Che speaks up, “Zhen has been busy entertaining the foreign entourage lately and has been neglecting the Empress.  How is your health?”

Mo Qi Qi picks up the teapot and pours some tea into a cup for Jun Qian Che.  “Chenqie is just fine.  Thank you, Your Majesty,” she smiles at him prettily.

“That’s good.  The Empress is now carrying a child, you need to be more careful,” reminds Jun Qian Che.

Mo Qi Qi curtseys as she continues smiling, “Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty.  Chenqie will be careful.”  After tonight, there will be nothing left for her to worry for.  She has always thought Jun Qian Che is cold.  Now, she realizes that he is also hypocritical.

Zhen heard that even moving is hard for a pregnant woman.  This will be zhen’s first child, Empress needs to really take care of your health.  Your complexion hasn’t been looking good lately, so zhen asked Imperial Physician Wang to brew you some tonic.  Drink it while it’s still warm,” Jun Qian Che personally hands her the bowl.  He quietly eyes her.

Mo Qi Qi knows what the content of this bowl is.  Since Jun Qian Che is putting on an act and does not know that she knows, she must not let him see through her.

Sweetheart, although mother did not plan to get you and had been more than eager to see you go, but now, mother cannot bear to part from you.  However, mother does not have any choice. Your father is the Emperor, he is too powerful for me to take on.  If he wants someone dead, no one can escape that fate.  Mother is too weak to protect you, I’m sorry.

Mo Qi Qi’s head goes a thousand mile an hour as she picks up the bowl.  People say that even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub.  Could Jun Qian Che truly be that heartless?  If she beg him, will he listen?  No, he will not.  He will think that she plans to use the child as a pawn to add to Mo Clan’s power.

Perhaps, he is only testing her?  If she takes this tonic, it means that she is not planning to use the child as a tool for power against him.  If she passes the test, will he leave the child alone?

Sweetheart, let’s gamble together.  If we win, mother will be able to save you.  If we lose, then, please don’t blame mother.

After making up her mind, Mo Qi Qi lifts the bowl.

When Jun Qian Che sees that, he says, “There is no rush, Empress.  Careful, it’s hot.”  Jun Qian Che’s heart is beating really fast.  Although the child is an accident, wouldn’t it be too cruel to just get rid of it?

Mo Qi Qi smiles at him warmly, “It’s no longer hot.”

Anger and disappointment flash in Jun Qian Che’s eyes.  His voice is cold when he says, “Do you have anything to say to zhen?”  Just say it, Mo Qi Qi.   I will promise you anything.

Imperial Physician Wang waits for the answer anxiously, fisting his hands as he stands in the sideline:  Just say it, Your Ladyship.  If you want to keep this child, His Majesty will definitely agree with you.

Mo Qi Qi continues smiling as she shakes her head, “Chenqie has nothing to say.”   She picks up the bowl.

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Just as she is about to drink it, Jun Qian Che stands up and slaps the bowl away from her hands.  The bowl is smashed on the floor as the black-coloured tonic inside spills out.

Imperial Physician Wang secretly sighs in relief.

All the other palace servants immediately kneel on the floor.

Jun Qian Che stares at Mo Qi Qi in fury.

Mo Qi Qi continues smiling at him, “What’s wrong, Your Majesty?  The tonic is all wasted now.”

Jun Qian Che tries his best to suppress his anger as he says, “Zhen suddenly remembers that the Empress is pregnant.  You must be careful before drinking or eating anything.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles beautifully before saying, “Anything that Your Majesty brought ought to have been inspected carefully beforehand.  There wouldn’t be anything in it that will harm chenqie and our child.”

A mixture of disappointment, anger and heartache can be seen swirling in Jun Qian Che’s eyes as he approaches her.  “Zhen want this child, the Empress must do all you can to protect it.  If anything happens to zhen’s child, zhen will make sure the entire Feng Yang Palace and Mo Clan will be buried alongside it,” he whispers.

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Then, he flings his sleeves and walks away.

Imperial Physician Wang looks at the broken bowl happily before following Jun Qian Che.

After Jun Qian Che left, Mo Qi Qi takes a couple of deep breaths before patting her stomach lovingly, “We won, sweetheart.  Your father is not cruel enough to kill you.”  Tears of happiness flow from her eyes.

Ban Xiang comforts her, “Don’t cry, Your Ladyship.  Perhaps, His Majesty was in a bad mood, that’s why he threw a temper tantrum at you.  You are with a child.  Don’t cry, it will not be good for your child.”

Mo Qi Qi shakes her head while laughing, “I’m not crying, I am just too happy.”  In the end, Jun Qian Che is not that heartless.

Even long after leaving Feng Yang Palace, the anger inside Jun Qian Che’s heart refuses to subside.  Is Mo Qi Qi really that unwilling to give birth to his child?  He even dispatched people to send her some children’s clothing, in hope that they will make her attached to the child she is carrying.  In the end, it didn’t work.

She knew what was inside the bowl, yet she wanted to drink it anyway.  How could she be so heartless?  Although neither of them planned to get this child, it is already here, how cruel would it be to simply reject him?

He only wanted to test her; to test her feelings for him, for their child.  Who would have thought he would lose so thoroughly?  She really does not love him anymore.  Has he really been replaced by that man?  Just who is that man?  Why does she keep yearning after him and is willing to be so cruel for him?

It does not matter whether she is willing or not, she will have to give birth to this child.  He does not care that she hates him, he will not let her go.

It does not matter what the child’s birth will represent, he will not let her hurt their child.  And no one will be able to touch anyone that he has vowed to protect.

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