Chapter 58 – Entomancer

Xiao Xiao’s body possessed the Inner Energy of Purple Sun Divine Art that Yang Tian transferred to her and with the Zombie King Ring’s passive effect, her physique was now much stronger than an ordinary Rank 1 Metahuman. What she lacked was merely actual combat ability.

“Boss, it’s Hu Jun and his group…”

“They came back again?”

Yang Tian activated Examine and noticed that other than Hu Jun Trio, there was also a group of men with them. From the intimidating energy that these men were giving off, they were likely not ordinary people.

The eight men were all Metahumans, five of them were even Rank 2 Metahumans.

“Brat, you say that there are many more fruits like this inside this place? Is that true?”

“If I lied, you can kill the three of us and feed us to the bugs.”

In front of the eight men, Hu Jun Trio were like three bugs who were unable to resist. The Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots they got from Yang Tian had all fallen into the hands of these men as well.

“Of course it is true, but you must stay true to your words and release us.”

“If it is true, I will certainly release all of you.”

The Spear Martialist was the one that spilled all the beans earlier on, the faces of Hu Jun and Mo Kai were looking slightly at a loss, but they silently agreed to the Spear Martialist’s actions when they have become captives under the eight men.

“Brother Xu, if what they said is true, then we will be able to obtain many treasures. Big Bro would surely reward all of us.”

“No hurry, this place may not look as simple as it seems.”

The person called Brother Xu was a bald man, his figure did not look really imposing, but what made him look terrifying was his purple skin.

“Do you think these boys know a lot? They were only here to trade.”

Brother Xu was a drug peddler in the Civilised Age and has developed a habit of being cautious. He did not think that the Manor was as simple as what Hu Jun and his group pointed out to be.

“Brother Xu, there is someone up there.”

As they looked up the walls of the Manor, they saw Wang Yu standing on the platform.

“Chick, if you know your place then quickly open the doors for us.”

However, what they got in return was Wang Yu’s gaze which was looking at them as though they were a bunch of idiots.

“Do you see a door?”

The metal door of the Manor had long been replaced by Crazy Vines, the current Manor was only surrounded by a wall of Crazy Vines.


A man snorted before appearing in front of the walls in a flash and he raised his fists, preparing to smash the Crazy Vines that were wrapped on the walls.

The arms of the man expanded, doubling its original size.


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Both fists struck at the Crazy Vines, but it had no effect.

“I don’t believe this!”

The man continued throwing several more punches, but not even the skin of the vine broke.

“Seventh, step back.”

When the man heard that, he turned around to leave.


The Crazy Vines on the wall did not allow him to leave, a vine wrapped around the man and tightly held onto him in front of the wall. The man was only a Rank 1 Metahuman, and the Crazy Vine was already Rank 2. The man had no means to escape from the bindings of the Crazy Vine.

“What is happening?”

Brother Xu noticed that something has gone wrong so he wanted to rescue the man. However, ten more vines came out of the wall and shot towards Brother Xu and his group.

Hu Jun Trio was current badly injured and could not resist, they were quickly bound by the vines and dragged to the walls. Amongst the seven men, there were another two Rank 1 Metahumans other than Seventh, they only managed to struggle for a moment before they were also captured by the Crazy Vines.

“Get back, get back!”

Brother Xu also noticed that the attacking range of the Crazy Vines was not far. He quickly reminded the remaining four men beside him.

They moved back while resisting the Crazy Vines, but their expressions soon changed. The Crazy Vines were not as simple as they had assumed, even as they moved backward, the Crazy Vines also continued to extend longer.

“Move aside.”

One of the men did not pay attention and was turned into a white dumpling after being caught by a bundle of spider silk.

Wang Yu was now a Rank 2 Metahuman and possessed the ability to spin silk. While the men were resisting the Crazy Vines, Wang Yu found an opportunity and dealt a lethal blow.

The spider silk possessed paralyzing neurotoxins, the more the captured man tried to struggle within the web, the faster he would lose consciousness.

“Ah woo”

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and two Wilderness Wolfman jumped out from within the Manor, blocking the men’s path of retreat and any chance to escape.

Flame Tackle


Plus the harassment of the Crazy Vines, the remaining four Rank 2 Metahumans were unable to fight back at all.

Especially when the Wilderness Wolfmen used Flame Tackle at the same time, the destructive force they created had utterly caused them to lose all combat ability, the Flamethrower from Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was only serving as a supportive measure.

“Bang Bang”

After being struck by Flame Tackle, all four men were instantly bounded by the Crazy Vines and trapped on the wall.

The wall of Crazy Vines now has ten human dumplings, with another white dumpling on the ground.

Crazy Vine knew that there was poison on the spider silk, so it did not use its vines to touch it.

“Quickly release us, our Big Bro is not someone you can mess with.”

When Brother Xu saw that everyone in his group was caught, he knew that the situation was dire and could not help but bring up his backing.

“I do not care about that.”

After Wang Yu replied, Brother Xu noticed a man has appeared in front of him.

“Is your boss very powerful?”

The man was Yang Tian. The Crazy Vine created a path and allowed Yang Tian to come outside of the Manor.

“Our boss is… what are you doing?”

Yang Tian drew his Soft Bone Blade and hacks off the head of a Rank 1 Metahuman, the corpse was quickly devoured by the Crazy Vines.



Brother Xu had only just opened his mouth when Yang Tian wield his Soft Bone Blade and cut off the head of another Rank 2 Metahuman, the Crazy Vines had one more meal.

“Go on, go on.”

Brother Xu shut his mouth, he thought that if he continues to talk, another companion will lose his head to Yang Tian. However, Yang Tian’s next action told him that Brother Xu was wrong.

The last Rank 1 Metahuman had also turned into the Crazy Vine’s food.

“There is no need for useless things to exist.”

The reason that Yang Tian killed all the Rank 1 Metahumans was not solely because the Rank 1 Metahumans were of no value, but it was also to serve as a warning to Brother Xu.

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“Tell me, you should know what I want to hear.”

“Don’t kill me, I will tell you.”

Before Brother Xu could answer, one of the men shouted out. The latter was worried that Yang Tian would start killing if Brother Xu talks again.

“I am called Wang Fei, our boss is called Guo Gang. He has four insects under his command, other than the few of us, there are also two Rank 2 Metahumans with him.”


“Anything else?”

“Yes, Yes. We just escaped from prison and had occupied a supermart in Cloud Town, it is currently into our main base of operations.”

The man told Yang Tian everything he knew.

When Apocalypse descended, the prison was destroyed by the Otherworld Creatures and Mutated Beasts. Guo Gang and Brother Xu had awoken their abilities at that time and managed to quickly gather a large group of prisoners.

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