Chapter 312: Please Believe Me (10)

Si Zheng Ting lowers his eyes before saying, “Say it.”

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He unconsciously grips the phone tighter.  He hopes she will not waste the trust that he has for her.

“I checked Madam’s whereabout these past few days and Madam indeed went to the Gu Residence with a U-disk.”

Si Zheng Ting frowns, his voice turning cold, “I know that.”  He purses his lips.  He is the type that rarely speaks, but right now, he really wants to send his point across, be it to prove her innocence or to make his own heart feels better, “That does not mean that she is the one who stole the drafts.”

Zhuang Nai Nai told him that she wanted to design something for Gu De Shou. 

He even gave her a laptop for that.  Just, they got into a fight after that and even after they made up, she refused to show him her designs because she did not want him to laugh at her.

She once told him, back in high school, that she wanted to be a designer.  She graduated as a site designer, but what she really wanted to be was a fashion designer, so he did not really think much into it.

These are many fashion designers out there who cannot come up with a decent design, much less her who did not have any formal education.

Ji Chen is scared into silence by the iciness of his voice.  After a moment, Ji Chen continues speaking, “Sir, I saw Gu Enterprise’s main showpiece, and it is indeed similar to ours.”

Si Zheng Ting is very quick to defend her, “It is normal for there to be similarities in this business.”

It is indeed very easy for designs to look similar to each other when it comes to fashion.

Beijing people are very lazy.  In winter, they would bundle up for comfort without a care for their appearance.  The slightest change in trend will be very noticeable indeed.

Besides, being similar does not mean that they are exactly alike.

Ji Chen is taken aback when he hears Si Zheng Ting’s make-shift explanation on Zhuang Nai Nai’s behalf.  After a brief silence, he continues speaking, “Have you seen Miss Si’s drafts, sir?”

Si Zheng Ting raises his eyebrows at that.

The drafts that he prepared for Jing Yu had been very messy and unpolished.  She herself told him that she had changed most of the designs, to the point where the designs are practically hers. 

There must be a reason why Ji Chen asks him that. 

He carries the phone as he walks back into the study.

After he opens his laptop, he clicks on Si Jing Yu’s drafts.  The designs are definitely Si Jing Yu’s style.  She likes to leave her own mark on her designs.  The zipper of the jacket, for example, is T-shaped.

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“Speak on,” says Si Zheng Ting into the phone.

Ji Chen suddenly feels guilty.  Si Zheng Ting can hear the sound of him swallowing heavily before saying, “Since their designs are a lot similar to ours, I contacted the factory that manufactures Gu Enterprise’s clothes.  The owner of the factory is our company’s old friend, so he willingly gave us the design drafts that Gu Enterprise sent to them.”

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