Chapter 311 Please Believe Me (09)

Zhuang Nai Nai waves the housekeeper off, “No need, I will do it myself.”

She heads to the kitchen and after putting all the dishes on the table, turns to the housekeeper before asking, “What about Si Zheng Ting?”

The housekeeper gives her a meaningful look before saying, “Sir says he has no appetite.”

Zhuang Nai Nai is momentarily taken aback when she hears that, “Oh.”  Then, she ignores the housekeeper and slowly starts eating.

She knows that the housekeeper wants her to bring Si Zheng Ting some food, but she feels like Si Zheng Ting’s appetite will only become worse if he sees her.

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After forcing herself to eat a little, she returns to her room to rest.

They have been sleeping separately lately, so Zhuang Nai Nai has gotten used to sleeping alone.  Sleeping on this large bed used to feel comfortable, but tonight, she suddenly feels lonely.

She picks up her phone and sends Si Zheng Ting a message, ‘Good night.’

This has also been their habit lately, wishing each other good night.  But somehow, she feels like her message will not be replied this time.


The study,

Si Zheng Ting sits on the balcony, a cigarette in hand.

His eyes are looking towards the direction of the master bedroom, as though wishing he could see through the thick walls. 

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The cold night air makes his head feels clear.

Unfortunately, the clearer his head becomes, the more his heart sinks.

The beautiful dream that he has these past few days has been heartlessly broken.  Truthfully saying, he has no idea how to face Zhuang Nai Nai.

His phone vibrates in his pocket.  He picks it up and discovers that it is a message from her, wishing him good night.

He stares at the message for a while before looking away.  Then, he takes a long drag of his cigarette.

Is she really the one who stole the drafts?

The trust that he gave her earlier in the day had been a natural instinct.

But now, when he weighs over what Gu Xing Shan had said……

If he remembers clearly, he could hear Zhuang Nai Nai and Ding Mengya talking about some design drafts the other day.

Back then, he had been focusing on something else.  Now that he thinks about it……..  Wasn’t Zhuang Nai Nai on the phone with Gu De Shou that day and his mother had heard something that made her warn Zhuang Nai Nai to not to do something that would hurt him.

Then, he remembers their trip to the Gu Residence back then.  She had seemed absent-minded after they left the house, as though deep in thoughts.  Could it be that Gu De Shou had asked her to steal the drafts back then?

Zhuang Nai Nai is a principled person, she would never steal something.

But then….. he smiles self-deprecatingly.  Just like what Gu Xing Shan had said; is there anything she wouldn’t do for her mother?

So many coincidences, so many secrets; seeds of doubts unwittingly sprouts inside his heart.

Si Zheng Ting gets up and harshly stubs the cigarette on the ashtray.  Then, he calls Ji Chen. 

Ji Chen answers the call rather quickly, “Sir, there is a progress in the investigation that I have been wanting to report to you.”

Hearing that, Si Zheng Ting directs his eyes on Beijing’s hazy night sky.  The haze is very thick, to the point where one can only see the moon but not the stars.

Everything seems calm on the surface, just like between him and her, but no one knows when things will finally erupt between them.

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