Chapter 606: Sea Emperor

The Land of Holy Spirit was located at the edge of the central district of Undersea City. It was well within the sphere of influence of the Sea Emperor. Of course, the entire Undersea City was originally under the direct rule of the Sea Emperor, but now that the three powerful clans of the Sea Race had joined their hands to oppose the Sea Emperor, the authority of the Sea Emperor was weaker than before. Only the center area of this Undersea City was now within the range of his complete direct control. Unfortunately, this area was only one-fifth of Undersea City.

Perhaps, the Sea Emperor had never even imagined that the Shark Clan would dare to build a secretive underground military base below the Land of Holy Spirit. That place held so many sea monsters that once the united front of the Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan rose in revolt, they would be able to directly attack the imperial palace of the Sea Emperor. At that time, Sea Emperor would be in great danger.

At this moment, Long Yi’s group of seven were completely shrouded within a layer of sea cloaks, each revealing only a pair of eyes. This kind of attire was very strange to Long Yi, but he quickly discovered that there were plenty of people who were dressed like this who were busy bustling about Undersea City. According to Karl’s explanation, there were many clans in the Sea Race, and their relations were also very complicated. Many clans had a huge influence within certain areas of Undersea City, but the more powerful a clan was, the more hostile rivals they had; therefore, in order to prevent clashes among the clans, Sea Emperor had made a rule: as long as one wore a sea cloak to conceal one’s identity, no one was allowed to forcibly take off the other’s sea cloak. As a result, such attire came into fashion and become popular. Despite that every clan faced many hostile clans, it was impossible to limit their activities to just within their spheres of influence. This sea cloak became the best method to conceal one’s identity and safely go about one’s business. In every region of Undersea City, one could see many people in such attires.

The buildings in Undersea City were also very peculiar. Most of them were built using sea stone and sea vines, and their shapes were very irregular. They were randomly square, round, or flat in shape. It was impossible to see these types of buildings on land.

In Undersea City, there were several thousand miniature cities within the city. Some of them were large cities, and some were small cities. When Long Yi’s group passed through these cities, they saw that the vast majority looked like they were in a hurry because they constantly rushed about on their individual journeys. After asking his guides, Long Yi understood that because of the Sea Race Convention, the greater part of Undersea City was finalizing preparations to participate.

This Sea Race Convention held once every hundred years was a rare event for the entire Sea Race. Not only was there every kind of activity that the Sea Emperor personally hosted, there was also the largest trade conference in the entire Sea Race. For common people, this trade conference was the main theme of the Sea Race Convention. Most of the people would bring all their savings from the past century to sell off their unneeded things and buy things they urgently needed. As for the policies formulated during the Sea Race Convention, they were naturally the matters of the upper echelons of the Sea Race.

On the way to the largest place in Undersea City, Sea Emperor City, Karl and the Yamei siblings further explained the Sea Race Convention.

As a matter of fact, the trade conference was divided into quite a few levels. The higher the value of the goods one wanted to trade, the higher the level one could enter. Different levels were strictly segregated into different sections and schedules. The higher level trading places were also closer to the center where the authority of the Sea Emperor was more powerful. Therefore, one would come into contact with people of higher status at higher levels. This was also the reason why Yamei had captured the Rainbow Jellyfish to use as proof of their trading ability. With the rarity of Rainbow Jellyfish, they would be able to enter the first level without any problems.

When Long Yi and the others arrived at Sea Emperor City, although they had already been mentally prepared to some extent, they were still stunned by the scene before their eyes. Long Yi had never seen a city that was so crowded. He could only see people massing wherever he looked. Even outside the city, there were countless people dotting the land like ants. In addition, he could see unending rows after rows of stalls. This scene was truly magnificent.

“The trade area outside the city is the lowest level trade area of the Sea Clan Convention. Generally, the things found here are very common, but there are also things that people need. As for the more valuable items, all of them are appraised before being taken into the imperial city where they are distributed into different levels according to their value.” Karl was very familiar with the matters of the trade conference. As the prince of the Miluo Clan, he had gone to the first level a hundred years ago.

“Then, should we go appraise our Rainbow Jellyfish now?” Long Yi asked. He knew nothing about this Sea Race Convention, so he obediently listened to the opinion of Karl and the others.

“There is no hurry. Since the opening ceremony of the Sea Race Convention has just ended, most of the people will choose to do appraisals at this time. Generally, the trade conference events of the first level will be held later because all the upper echelons of the Sea Race are very busy during this period of time. Let’s go to find a place to settle down first,” Karl smiled and said.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. It seemed that the relationships within the Sea Race were also truly complicated, much like the Human World. Undersea city was filled with interconnected relationships that formed a web of authority.

Karl led Long Yi and the others through the overcrowded streets, but after taking a few turns, it suddenly became quiet. The street in front of them was unexpectedly open and spacious, but only a few people could occasionally be seen wandering about. On both sides of the street, there were still strange buildings, but there were guards of different clans vigilantly guarding each building.

Karl took out the command plate of the Miluo Clan and entered this street. After walking for less than one hundred meters, he stopped in front of a large circular house built with blue and white sea stone. The guards in front of that house had the appearance of the Miluo Clan.

Karl took off his sea cloak, and those two guards immediately welcomed him with pleased surprise. Then, one of them exclaimed, “Prince, you are finally back! Patriarch and Madam were very worried.”

“Where are my father and mother?” Karl asked in a low voice. Thinking about how his entire Miluo Adventure Group had been wiped out, he was dejected.

“Patriarch and Madam have just gone out to visit friends,” The other guard answered.

Karl didn’t talk much. He led Long Yi’s group into this big house.

Long Yi curiously looked around. The dwelling place of the Sea Race’s upper echelons was generally decorated luxuriously, but they didn’t use wonderful workmanships like human beings, but rather seven-colored corals, best quality pearls, colored glasses, and other treasures to decorate. According to the tastes of each person, the effect was also different. The only thing that was similar was that they all looked ostentatious in green and gold. In this aspect, Sea Race lagged behind compared to humankind. Their decorative designs could be described with one word: “tasteless.”

This big residence of Karl covered a large area. There were altogether five circular houses. Those houses were not separated using gardens or pavilions like humans but by various shaped ponds. Those ponds were more than ten meters deep, and the light blue seawater in them reflected the light. There were also strange rocks and beautiful fish swimming in them. Although Karl had said that Undersea City used a huge barrier to isolate itself from the sea above, practically all households of the Sea Race in Undersea City had one or even tens of such ponds, which were used for resting and playing.

Long Yi and the others were given the innermost house to stay in, and Karl instructed all his clan members to not enter this house and to not disturb the group.

Sea Emperor City was still overcrowded. At this moment, a shadow that was not very eye-catching shuttled through the streets. After turning through quite a few streets, that shadow arrived in front of an impressive imperial palace belonging to Sea Emperor that was strictly guarded.

At this moment, Long Yi’s entire body was covered with a sea cloak. His black pupils looked through the crowd and gazed at the only building that could rival a building from the Human World, the imperial palace. Because this was the time of the Sea Race Convention, the defenses of the imperial palace had been raised to the highest level, and ordinary people were not allowed to approach within a radius of one hundred meters.

On that open and spacious land surrounding the imperial palace, Long Yi saw the bodyguards of three clans waiting outside. They were bodyguards of the Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. It seemed that the Patriarchs of these three clans were in the imperial palace. Sea Emperor might be feeling unhappy at this moment.

“It seems the muddled water of the Sea Race will be stirred up in any case. Perhaps, I can enter this muddled water and catch a big fish.” A cold smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. He had just come for the sake of Liuli and to form an alliance to face the coming danger. But, due to the strange combination of circumstances, he had discovered the underground base of the Shark Clan, which unexpectedly was a magic munitions factory. Moreover, that strange divine sense still horrified him even now. This big fish might be bigger than anything he had imagined.

Long Yi stared at the imperial palace with a profound gaze and then disappeared into the crowd.

Not too long after in a luxurious room of the imperial palace, a blue light flashed, and Long Yi suddenly appeared.

After looking around this room, Long Yi was a little surprised. Beyond a doubt, this was the room of Princess Martha, but this room was not as tacky as many other rooms of the upper-echelons. The walls were built with sparkling and crystal-clear shells and had all kinds of beautiful patterns, but the bed was a completely transparent waterbed. The surrounding dense magic elements clearly showed that it was made using water magic. As for why the magic had lasted for so long without dissipating, he was sure that a magic array was embedded in it to supply magic power. There was a big window on the right side made using light colored coral. Above it was a curtain made with weaved seaweed. This room was very elegant. The tastes of this princess were clearly of a different grade compared to the other people of the Sea Race.

Long Yi sat on the waterbed. It felt very comfortable like he was sitting on a wave.

At that time, he sensed two life fluctuations approaching this room. Long Yi’s figure flashed and disappeared into thin air.

Then, two beautiful maids entered the room. Looking at their blue fishtails, he knew that they were from the Mermaid Clan. Because of their relations with Liuli, he had a cordial feeling toward the Mermaid Clan.

The two mermaid maids cleaned the room. In fact, there was nothing to clean up, so they stopped very quickly.

“Ai, there is still no news of Princess; I wonder where she is. God bless Princess… I hope she’s fine.” Among those two maids, one frowned in worry.

The other maid was also worried. She sighed softly and shook her head. She then opened her mouth but said nothing in the end.

“Little Green, just say whatever you want to say. Why on earth are you acting like this?” The first maid asked curiously.

Little Green hesitated for a bit and said, “Little Blue, I heard some the Empyrean Guards of His Majesty talking today! They said that our princess was kidnapped by the Shark Clan!”

Little Blue’s complexion turned pale, and she nervously said, “That’s definitely false. If Shark Clan has truly kidnapped Princess, His Majesty wouldn’t let them off.”

Little Green looked at Little Blue. Her thinking was not as simple as her close sister Little Blue’s. She knew that the current Sea Emperor was more ruler in name than in fact. Even if Sea Emperor knew that Shark Clan had captured the princess, as long as the Shark Clan denied it, Sea Emperor would be unable to deal with them. Only naive innocents like Little Blue still believed that Sea Emperor was the supreme ruler of Undersea City.

“Heaven stands behind the good person. Princess will definitely return safe and sound. Let’s go,” Little Green muttered. Even she herself didn’t know whether she was comforting Little Blue or herself.

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“Yes, with this lordship around, even if that girl Martha wants to die, it would be quite difficult.” At that time, a low and deep voice suddenly resounded. Little Green and Little Blue were so frightened that they jumped and shouted loudly while hugging each other. “Who? Who is there? Come out, otherwise, I will call imperial guards!”

Little Green looked around with fear and trepidation but did not discover a single soul in sight. It was not like she didn’t want to scream. However, being rather more sensitive than the ordinary members of the Sea Race, she now detected that this room had already been isolated from outside, so it would be useless to scream.

Long Yi’s figure appeared out of thin air. He slowly condensed in the midair and looked at these two little mermaids with a bad smile.

For an unknown reason, after seeing that bad smile of Long Yi, these two panicking little mermaids suddenly calmed down. They could feel a kind of familiar aura from this strange man.

“Who are you?” Looking at this very handsome man, Little Blue felt that this man was more handsome than His Majesty.

“I am a good friend of your princess.” Long Yi said with a smirk. He deliberately placed more emphasis on the word “good.” After all, the relation between him and the Mermaid Princess was naturally extraordinary.

“Is that so?” The simple-minded Little Blue immediately appeared as if she had been relieved of a heavy load.

“Don’t believe him!” Little Green pulled Little Blue behind her. Although she was not afraid anymore, being wise, she couldn’t believe in this strange man who had intruded the imperial palace so easily.

“It’s fine to not believe in me, but do you recognize this thing?” Long Yi took out the golden gem given to him by Martha and asked with a smile.

“That is Princess’s. How did you get it? What happened to our princess?” Little Green screamed, and she actually got into an attacking posture while emitting a strong spirit fluctuation.

The eyes of Long Yi glimmered. It seemed that this Little Green had cultivated spirit power, and he guessed that she had some spirit attacks. Unfortunately, this level of spirit was useless against him.

“Hey, hey. Don’t be so nervous. Use your brain to think a little. Since you understand that this is your princess’s thing, you should know that without the will of your princess, it would be impossible to obtain this thing,” Long Yi flicked that gem and shouted.

Little Green and Little Blue looked face to face and recalled that this was true. Their expressions relaxed a bit, but they still didn’t dare to completely believe in him.

“Well, I don’t have much time to dawdle with you two. Quickly tell me where the Sea Emperor is now, I have an important matter to discuss with him,” Long Yi said. Having someone show the way would be much easier than looking by himself.

“Then, tell us first: where is our princess? What happened to her?” Little Green hesitated for a bit and asked.

“You don’t know? Your princess was kidnapped by the Shark Clan. She is in great danger now. I am looking for Sea Emperor to discuss this matter, but since you two are not telling me where Sea Emperor is and are wasting

 time, if something happened to the princess in the future, that would certainly be…” Long Yi pretended that he had an urgent matter.

Upon hearing that their princess was in great danger, Little Green and Little Blue panicked. They had already heard that the princess had been kidnapped by the Shark Clan. Now that Long Yi had confirmed this, they subconsciously believed in him.

Little Green pointed out the location of Sea Emperor and clearly explained the situation of that place. She said that Sea Emperor was with the Patriarch of the Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan discussing something.

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At this moment, in the main hall of the imperial palace, a handsome middle-aged man wearing blue soft-scaled armor paced back and forth with a depressed look. He had a pair of horns on his head, and a hint of ruthlessness could be seen in his half-narrowed eyes.

“Those three old bastards are simply pushing me too hard.” Sea Emperor gnashed his teeth and slammed the desk made with ten-thousand-year-old sea essence stone, turning it into powder.

After venting, his mood settled down a little. Now, he was being opposed by the alliance of those three clans. Moreover, his beloved daughter had fallen into the hands of the Shark Clan. Today, he had been pressured by those three patriarchs, but he had had to grit his teeth and endure. He knew that he could not panic at this moment and had to remain calm; otherwise, the entire Undersea City would turn upside down.

Sea Emperor took a deep breath and muttered, “Why exactly did that old man Demon Shark capture Marta using every possible means? Is it to use her to deal with me? But, why didn’t he mention anything today?”

“Could it be…” The Sea Emperor suddenly looked surprised, and his complexion turned pale. Only after a good while, did he mutter, “Impossible. Even if Demon Shark is power-hungry, he is also a person of my Sea Race.”

Long Yi avoided the guards outside and hid in one corner of this hall. After he heard the muttering of Sea Emperor, he used his spirit power to create an isolation barrier.

“Who’s there?” Sea Emperor immediately noticed that negligible fluctuation and shouted.

 “It’s a friend, not an enemy, Your Majesty shouldn’t be alarmed.” Long Yi revealed himself. He also didn’t purposely made a mystery of simple things like he had with Little Blue and Little Green. In any case, he must offer Sea Emperor a minimum amount of respect.

“Human! How did you come to my Undersea City?” Upon seeing the appearance of Long Yi, Sea Emperor was shocked. At this time when the Sea Race was in a chaotic mess, why had a human from the far away land appear here? Could the human seek to become the fisherman stalking the oriole?

Long Yi noticed the certainty in the Sea Emperor’s tone. This showed that he knew much more about humankind than others of the Sea Race.

“Your Majesty, I wonder if you recognize this!” Long Yi took out that golden gem. When that golden gem shone beneath the light, it eclipsed the other gems in the imperial palace.

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