Chapter 313: Please Believe Me (11)

Gu Enterprise does not have it’s own factory and has to rely on contracts with manufacturing factories to manufacture their designs.

It will be inappropriate for Ji Chen to demand for the drafts from Gu Enterprise, so he could only do it through the factory.

Si Zheng Ting’s heart sinks even more.

The more careful Ji Chen tries to sound, the more it appears as though…

“I have sent the drafts to your email,” says Ji Chen.

The hand that is on the mouse freezes a little.

The icon of the mailbox is right there on his desktop.  Just a little click and he will know what Gu Enterprise’s drafts look like. 

Somewhere deep inside his heart, a voice tells him not to click the icon, as though as long as he does not look at it, he can continue trusting her.

Si Zheng Ting has always been a strong-willed and decisive person.  Just as that absurd thought floats inside his heart, he puts it aside and quickly clicks on the icon.

He narrows his eyes when he sees Gu Enterprise’s drafts.

Although there are minor differences, the main points between the designs are completely the same; from the T-shaped zip to the other main details.

Just, the ones that Si Jing Yu made are polished and sleek, very sophisticated.  The ones from Gu Enterprise are like the pirated downgrade of the designs.

This definitely shows that this is not a coincidence, this is a downright plagiarism.

The T-shape is Si Jing Yu’s personal touch, Si Jing Yu’s signature.

Si Zheng Ting’s grip on the mouse becomes tighter.

Although his eyes are sharp and his heart is in a mess, he continues speaking coldly, “This does not means that she stole the designs.”

Ji Chen does not know what to say to that, so he simply adds something else, “I also found another thing.”

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Si Zheng Ting clenches his fists as he waits to hear Ji Chen’s words.

“The U-disk that Madam gave Gu De Shou belonged to our company.  Every employee will be given a U-disk with the company’s logo on them.  The U-disk containing the designs that was given to the manufacturing factory also came from our company.”  Ji Chen pauses before giving him a date, “That was the last time the U-disk was edited.”

Si Zheng Ting feels like the room is closing in on him.

Only allowed on

That was the day Zhuang Nai Nai went to the Gu Residence. 

In other words, Ji Chen is telling him that Zhuang Nai Nai stole the drafts and gave it to Gu De Shou, who in turn, handed it over to the manufacturing company without changing a single thing.

When Si Zheng Ting becomes quiet, Ji Chen says, “Sir, you know the way Miss Si works.  When she is designing, no one is allowed to approach her office.  Her office is heavily guarded, no one can simply enter her private space.  The day Madam went to the Gu Residence was the day that Miss Si finished her drafts.”

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