Chapter 608: The Scheme Concocted inside Miluo Clan

At this time, inside a house located on the right side of the Miluo Clan’s residence in Sea Emperor City:

“Father, the Shark Clan is brewing a terrifying scheme. We can no longer look on and ignore them like this. Doing so will definitely harm our entire Sea Race.” Karl yelled this and agitatedly rushed over to his father, the patriarch of the Miluo Clan, who had just returned.

“Karl, you are still young. Now, all those elders are ready to make trouble; you shouldn’t make things difficult for your father like them. In this whirlpool of a contest for authority, our Miluo Clan must not become involved. Remaining neutral is the only path to maintaining a peaceful home.” Miluo Patriarch ignored his agitated son. For the sake of his Miluo Clan, he would absolutely not take risks against other powers. Regardless of whether it be Shark Clan or Sea Emperor, neither sides held an absolute advantage, and the final victor remained unknown. In any case, his Miluo Clan had an army powerful enough to defend themselves should the victor become greedy or vengeful, so it was comparatively better to stay far away from the muddy waters.

“Father, it’s not that I am too young; it’s you who have gotten old. Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan are all ferocious clans. If they vie for authority against Sea Emperor, the entire Sea Race will be affected. In the future, if they actually succeed in seizing authority, do you really think they will tolerate the existence of our Miluo Clan?” Karl was so agitated that his entire body trembled.

“You…” Miluo Patriarch ferociously glared at his son. Then, he sighed and said, “This matter is not up for discussion. I command this as the patriarch of the Miluo Clan.”

“Father, I’m sorry. I was too agitated just now. However, the Shark Clan has built a secret underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit. Moreover, we actually discovered the skeletons of elite scorpion guards inside the Land of Holy Spirit. In addition, my friend said that all of this soldier’s essence blood was sucked dry. This is definitely related to the Shark Clan. Father…”

“Okay, Karl, your father is tired. You should leave,” Miluo Patriarch interrupted Karl in a low voice.

Karl gritted his teeth and angrily turned away.

“Karl, according to the clan’s information, Xueji is already rushing over to Sea Emperor City. It is estimated that she will arrive later today. Go receive her on behalf of this father,” Just when Karl was about to leave, Miluo Patriarch suddenly spoke.

Karl’s entire body stiffened, and his entire body trembled. Only after a good while did he come back to his senses and quickly run away.

“Promise me that you’ll take good care of Xueji for a lifetime.” The voice of his good brother Frank reverberated in his ears. Merely, Karl felt that he didn’t have the face to go see her. Frank was dead, but he had escaped alive. There was nothing more painful than this.

As for Miluo Patriarch, he, however, was examining that part of the elite scorpion guard Karl had left on the table, lost in thought while frowning.


When Long Yi returned to the Miluo Clan’s residence, Bifei, Xiaomi, and Liuli were happily playing in a pond filled with seawater. Bifei was mature, Xiaomi was pure, and Liuli was tender and beautiful. This truly was an example of spring scenery. Fortunately, there was no one else in the vicinity. Letting other people observe this kind of scenery would be a complete waste.

After meeting Sea Emperor and learning the truth behind the banishment of the Mermaid Imperial Family, Long Yi’s mood was excellent. He immediately shouted and jumped into the water like a cannonball, making those mermaids scream.

“Young Master, where have you been? I was unable to find you anywhere.” Xiaomi patted her chest and swam over.

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“This Young Master went to handle some affairs. Eh… I haven’t seen you for a while, but Xiaomi, you’ve gotten a lot fatter.” Long Yi lecherously stared at that standing tall plump bosom of Xiaomi. With only a thin layer of gauze covering her body, he could clearly see her full outline in the water, and he was full of praise.

 In the beginning, Xiaomi had truly worried that she had gotten fatter, but seeing Long Yi stare at her bosom without blinking, her beautiful face instantly became rosy as she rebuked, “Young Master, you are truly hateful…”

Long Yi just smirked, but his eyes were restlessly gazing at the bosoms of Liuli and Bifei. Among these three women, the Bifei’s bosom was the most eye-catching. That extremely thin silk cloth was unable to cover up her spring scenery. Her deep snow-white gully was even more soul-stirring than Xiaomi’s. Moreover, compared to Liuli and Xiaomi, her mellow and full curves had even more of that special mature flavor. Long Yi suddenly recalled Elf Queen and Matriarch Phoenix.

“This is a sin; this is a sin. Being is the same as not being; not being is the same as being.” Long Yi shook his head as if he wanted to throw away the thoughts of his mind. Nevertheless, the more he wanted to clear his mind, the clearer the beautiful faces of those two mature women became.

“Little pervert, what are you looking at?” Seeing that Long Yi was staring at her bosom and muttering to himself, Bifei couldn’t help but feel hot and dry. She felt like his gaze had a distinct substance behind it. It caressed her entire body like a pair of big coarse hands. She wished to escape, but she discovered to her amazement that her heart didn’t actually want to escape. This thought scared her, but she pretended to be angry.

“With such beauties around me, if I didn’t look, then wouldn’t the Heavens condemn me? Who asked Aunt Bifei to be so beautiful?” Long Yi came back to his senses and said this with a smirk, but he didn’t move his gaze away from Bifei’s bosom.

Bifei felt as if her bosom had been electrocuted, and electricity spread all over her body from her ***. A blazing heat unexpectedly appeared at her lower abdomen.

After associating with him for such a long period of time, Bifei already knew about Long Yi’s naughty tricks, and even from their hostility at the beginning to their current friendly terms, she had felt a kind of peculiar feeling toward Long Yi. This was very normal, but that kind of feeling was under her control. Because she regarded Liuli as her own daughter, she had wanted to straighten out Long Yi’s attitude.

Merely, after she and Xiaomi had returned to Undersea City, they had suffered all sorts of hardships and were even nearly violated by Golden Shark. However, at that most critical moment when they had already given up all their hopes, Long Yi had appeared and saved them. After that, she had been hardly able to control her feelings. When a man saved a woman who had been trapped in a desperate situation and had already given up all her hopes, the shadow of that man would be inscribed in her heart forever. Xiaomi was like that, so couldn’t she also be like that?

Liuli was a very intelligent woman. She had already noticed that Aunt Bifei looked at her family’s Young Master with a somewhat peculiar gaze these days. Now, in this situation, she was sure that Aunt Bifei had fallen in love with this naughty man like she herself had. She secretly determined this in her heart but didn’t voice her suspicions.

Long Yi and the mermaids played around in good moods. During this time, he told them about what had occurred during his meeting with Sea Emperor and also told them the truth behind the banishment of the Mermaid Imperial Family five hundred years ago.

“So that matter was actually so complicated! Princess, you must be careful in Undersea City and always conceal your aura. Just in case, it is better to not go out during this period of time,” Bifei said.

“Isn’t Shark Clan sending people to look all over the various sea areas now? I think they will certainly never expect that we are already in Undersea City.” On the contrary, Xiaomi spoke optimistically.

“Although that is the case, we shouldn’t be careless. Liuli, listen to your Aunt Bifei.” Long Yi recalled that strange feeling he had felt in the underground base of the Shark Clan and said. If that feeling was the divine sense of Heavenly Demon King like Sea Emperor had suggested, then he absolutely could not underestimate this situation.

Since Long Yi had opened his mouth to announce his decision, Liuli naturally nodded her head in agreement.


At that time, Karl, who was immersing himself in another pond in great sadness, received a report from a guard. It stated that the granddaughter of the Great Elder, Xueji, had arrived. Standing up and toweling himself, Karl helplessly prepared himself for this next difficulty.

Karl collected his depressed mood and looked at his slender and elegant sweetheart standing in front of him. He would never forget that this woman was also Frank’s fiancée. He had promised Frank to take care of her for a lifetime. But, at this moment, meeting her face to face, all his emotions rushed out, blocking his throat, and he was unable to utter a sound.

“Where is he?” After a long time, Xueji asked softly.

Karl silently took Xueji to a room where Frank’s corpse was placed. Because of the use of anti-decomposition magic, his corpse was not rotten. Merely, since Heaven Slaying Squid had sucked out his essence blood, his corpse seemed like a balloon without air.

Xueji sat next to Frank and gently caressed his crumpled hand. Tears flowed down her eyes.

Karl wished to console her, but seeing Xueji’s suffering expression, he too suddenly realized that this girl who had once had an ambiguous relation with him was unfamiliar at this moment. This girl who had repeatedly complained that she was forced to live together with Frank because of that marriage agreement now looked as if she were greatly suffering. This expression clearly suggested that she had loved Frank to his bones. And then, thinking about all those matters of the past, a chill suddenly appeared in his heart.

“I’m sorry, Frank. You always asked me who I love… I, however, always avoided this question, but now, I will tell you: the one I really love is you. It’s you, do you hear me?” Xueji said in a hoarse voice while she trembled.

Karl stood still like a fool and was unable to think of anything. Then, he felt like he had suddenly understood something, but when he wanted to recall this something, his brain turned into a blank space.

Only after a long time did Xueji stop crying. Looking at the dazed Karl, a complicated and pained expression appeared on her face.

“Can you explain all this?” Karl came back to his senses and asked while gesturing throughout the room. His tone was unexpectedly calm.

Xueji shook her head. Instead, she spread open her palm before Karl. Three dark green-colored arrows appeared.

“Miluo Divine Arrows, you… you actually stole…” Karl’s calm voice trembled. Xueji’s actions didn’t give him any hope that he had misinterpreted the truth. His grimmest inner guesses had turned into reality. It turned out that Xueji had had a purpose in approaching him. He had always pitifully been suffering because he wavered between his desire for love and friendship, which poor Frank had clearly noticed but pretended to know nothing of while suffering in secret. Even when dying, he had asked him to take care of her, but they had never expected that this woman had just been toying with the two of them.

“You damned!” Karl’s face twitched, and ruthlessness flashed through his eyes as if he were about to become an insane beast.

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“Yes, I should be damned,” Xueji ignored Karl’s anger and faintly said.

“Be careful of my grandfather, he and Demon Shark…” Xueji’s voice was quiet, barely able to be heard. Her body softened and slowly fell over Frank’s corpse.

Karl could feel that Xueji was gradually losing her life. His legs softened, and he knelt on the ground. He then grabbed his throat and wanted to scream “Cheater! Betrayer!” to release this pain he felt. This kind of feeling nearly drove him mad.

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