Chapter 56 – Hexa Magnolia


Yang Tian used Examine to check the situation outside the Manor, no wonder Wang Yu had on a strange expression.

“I will go out and take a look, you remain here to take care of Xiao Xiao.”

When Yang Tian was near the walls of the Manor, he heard Xu Dafu spewing curses.

The Crazy Vine has specially created a platform on the top of the walls, making it easy for anyone within the Manor to look at the situation outside the Manor and Xu Dafu was currently standing on top of that platform.

“Boss, a bunch of shameless people is here.”

Hu Jun and the rest were standing outside the manor; most of the people within their school have been attacked by zombies and conventional medicine was no longer effective. Without any other choice, they came to find Yang Tian, hoping to acquire some Mutated Vegetables and Mutated Fruits from him.

Upon noticing Yang Tian’s arrival, the vines formed stairs to allow Yang Tian to walk up to the platform.

Outside the Manor, other than Hun Jun and Mo Kai, there was also a Spear Martialist accompanying them.

“Boss, our school cannot hold on any much longer, we wish to borrow…”

“Don’t speak as though we are related. Didn’t all of you self-righteously left the group? How dare you speak so shamelessly now and return here?”

Before Hu Jun could finish speaking, he was cut off by Xu Dafu; they knew that their current actions were shameless, but this was the only solution they could think of.

“Get lost.”

Xu Dafu shot three icicles towards the trio without warning.

Pang Pang Pang

Hu Jun was currently already a Rank 2 Flame Warrior, but his flame abilities were still not strong enough to fight Xu Dafu’s icicles. It was the Spear Martialist who acted in the end to blocked those icicles.

Rank 2 Weapon, Floating Cloud Spear

They have caused quite a commotion, startling awake the Wilderness Wolfmen who were resting nearby. During this period, the Wilderness Wolfmen have been communicating with the Violent Corpse Worms in their bodies. Under the delusion of the Violent Corpse Worms, the Wilderness Wolfmen were willing to become Yang Tian’s subordinate.

And Hu Jun and his group’s actions have given the Wilderness Wolfmen a chance to display their loyalty.

Flame Tackle

The Wilderness Wolfmen’s appearance remained unchanged but after completely forming a symbiotic relationship with the Violent Corpse Worms, they were now able to use all the skills that the Violent Corpse Worms gave them at any time.

Hu Jun Trio did not expect two Mutated Beasts to suddenly appear beside them. They were only able to roughly defend against the sudden attack.

The two Wilderness Wolfman activated Flame Tackle at the same time, causing Hu Jun Trio to fly three meters away. Hu Jun has the weakest physique amongst the three of them and immediately vomited blood when he touched the ground.

At the same time, Yang Tian had gotten a message from the Violent Corpse Worm Queen, the Wilderness Wolfmen has become his subordinates. As the duration of the symbiosis increases, they would slowly assimilate with the Wilderness Wolfmen, eventually turning them into slaves.

A symbiosis amongst the same rank would need time; if it were a regular person or a creature that was weaker than the Violent Corpse Worm, the symbiosis can be completed in an instant and the individual would become enslaved immediately.

“You want to trade? Do you have anything of equal worth?”

Hu Jun understood Yang Tian’s character so he did not come with empty hands.

“Cough… yes, this flower. After sniffing it, our spirits felt full of energy. We want to use it to trade, but we do not know how much Mutated Vegetables and Mutated Fruits it could be exchanged for.”

There was a crimson red flower in Hu Jun’s hand, there were six petals on the flower, each petal was the size of a fist.

Hexa Magnolia

Consuming it can increase one’s Mental Power, an item very suitable for Metahumans like Beast Tamers or Summoners. If a Beast Tamer absorbs a Hexa Magnolia, the benefits would be the most significant.

Also, Rank 4 is considered a watershed for Metahumans, differences between the strengths of Metahumans start to appear after Rank 4. For a Beast Tamer alone, some Beast Tamers could possess six Rank 5 Tamed Beasts at Rank 5, but some Beast Tamers could only own two Rank 5 Tamed Beasts. This was due to the difference between their Mental Powers and the gap can be quite significant.

The Hexa Magnolia could assist a Mental-Type Metahuman in building a firm foundation, allowing their Mental Power to develop towards a higher quality during the later period.

Since it was being delivered to his doorstep, Yang Tian would never give it up.

“You will not be able to eat such a big flower, why not we share half of it?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen was also incessantly coveting the Hexa Magnolia;  even if it knew that Yang Tian would not share it, Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but cheekily asked for it.

“Get lost.”

The beneficial effects that a Hexa Magnolia has on the foundation of Mental Power during the early stages were absolutely top-notch. Yang Tian would not allow even one petal to escape him, let alone an entire flower.

“Okay, we can trade.”

“Good! We want healing types.”


Yang Tian was not stingy since he was able to obtain the Hexa Magnolia. He gave them fifty Red Fruits and twenty Mutated Carrots.

When Yang Tian acquired the Hexa Magnolia, he immediately kicked Hu Jun and his group out. Since the latter have gotten what they wanted, they did not tarry and left straight away.

After bringing the Wilderness Wolfmen into the Manor, Yang Tian returned to the warehouse to prepare for the consumption of the Hexa Magnolia.

“Boss, will those two be spies?”

“Do they look like spies after how they acted earlier on?”

The Wilderness Wolfmen killed many of their companions when they were controlled by the Violent Corpse Worms, they would not be able to become spies even if they wanted to. Moreover, the Violent Corpse Worms were inside their bodies, Yang Tian could just detonate the Violent Corpse Worms and make the Wilderness Wolfmen disappear entirely if he wanted.

Before entering the warehouse, Yang Tian specially instructed Wang Yu to take care of Xiao Xiao.

“Can you really eat such a big flower yourself?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen asked, still not resigned.

“My knowledge regarding the Hexa Magnolia is no less than yours, you can stop trying to play tricks in front of me.”

Yang Tian placed the Hexa Magnolia on his forehead, Mental Power spreads out from Yang Tian’s brain. The flowery fragrance of the Hexa Magnolia was slowly guided and sucked into Yang Tian’s brain.

Every part of the Hexa Magnolia was an excellent tonic that benefits Mental-Type Metahumans. The Hexa Magnolia was improving the tier of Yang Tian’s Mental Power and not the Mental Power’s rank.

In his previous life, Yang Tian’s Mental Power had reached King-Tier, yet it was enough for Yang Tian to become a Legendary Beast Tamer. Now, Yang Tian’s Mental Power was only at Common-Tier, after absorbing the Hexa Magnolia completely, Yang Tian’s Mental Power should reach Elite-Tier. After that, it would be Commander-Tier, King-Tier and the highest, Emperor-Tier. The classification is the same for Mutated Beasts, Metahumans and Otherworld Creatures. However, the classification would only start to reflect after a Metahuman or Otherworld Creature reaches Rank 4. It is not noticeable in low-rank Otherworld Creatures; using the Violent Corpse Worm Queen as an example, it possesses the bloodline of a King in the Insect World yet the strength it displayed was mostly similar to Elite Mutated Beasts.

For it to display all the might of its King Bloodline, it would need to reach Epic Rank.

After a Metahuman reached Rank 4, the disparity in strengths will appear. The talents of the Metahumans who awakened the moment Apocalypse descended are undoubtedly the best quality, they will only become stronger and stronger after they reach Rank 4. The worst will be the ones who obtained the inheritance of Abyss Creatures; their growth will be limited, it will be impossible for them to become a powerful person.

As for the Metahumans who awakened due to the Blood Rain, their abilities would be average quality, with a mix of strong and weak.

After absorbing the Hexa Magnolia, the flower slowly merged into Yang Tian’s brain. The air surrounding Yang Tian started to lightly tremor.

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