Chapter 800 – Blood Oath

Bai Cheng Feng coldly laughed, “You and the Saintess is the adulterous pair, which is why you assumed everyone else is like you. From the moment you closed the palace doors, you have been planning how to kill all of us and to obtain all the treasures in here, right?”

When the others heard his words, they were all startled; was this the so-called kill to silence?

They have heard rumors of such incidents, yet what were the odds for them to experience it as well?

Some voiced out, “Senior Brother Bai Li, to think that you are such a person!”

Huan Qing Yan knew Bai Cheng Feng’s intentions, the latter was brilliant. He deliberately brought out the connection between Senior Brother Bai Li and the Saintess so that everyone present would know about it, pulling all of them to their side.

This would make it easier for them to go against the lone Bai Li Ye Jun.

Bai Li Ye Jun was enraged, he looked at Bai Cheng Feng viciously, “Those who are not related should quickly leave, I am only killing Bai Cheng Feng and this woman today!”

Ma Tian Yin immediately replied, “Who dares to kill my Master must go over my dead body first.”

Ma Tian Yin felt that this was the moment for him to display his loyalty, he did not know why but he kept having the feeling that Bai Cheng Feng has a trick up his sleeves. For Bai Cheng Feng to display such arrogance, he definitely has a trump card; plus if Bai Li Ye Jun really managed to kill Huan Qing Yan here, he would die from the backlash of the Blood Pact as well.

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The Blood Pact had just formed and with no way to resolve it as well, he might as well express his loyalty and earn some favor from his Master.

Who knew that when Ma Tian Yin spoke, Le Guo’er also stood out, “I also support Qing Yan, if you want to kill then kill all of us. If not, one of these days, your scandal will eventually be known…”

With that, there were four people on Huan Qing Yan’s side.

One Late-Stage True Spirit Master, one Mid-Stage True Spirit Master, and two Early-Stage True Spirit Master.

The other three from Pinnacle Academia, Frost Ice Academia, and Nine-State Academia pondered for a moment, “Senior Brother Bai Li, can you make a Blood Vow that you will not kill us? If you do not kill us, we will not participate in this private affair.”

This was an indication that they just wanted to protect themselves.

Bai Li Ye Jun quickly replied, “All of you just have to make a Blood Oath that you will not spread anything that had happened today, and I will consider.”

The three of them immediately stood with Huan Qing Yan when they heard his reply.

“Bai Li Ye Jun, to think that you are such a despicable person. I initially thought that this fella from Hanging Cloud Empire was slandering you. This bro will never agree to work with a despicable person like you, be prepared to die in the name of justice.” The person from Pinnacle Academia said.

The other two joined Huan Qing Yan side because they observed that they have higher numbers.

Bai Li Ye Jun was not bothered as well, he has never planned to leave anyone alive

“Sure, all seven of you, come at the same time. Since all of you are in a hurry to reincarnate, I will make your wishes come true today!”

After he spoke, he uttered a low growl before his entire aura strengthened

All of them have their share of knowledge and experiences so they shouted in surprise, “Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master!”

“He… is actually a Late-Stage Mystic Spirit Master!”

“He hid his cultivation! He is too powerful, we might be able to fight against a Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master if we work together, but we will not be able to win if he is a Late-Stage!”

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“What to do? Let’s quickly open the palace door and escape. However, there might be a lock, it cannot be opened…”

“Lord Bai, Lord Bai, please save Ma Tian Yin…”

As the situation turned chaotic, Bai Cheng Feng took a step forward fearlessly.

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