Chapter 801 – Hypnotism

“It’s fine. No matter how strong he is, he is but a person with a single spirit treasure. We have the advantage of numbers and spirit treasures. We can surround him and attack. If we can’t win, we run, if we can’t run, we attack. Everyone, attack together!”

Huan Qing Yan did not hold back and summoned both her spirit treasures.

Bai Cheng Feng’s Manticore was a pure attack-type spirit treasure, it has an agile body and went to harass the moth.

The moth has higher cultivation but it does not specialize in offense, so it could only focus on avoiding for now.

Bai Li Ye Jun squinted his eyes, with a flick of his finger the moth started to flapped its wings quickly, and an invisible pulse struck the Manticore.

The Manticore swayed for a moment… but it managed to endure the attack and once again chased after the moth energetically.


“Another Hypnotism Spell, so shameless!”

When everyone saw the situation, their confidence was significantly boosted. Everyone called their spirit treasures and attacked together.

Bai Li Ye Jun sneered, he gave up on using Hypnotism and took out a rod made of unknown material. With a shout, he swept the rod towards the group of people.

With a bang, five figures were struck back and sounds of pain were coming from them.

Le Guo’er and the another Early-Stage True Spirit Master was nearly knocked unconscious and were in the worst conditions.

The difference in strength was too great!

Bai Li Ye Jun finally laugh out loud and not longer suppresses himself, “Ants trying to block a cart, overestimating yourselves!”

“Don’t be too happy so early!” Bai Cheng Feng coldly replied.

He and Huan Qing Yan have agile movements and were not pushed back by the attack.

Bai Li Ye Jun coldly smiled, “Just struggling on your deathbed, hand me your lives!”

Bai Cheng Feng shouted, “Everyone! We no longer have any place to retreat, our only chance is to work together! I will grab his attention, all of you just need to support me on the side!”

Everyone was not stupid and understood his reasoning, quickly they focused their minds and attack again.

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Huan Qing Yan also knew that their situation was dire and for the first time, she used everything she could muster. Her two spirit treasures did not relax at all as they joined the attack.

Just that Bai Li Ye Jun’s cultivation of a Late-Stage Mystic Master was too powerful compared to them, even with their numbers, he was still able to defend against them. At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before everyone got killed.

“Bai Cheng Feng, where is the mechanism that is controlling the palace door? We can’t continue at this rate, this person is too strong, we should find a way to escape.” Huan Qing Yan sent Bai Cheng Feng a mental message.

He should have come here before in his previous life, which was why he knew about the Corpse King Flower. Thus he might know something about the contraption as well.

Bai Cheng Feng replied her, “No need to panic, I will go find the mechanism…”

Huan Qing Yan became the person to take the frontlines, substituting Bai Cheng Feng so that the latter could find the mechanism controlling the door.

Fortunately, Huan Qing Yan has two spirit treasures who have great teamwork, they should have no problems if they are to only stall Bai Li Ye Jun for a moment.

Bai Cheng Feng quickly ran to the center of the palace which was also an empty area; it was unknown what he pressed, but the entire palace started to rumble.

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Mighty trembles were emitted, especially those hundred coffins within the palace that required them to spend considerable efforts to open, all of them were currently shaking…

Within a short while, a hole appeared in the empty area. From within the black hole, a large coffin slowly rose up.

The coffin was made entirely of spirit stones! It was shining brightly and looked extremely luxurious.

Rather than a coffin, it looked more like a piece of art.

Bai Li Ye Jun stopped fighting and stared at the coffin.

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