Chapter 57 – Zombie King Mouse


Yang Tian’s Mental Power reached Elite-Tier, he had also obtained a deeper understanding of the King’s Spirit and even better clarity of any changes happening to the Manor.

Yang Tian was able to clearly sense everything that was happening within a certain range of the Manor; the further it was from the Manor, the fainter his senses would become. This was an ability that Yang Tian should have obtained from the King’s Spirit when he merged it with his brain, but the tier of his Mental Power was too low previously so he only obtained it after his Mental Power reached Elite-Tier.

The higher the tier his Mental Power becomes, the more intimate the King’s Spirit would be merged with him and the deeper the connection between Yang Tian and the Manor.

Yang Tian initially planned to start improving the tier of his Mental Power after he reached Rank 4, but he was lucky to obtain a Hexa Magnolia and to enhance his Mental Power earlier.

Mental Disruption became even more effective than before; Examine’s range had increased from a twenty-meter radius to thirty-meter radius. If it is only one direction, the range of Examine has grown from fifty meters to seventy meters.

Due to the improvement of Yang Tian’s Mental Power, Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Exploding Fruit Tree, and Violent Corpse Worm Queen felt a more profound reverence towards Yang Tian. A formless chain locked tightly around their hearts; not seen, but it exists.

Even in its Withered State, the Exploding Fruit Tree also sensed the same thing.

In a few more days, the zombies would start to gather and launch an attack on all humans and Otherworld Creatures in force. A huge Zombie Wave will happen globally, even the deep mountains and wild forests will also be affected.

Before that, there would be a series of small scale Zombie Waves. Yang Tian could not guarantee that he could endure the situation, so he must make proper preparations.

The food within the warehouse can last for a month. Once they can persist for a month, the Second Blood Rain would arrive and the Manor would undergo a great transformation, they will then not feel threatened.

The First Blood Rain awakens the abilities within humans, the Second Blood Rain would rouse the Palaces. The Celestial Empire has a total of Twenty-Three Palaces and many Auxiliary Palaces.

Each Palace possessed a peerless ability, the Manor possessed the ability to summon, the summoning ability it possessed was more than a hundred times stronger than Summoners. This ability would be fully reflected during the late period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

In his previous life, humans occupied nine out of the Twenty-Three Palaces of the Celestial Empire, but with nine palaces, it was enough to guarantee the survival of humanity. Ten-Thousand Mile Dragon City, Thirty-Six Paradise City, Yellow Earth Water Region… Each palace has a master who relied on the power of the palace to become a person standing above the rest.

Their individual power was already very terrifying, combined with the ability of the palace, it became even more frightening.

The Manor was occupied by Plant-Type Creatures in the previous life and was called Ten-Thousand Vines Demon City.

Ten-Thousand Vines Demon City was located near the Thirty-Six Paradise City and had the most conflicts with the latter.

Now, the Manor now belonged to Yang Tian. The enmity he had with the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage might be reenacted in this life as well.

“The ability of the Auxillary Palace that I obtained in the past was average, I really want to know what else will the ability of this Manor bring me.”

The King’s Spirit of the Manor has merged with Yang Tian, when the Manor rises up during the Second Blood Rain, Yang Tian will become its master.

To obtain one of the Twenty-Three Palaces, robbing and forcefully occupying was impossible, the only method to was to merge with the King’s Spirit of the Palace.

“Boss, you came out.”

Xu Dafu went to greet Yang Tian when the latter came out of the warehouse.

“Hmm? How come the three of them are still here?”

Yang Tian saw the Hu Jun Trio within the Manor. Yang Tian used an entire night to absorb the Hexa Magnolia, this was already the next day, but Hu Jun and his group were still in the Manor?

“The truth is, the three of us did want to leave, but we encountered a powerful zombie and had no other choice but to return…” Mo Kai could not help but reply.

“Who let them in?”

Yang Tian’s expression was turning slightly ugly, unless they were allies, Yang Tian would not allow anyone to enter his territory even if they were humans.

“Boss, they got Xiao Xiao to sympathize with them, it was Xiao Xiao who got Crazy Vine to let them in.” Xu Dafu whispered into Yang Tian’s ear.

Xiao Xiao? Yang Tian really did not know what to say now.

“Where is Xiao Xiao?”

“Xiao Xiao and Little Yu are inside the small house.”

Sympathize them? Xiao Xiao was still a child, it was inevitable that the sorry looks of Hu Jun and his group would cause her to take pity on them and let them in.

“All of you can get lost now.”

Three Crazy Vines appeared from the Manor’s walls and wrapped around Hu Jun Trio, before tossing them out of the Manor.

Within the small house, Yang Tian saw Wang Yu playing with Xiao Xiao.

“Wang Yu, go out first.”

“Yes, Boss.”

After Wang Yu left, Yang Tian sat beside Xiao Xiao.

“Big Brother, are you angry that Xiao Xiao brought in the three pitiful big brothers?”

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“Why would Big Brother blame Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao can do anything she wants. However, Xiao Xiao must remember that all strangers are bad people, they will harm you.”

Humans who still uphold the kindness of the Civilized Age were few and little within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, many of them only possessed the ugliness of humanity. Yang Tian told Xiao Xiao that all strangers are bad people is not entirely wrong.

“Is it those that are very bad, the type that kidnaps small children?”


“Then in the future, Xiao Xiao will not let them in anymore.”

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“How obedient.”

Xiao Xiao was after all, still a child, she would listen to everything that Yang Tian said.

Hmm? Something’s wrong.

Yang Tian smelled Zombie Energy from Xiao Xiao’s body. Following the scent, Yang Tian discovered that Xiao Xiao was wearing a strange ring on her right thumb.

“Xiao Xiao, did you see any strange thing over the past few days?”

“Strange things… Erm, Xiao Xiao saw a mouse, it gave Xiao Xiao a ring. The one I am wearing now on this hand.”

Xiao Xiao showed the ring on her thumb to Yang Tian.

A ring made from bone, there was also a bright red gem embedded on the ring.

“What did the mouse look like?”

“The body is red, and it looks adorable. There is also a small white horn on its head.”

“Its eyes were black on one side and white on the other?”

“Yes yes! Big Brother is so awesome, how did you know?”

Zombie King Mouse

If that was the case, then it was no wonder that no zombie appeared near the Manor. They were likely being targeted by a Zombie King.

The appearance of a ring that held the energy of a Zombie King and a Zombie King Mouse.

What Yang Tian did not understand, was why the Zombie King gave Xiao Xiao its ring? Can it be that Xiao Xiao was related to the Zombie King? That was highly likely! If not, how could the young girl safely encounter Yang Tian in his previous life?

What Yang Tian was curious about was the motive of the Zombie King.

Yang Tian had not seen Xiao Xiao wearing this ring in his previous life, but the passive effect of the ring was enhancing the wearer’s physique. Yang Tian had used Examine earlier on and saw that it was also a Rank 2 Ring, but due to the energy of the Zombie King imbued within it, the ring was much better than ordinary Rank 2 Rings.

Yang Tian returned the ring to Xiao Xiao, wearing it back onto the latter’s thumb. The effect of the ring was pretty good, and it did not have any side effects.

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