Chapter 310: Please Believe Me (08)

Zhuang Nai Nai is stunned.

The housekeeper calls over two bodyguards who flank Gu Xing Shan on each side as they drag her away.  She scolds the bodyguards, trying to free herself.

After she is dragged away, there is only Si Zheng Ting and Zhuang Nai Nai left inside the living room.

Zhuang Nai Nai stands on her spot, looking at Si Zheng Ting, who in turn regards her coldly.

She has a feeling that the man in front of her is different from the man who carried her into the car early on.

The man from earlier was cool with a warm undertone, but this one….  This one is cold like a frozen winter sky.

She shudders as she bites her lips, looking at him cautiously.

When Si Zheng Ting sees that careful look on her face, his heart sinks a little more.

Some of the things that Gu Xing Shan said had been right.

She is very guarded against him; she approaches him with a motive.

Back in high school, she was very haughty and arrogant.

They had to climb a mountain back in second year, and she had brought a lot of food from home.  Su Yan Bin and Zuo Yiyi poked fun of her over that.

She had looked at them with raised chin before saying, “If you get hungry in the middle of the climb, don’t come to me crying!”

Su Yan Bin had laughed at her, “You are carrying such a heavy load, won’t you get tired?”

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Zhuang Nai Nai smiled at him brightly before thrusting the heavier load to Si Zheng Ting, “No, I won’t!”

Si Zheng Ting’s face darkened, “Why do I have to carry your things?”

Zhuang Nai Nai had replied him in a righteous tone, “Because I am your girlfriend!  All of the boyfriends here will help their girlfriends carry things!  See!”

She ran up to him and patted him in the shoulder while sighing, “It will be hard on you, boyfriend!”

Since he was her boyfriend, she would repeatedly used that excuse as a chance to enslave him.

Even though he was cold-faced, he liked hearing her sentence very much, ‘Because I am your girlfriend!’

But now?  He is her husband, yet she treats him with fear and dread.

Si Zheng Ting suddenly finds himself pitiful.

He turns around and walks to his study.

Zhuang Nai Nai appears as though she wants to follow him, but then decides against it.  In the end, she simply watches him walking to the study in silence.

Her heart hurts.

Why can’t she figure out what he is thinking inside his head?

This keeps happening; just when she thought she is getting close to him, that they will finally be happy, something else happens.

She walks to their room with her head lowered.

She sits on the bed, not knowing what to do.  She scratches her head roughly, feeling very helpless and clueless.  Although Si Zheng Ting has been cool and curt, she can tell that he has been warming up to her lately.

They were clearly getting closer, then why had they end up getting farther away from each other instead?

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Her entire head feels blurry; she finds it hard to even think.

Just like that, under that blanket of uncertainty, she falls asleep on the bed.  By the time she wakes up, the sky is already dark.

Her stomach grumbles in hunger.

She looks at her phone and discovers that it is already over 10 pm.

She walks out of the room and heads downstairs, where she finds the housekeeper sitting on the living room couch.  The housekeeper gets up when he sees her, “Madam, the meals are still warm.  Let me ask someone to serve them for you.”

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