Chapter 59 – Taking Action

An Entomancer could control insects, similar to beasting taming. When Apocalypse descended, Guo Gang tamed a Red Carapace Beetle, allowing the former to quickly build up his forces. Some of the prisoners that followed also awakened abilities during the First Blood Rain, after that, they discovered the uses of energy crystals and started hunting for more. Eventually growing to their current state.

They were escaped prisoners from Z City and had only arrived in Cloud Town two days ago. Their original purpose was to hunt, but they encountered Hu Jun Trio. As their fighting power was much higher than Hu Jun and his group, they easily defeated the Hu Jun and obtained the Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots.

After discovering the benefits of the Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots, the forced Hu Jun and his group to reveal where they got the Red Fruit and Mutated Carrots from. The Spear Martialist feared for his life and quickly told the men about the Manor, that was why they appeared.

“Wang Fei, are you not afraid that Big Bro will kill you?”

“Afraid? You guys are a bunch of drug dealers. I have feared for my life every day when I am under your guys, so I might as use this opportunity to give up this wrong way of life and turn to a better one.”

After Wang Fei finished speaking, he looked at Yang Tian with an expression to seek refuge.

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From Wang Fei’s perspective, Yang Tian was obviously stronger than Guo Gang. Since Guo Gang would be a follower no matter which side he was on, he would rather follow Yang Tian who was stronger.

Wang Fei was a Rank 2 Yak Warrior and has relatively outstanding defense and strength. Yang Tian did not mind having a subordinate like that, especially when they know their place.

However, Xiao Xiao was in the Manor, Yang Tian would not allow a person like Wang Fei to join the Manor. Humans are different from Mutated Beasts, Yang Tian would instead choose to cooperate with Mutated Beasts than to work with humans.

“You know your place very well.”

Crazy Vine released Wang Fei under Yang Tian’s orders.

“We are willing to seek refuge under you as well.”

Other than the paralyzed Metahuman on the ground, the other two Metahumans also quickly voice out their intentions. They were all prisoners in the first place, who they follow to continue surviving makes no difference to them, isn’t surviving the most important in the Post-Apocalyptic Era?

A Rank 2 Rhinoceros Warrior, a Rank 2 Hunting Dog Warrior

When they opened their mouths, Yang Tian also got Crazy Vine to release them.

The two men that were released were shocked for a moment, they thought they would still have to do something to display their commitment and had even prepared an oath. They did not expect Yang Tian to release them so easily.

“You guys…”

“Xu San, everyone gathered together so that we can survive. You should understand this, so we shall not explain too much.”

“Fine, you guys will regret it eventually.”

Xu San was a Poison Lizard Warrior, his body contained poison, but he was unable to display his poison ability when he was fighting against Crazy Vine. His fighting power was actually much higher than the other Rank 2 Metahumans, but he was now a captive.

Yang Tian was very interested with the Entomancer, Guo Gang. An Entomancer was considered a rather unique profession, to the Insect World, Human Entomancers were considered their number one enemy.

Beast Tamers could also tame Insects, but their connection and control were not comparable to Entomancers, the most crucial difference between the two professions was an Entomancer could communicate with insects spiritually. An Entomancer could also control insects not from the Insect World as well, many rare insect monsters were born on Earth as well, and these insect monsters could only be found by Entomancers.

The only ones that were caught now were Xu San and Hu Jun Trio. However, the latter knew their current situation was not very good since they were the ones that led Xu San’s group to the Manor.

“For the sake that you guys had once followed me before, I will release the three of you just this time.”

After leaving with Yang Tian for some time, Hu Jun and Mo Kai did not believe that Yang Tian would let them go so smoothly.

“Really? You are releasing me as well?” The Spear Martialist was shocked, but it quickly turned into joy.

“Of course.”

Crazy Vine released all of them the next moment.

“I will even give you power.”

Yang Tian injected three Violent Corpse Worms into Hu Jun Trio’s bodies.

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The felt a faint piercing pain for a moment, but they quickly felt a sharp pain in their hearts, as though something had ripped apart their hearts.

“Ah… what did you do to us?”

The trio rolled on the ground due to the violent pain, it lasted for ten full minutes before they slowly recovered.

They have formed a symbiotic relationship with the Violent Corpse Worms, Hu Jun’s flame power has increased while Mo Kai and the Spear Martialist now possess an additional fire element. Now they have become a Symbiotic Life, they immediately felt the changes in their bodies.

Flame Tackle

The three of them have all obtained the same skill. Moreover, the symbiosis had also improved the flames of Hu Jun’s Flame Warrior to Elite-Tier.

“How do you feel?”

“Really… gotten stronger.”

The trio felt inconceivable, they usually need to rely on absorbing energy crystals to slowly become stronger, yet Yang Tian managed to increase their power in such a short time.

“Thank you.”

The Spear Martialist was filled with joy, but Hu Jun and Mo Kai felt something was wrong somewhere. However, the increase in power they got was real and present.

“You guys can leave now.”

Yang Tian passed them the bag filled with Red Fruits and Mutated Carrots to Hu Jun and his group.

“I will return today’s kindness in the future.”

The Spear Martialist clasped his fist and thanked Yang Tian. Hu Jun and Mo Kai were still feeling strange about this, but they also expressed their thanks to Yang Tian before they left.

“Why did you plant the Violent Corpse Worms inside them?”

“The Violent Corpse Worms will magnify the desires of creatures, I want them to cause trouble for some people.”

Violent Corpse Worms can fan the desires within the hearts of humans, even if it were an ordinary person during the Civilized Age, that person would turn into an insatiable criminal, let alone when this was the Post-Apocalyptic Era now. With the Violent Corpse Worms inside them, Hu Jun Trio would have enough power to cause trouble for the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage when they return to Fortune Boat University.

“Boss, you are letting them go just like that?”

Xu Dafu jumped down from the platform above, he looked curiously at the direction were Hu Jun Trio left.

“Humph! What do you think?”

“I understand now, Boss.”

Xu Dafu did not believe that Yang Tian would just let them go, the former also sensed similar energy that was found on the Wilderness Wolfmen coming from the Trio now, Xu Dafu was able to make some guesses from that connection.

“You can also get lost.”

Yang Tian released Xu San, the latter looked at Yang Tian cautiously.

“The three of you will return with him. Bring me Guo Gang’s head, and I will accept you as my followers.”


How could the three of them be able to defeat Guo Gang? Simply Xu San himself would be able to take two of them, it was impossible for the remaining person to deal with Guo Gang.

“Hahaha, just these three?”

Xu San laughed arrogantly, thoroughly looking down on Wang Fei and his group.

“F*** you, how dare you act so smug.”

Xu Dafu kicked Xu San’s stomach, causing the former to fly five meters back.

“F***, you think this Daddy cannot beat you?”

Xu San instantly adjusted his form and gathered power on his legs. Xu San shot towards Xu Dafu and struck Xu Dafu’s chest with nails filled with poison.

“You are still too green.”

Xu Dafu stood there motionlessly, Xu San’s nails have entered Xu Dafu’s chest, but Xu Dafu did not collapse like how Xu San envisioned. Instead, Xu Dafu was looking as Xu San with contempt.


Xu Dafu gathered a mouthful of acid, Xu San wanted to withdraw his nails and retreat. However, Xu Dafu’s hands had tightly gripped Xu San’s arms, preventing the latter from escaping.

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