Chapter 314: Please Believe Me (12)

“The day the drafts were sent to the factory was the same day they were last edited, which was 5 days ago.  Miss Si, on the other hand, only handed her drafts to Mi Nuo yesterday.”

Si Jing Yu’s drafts must be kept under tight wraps, that’s why she kept it close to herself before only handing it in yesterday.

The leak on the other hand, happened 5 days ago. 

Only Zhuang Nai Nai had the chance to steal the drafts.  Si Jing Yu’s office was off limit to everyone, but Zhuang Nai Nai definitely had the access to Si Jing Yu’s room, owing to their good relationship. 

She definitely had the motives as well.

What Gu Xing Shan said earlier rings inside his ears, ‘Didn’t dad asked you to ask for brother-in-law’s designer’s help for our company’s upcoming release; didn’t he promise you to let you video chat with Zhuang Meiting in return?  You actually stole brother-in-law’s company’s design drafts for that woman! ‘

Si Zheng Ting fists his hands tightly as some crazy thoughts flits through his brain.

Everything that Ji Chen had discovered had been investigated in secret.  It had not been easy for him to uncover all those things that he did while keeping the investigation down low.

Everything is pointing towards one person, but….. Impossible!  This is impossible!

He tells himself that over and over again.  After a while, he finally calms back down.

His voice is cold and otherworldly as he says, “Ji Chen, you must know that she is not the only one who owns that U-disk.  Pretty much every other worker inside the company does.  And the date of the editing could have easily been faked.”

Ji Chen, who is on the other line, seems to sigh.

His heart twists a little.

He knows that Ji Chen is already sure that Zhuang Nai Nai is the thief and is trying to soften the blow by feeding him the informations little by little, letting him come to his own conclusion.

However, even if all the evidence points towards Zhuang Nai Nai, he will still choose to believe her.

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He knows her.

She will never resort to this.

Besides, he will not be able to stomach another betrayal.

At least, the betrayal from five years ago was justifiable, somewhat.  This time around though, to have her betray him over a mere video call…..

Si Zheng Ting’s eyes darken, “Continue investigating.  Find out who is trying to harm her.”

Ji Chen cannot stop himself from saying, “Sir…. Are you sure it is not Madam?”

Si Zheng Ting raises his head, his eyes confused and empty.

Is he sure?  To be honest, he does not know.  What he does know is that he must believe her.  Otherwise, their relationship might really collapse.

He lowers his voice, one that contains sorrow that even he fails to notice, “I am sure, unless she admits it herself.”

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Otherwise, even if all evidences point at her and the whole world calls her a thief, he will still side with her.

After ending the call, Si Zheng Ting leans on his chair as he recalls everything that happened today.

What Gu Xing Shan had said had pierced his heart.  He had wanted to turn around and left, but he remembered what the doctor had said.

When he saw her pale and timid face, he could not bring himself to walk away.

He remembers what happened the last time.  Even a little employee inside the company had dared to bully her.  If he leaves again, what sort of predicament would she land herself in, next?

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