Chapter 607: The truth of banishment

Long Yi and Sea Emperor sat opposite each other. Long Yi sat and looked straight at Sea Emperor despite his huge pressure.

“Good boy! My daughter’s sight is pretty good.” The sullen look of Sea Emperor suddenly melted, and he laughed.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. How come did those words seem somewhat wrong? He felt as if he had heard that the princess of the Sea Clan had a good eye in selecting a husband.

Sea Emperor, however, didn’t dwell much on it, and retracting his smile, he said, “Since you have arrived in front of me, you must have a certain level of understanding about the matters of the Sea Clan. I don’t know why you came to Undersea City, but I want to ask you whether you are willing to stand on my side?”

With a pondering smile, Long Yi tapped the table with his forefinger but said nothing. It was not about weighing the gains and losses; he didn’t need to think over those matters. When he had decided to take part in the affairs of the Sea Race, he had decided to stand opposite the Shark Clan without any doubts. He had also wanted to ally with Sea Emperor to fulfill his plans, but if Sea Emperor wanted to pull him over with just these few words, it would not be that easy.

Sea Emperor also didn’t urge him further, waiting for Long Yi to fully consider his offer.

“Standing at Your Majesty’s side is naturally better. You look more pleasing to the eyes than those of the Shark Clan; moreover, you have a beautiful daughter. This is the most important point. However, everything should have conditions and benefits, especially in a power struggle. Isn’t that so?” Long Yi said with a smile. With such a good opportunity in front of him, if he didn’t extort something from Sea Emperor,  that truly would be letting himself down.

Sea Emperor seemed to have already expected this and said with a smile, “What do you want?”

“As long as Sea Emperor agrees to my three conditions, everything is good,” Long Yi said with a polite smile, but his eyes flashed with a scheming light.

“Speak,” Sea Emperor said.

“The first condition: I want to know the entire truth about the banishment of the Mermaid Imperial Family from Undersea City five hundred years ago,” Long Yi stared straight into the Sea Emperor’s eyes of Sea Emperor and demanded.

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The complexion of Sea Emperor changed, and his gaze instantly became sharp. This point clearly touched a certain hidden corner of his heart.

“What relation do you have with the Mermaid Imperial Family?” Sea Emperor asked.

“I naturally have a close relation with them; the current Mermaid Princess is my wife.” Long Yi slightly moved his right hand. He feared one wrong remark would make Sea Emperor launch an attack.

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Sea Emperor doubtfully examined Long Yi, but his aura relaxed as he asked, “Do you have any proof?”

Long Yi thought for a bit and took out that golden scale from his space ring. It was the keepsake of the Mermaid Imperial Family.

“Sacred Scale! Yes, that is the keepsake of Mermaid Clan.” The expression of Sea Emperor softened a lot, and his gaze toward Long Yi also had a hint of a peculiar emotion.

 Suddenly, as if Sea Emperor had thought of something, he urgently asked, “That descendant of the Mermaid Imperial Family… did she also come to Undersea City?”

Long Yi nodded his head while wondering why Sea Emperor was so nervous. It seemed that his feelings towards the Mermaid Clan were truly not simple at all. What exactly was the inside story behind the banishment incident of five hundred years ago?

“Your Majesty, in the secret base of Shark Clan, I heard the patriarch of Shark Clan saying that he wanted to use your treasured daughter and a descendant of the Mermaid Imperial Family to refine something. Does Your Majesty know something?” Long Yi recalled the words he had overheard and asked.

The entire body of Sea Emperor trembled. He had always held hope, and he had truly believed that the Shark Clan had kidnapped his daughter to threaten him, but at this moment, all possibility of that was severed.

“Do you want to know why I banished the Mermaid Imperial Family from Undersea City five hundred years ago?” Sea Emperor sighed as if he had instantly aged a lot.

Long Yi didn’t speak. He knew that Sea Emperor would speak the truth of the matter that had troubled Liuli for many years.

Since 100,000 years ago, there had been a secret passed down from generation to generation of Sea Emperors. This was a shocking secret that had been hidden in the innermost part of each successive Sea Emperor’s heart.

That War of Gods and Demons that destroyed heaven and exterminated many formidable lifeforms of 100,000 years ago had lasted over one thousand years and implicated all races. During that time, there had been thousands of intelligent races on the continent and in the seas. Nevertheless, two-thirds of these races became extinct due to that large scale war. One could well imagine how cruel and bloody that war had been.

In the end, the seven Main Gods of Divine Realm had fought against the Heavenly Demon King and used their joint efforts to seal the Demon King at the bottom of the sea, sinking the dry land that had originally covered half of the entire world into the sea to form a seal. Then, they had raised the Hengduan Mountains above this seal. In this final war, the seven Main Gods also hadn’t escaped unscathed. The Heavenly Demon King had used his demonic blood to place a Demonic Curse on them during the final moments.

Since the seven Main Gods had been cursed with the Demonic Curse, they had feared that the divine seal of Heavenly Demon King would weaken when that curse flared up; therefore, the gods had fused their spirits with the bloodline of Sea Emperor’s clan and the Mermaid Imperial Family. Other than Sea Emperor, even the Imperial Family of the Mermaid Clan didn’t know of this secret. Five hundred years ago, Sea Emperor had noticed something unusual in Undersea City and felt strange. This feeling had been very cold and bloody. It had greatly resembled the demonic aura described in the ancient records of the Sea Race.

According to legend, if Heavenly Demon King successfully refined the God’s spirits, it would break out of the seal and appear in the world once more. Then, without the suppression of the seven Main Gods, all the races in the entire world would be doomed.

Therefore, for assurances, he had sought a reason to vanish the entire Mermaid Imperial Family from Undersea City. Fortunately, the Mermaid Queen of that time had had a very bad temper even though she was otherwise very admirable.

Sea Emperor had presumed that as long as the Gods’ spirits were not refined, Heavenly Demon King would have no means to break out of that seal.

However, according to Long Yi’s description, Sea Emperor guessed that at least a portion of Heavenly Demon King’s prowess was known to others. Moreover, the patriarch of the Shark Clan, Demon Shark, lusted for the Demon King’s power, so he had kidnapped the emperor’s daughter using every means possible. Now, the patriarch was sparing no efforts to look for the descendants of the Mermaid Imperial Family.

After hearing the explanations of Sea Emperor, Long Yi was alarmed. In the War of Gods and Demons of that time, it turned out that Heavenly Demon King had been sealed at the bottom of the sea, and the seven Main Gods had been cursed with Demonic Curse. No wonder…

“Thus, you must never let Shark Clan find the princess of the Mermaid Clan; otherwise, the Heavenly Demon King will break out of the seal, and the Doomsday will come.” Sea Emperor exhaled a mouthful of chaotic qi and said while looking at Long Yi.

“Your Majesty can rest assured. With Liuli by my side, no one can even touch her hair,” Long Yi said.

“I have already fulfilled the first condition. I wonder what the remaining two conditions are,” Sea Emperor asked.

“I am sure that you will definitely agree with my second condition. I will help you deal with Shark Clan, and you will unite all the clans of the Sea Race. You must then cooperate with humans to prevent unknown catastrophes affecting the whole world.” Long Yi paused for a bit and added, “It now seems that one such catastrophe regards the seal of the Heavenly Demon King, but whether your assumptions are true or not is uncertain. In any case, Sea Race and humankind must stand on the same side.”

“Of course, that is no problem,” Sea Emperor straightforwardly said. Since this also related to the life or death of the Sea Race, he had no reason to disagree.

“As for the third condition, I have not thought of it yet. We will talk about it in the future. As long as Your Majesty owes me a condition, it’ll be fine. I assure you it won’t be something that will force you to harm innocents,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Sea Emperor smiled. He shook his head but said nothing. There was a hint of affection in his gaze. He had always wanted to have a son inherit his position as Sea Emperor. That girl Martha was intelligent and clever, but she lacked a majestic momentum and absolutely couldn’t keep down the various clans of Sea Race, but this human in front of him had the boldness of vision and the requisite momentum. In addition, he was cunning like an old fox. ‘If he married his daughter and inherited his legacy, how wonderful would that be,’ Sea Emperor thought.

“Boy, you must participate in Treasure Seizing Conference tomorrow,” Sea Emperor suddenly said.

“Treasure Seizing Conference? Is there good treasure to seize?” Long Yi was interested upon hearing about seizing treasure and asked with interest.

“I know ordinary treasures will not enter your eyes. However, the location of the Treasure Seizing Conference tomorrow is the Undersea Smelting Death Cave. This cave was formed during the War of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago. There are treasures left behind by gods and demons inside,” Sea Emperor said.

“The treasures left behind from the War of Gods and Demons?” Long Yi suspiciously looked at Sea Emperor and added, “Since the treasures are left behind from the War of Gods and Demons, they must be extraordinary. Why aren’t you, the patriarch of the Shark Clan, and other high level experts interested in them?”

“It’s not like we aren’t interested in them, but there’s a powerful restriction covering the entire Smelting Death Cave. Only after I cooperate with the patriarchs of the eight most powerful clans of the Sea Race, can we open a passage. Who doesn’t want the treasure inside? Thus, several tens of thousands of years ago, all the clans of the Sea Race arrived at an agreement that the current Sea Emperor along with the eight patriarchs of the other clans would open the restrictions and let the entire Sea Race compete fairly. Only those who are under 300 years old are allowed to enter, and no one is allowed to rob others,” Sea Emperor explained.

 Long Yi thought for a bit and said with a sneer, “What a good plan you all have! Needless to say, all the large forces will dispatch people to enter that place. Once someone finds a treasure, I fear it would be hard for them to avoid the hunt later.”

Sea Emperor was startled and said with admiration, “You are correct. The composition of the Sea Race is very complicated. The big clans are everywhere in Undersea City. The influences of the clans are jumbled, and the intelligence level among the clans is also different. It is basically impossible to carry out unified regulations. On the surface, it appears as if all the big forces check and balance each other, but in fact, it is also that the weak are the prey of the strong. This law has been the survival criterion of all living beings since ancient times. I will not change it and am also unable to change it.”

Long Yi nodded his head. Having experienced two worlds, this law was naturally engraved in his bones and heart.

“I don’t want any ordinary treasure. In the innermost part of the Smelting Death Cave is a Blue Sea Divine Soul,” Sea Emperor said.

“Blue Sea Divine Soul?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, Blue Sea Divine Soul is the divine soul of a first-tier Water God. This thing has great use,” Sea Emperor seriously explained.

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