Chapter 60 – Release


Every drop of acid gathered was on Xu San’s body, but Xu Dafu knew to hold back and did not aim at the lethal areas, allowing Xu San to remain alive.

Xu Dafu released Xu San, allowing the latter to roll on the ground to shake away the acid on his body.

“So what if you have poison?”

A Carnivore possessed a certain level of poison resistance, the poison of a Poison Lizard Warrior would not pose much of a threat to a Carnivore of the same rank.

Yang Tian stepped on Xu San’s body, causing the latter to be immobile. Xu San was currently half-dead, and no longer had the strength to resist.

“I told you to get lost, why did you have to act untactfully?”

The other three Metahumans knew what Xu San could do, but they did not expect Xu San to be unable to withstand even one blow from Xu Dafu. None of them were able to win Xu San in an individual fight.

“And the three of you, better remember my words.”

“One more thing, do not give me lip service.”

The three of them wanted to explain their way out of the order, but when they saw Xu San’s state, they finally understood their situation. If any of them rejected Yang Tian, the one on the ground now would be one of them.

“Understand… understand.”

“Bring him along.”

Yang Tian silently injected a Violent Corpse Worm inside Xu San’s body as well, the heavily injured Xu San could not do anything but be under Yang Tian’s mercy. At the same time, the Violent Corpse Worm had obtained complete control over Xu San’s body.

From the perspective of the three Metahumans, Xu San was now only a crippled, they did not know Yang Tian had done something to Xu San.

“Okay… okay…”

After helping Xu San up, the three men quickly left this dangerous place.

The three men were thinking of killing Xu San along the way back now the latter was crippled. When they return to their base camp, they would explain to Guo Gang that Xu San and the group was ambushed by insects, and only the three of them managed to escape. As for Yang Tian, they think that since Yang Tian did not know the exact location of their base camp, they could just forget about him.

“Boss, will this work?”

“Rest assured, I am very interested in the Entomancer behind them.”

The three men carried Xu San for ten kilometers before they finally think it was safe enough to deal with Xu San.

“Let’s do it! Bringing him back will only mean our deaths.”

“Xu San, you can only blame your poor luck for becoming so heavily injured, else we will never have the ability to deal with you.”

“Go to hell Xu San!”

When Xu San himself also thought that he would die, suddenly power surged within his body. Xu San’s body nearly doubled in size while faint flames covered his body. The injuries caused by the acid were also healing quickly.

“The heavens have yet to forsake I, Xu San. Hahahaha.”

The eruption of power allowed Xu San to easily block the three men’s attacks, despite the fire covering his body, Xu San did not receive any damage from it.

Flame Tackle

A pile of violent flames covered Xu San’s body before he charged towards the three men.


Xu San used another Flame Tackle. This time, Xu San held the three of them tightly in front of him, and Flame Tackled towards a large rock.

“Ahhhh… Ahhh Ahhh”

Blood spilled out from their mouths as the impact had shattered their skeletons.

After Xu San had secure his victory, the Violent Corpse Worm withdrew its power, Xu San returned to his original image. After this transformation, the Violent Corpse Worm’s power has wholly merged with Xu San, the former could not control Xu San’s body on a deeper level without the host himself knowing about it.

“Why did the power disappear?”

Xu San did not know the existence of the Violent Corpse Worm and thus did not know how the explosive power came about. However, it was confirmed that his body now possessed an additional Fire Element, and he had also obtained the power skill, Flame Tackle.

“This three bastards, I will let Big Bro take care of you.”

When the three men recalled how Guo Gang torture his enemies, they could not help but shudder.

“Bro… Brother Xu, we were gripped by fear…, please let us off.”

Even speaking has now turned into a strenuous activity for the three of them, but when they thought of Guo Gang, they could not help but do their best to plead with Xu San to let them off.

“Let you off? Did any of you thought to let me off just now?”

Xu San’s dictionary did not have the word mercy. Xu San casually found some vines and tie them up before slowing dragging them and walked towards Cloud Town.

“I will get Big Bro to revenge for me.”

Yang Tian had a rough idea that Xu San and the three men had fought, now he only needs to wait for the Entomancer to come to him.

“That Entomancer behind him will certainly discover the Violent Corpse Worm that you injected.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen was feeling uneasy when it thought of the Entomancer.

“Why? Are you afraid of the Entomancer as well?”

“An Entomancer controls not only our bodies but also our souls as well. Once the soul is being controlled, we will not even know what we have done, it is something that’s worst than death.”

“Don’t you have a King’s Bloodline? Why are you still afraid?”

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“I am only Rank 2 now and will not be able to display much of my advantages. Encountering an Entomancer is still something far from good.”

“You should not look down on my Soul Taming.”

Yang Tian was very confident about his skills, this was also why Yang Tian dared to plant a Violent Corpse Worm inside Xu San.

The Violent Corpse Worm in Xu San might be discovered, and also be enslaved by the Entomancer, but it’s impossible for the Entomancer to convert Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“You know quite a lot of things, it gives me a mysterious feeling. I even suspect you might not really be an Earthling.”

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“You will never be able to guess.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen discovered that Yang Tian had an in-depth understanding of the Post-Apocalyptic World, the latter was entirely unlike a human that had just experienced the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

“There is one more Rank 2 Metahuman.”

The Rank 2 Metahuman that was trapped by Wang Yu’s spider silk was currently unconscious. Looking at Wang Yu’s ravenous look, Yang Tian knew that the quirk of a Black Widow Metahuman has been triggered.

“You settle it!”

“Thank you, Boss!”

Wang Yu displayed a happy expression, she has indeed developed a strong urge to eat the Rank 2 Metahuman caught in her web. Black Widow Metahumans were mostly unable to resist this urge, and Yang Tian did not think that Wang Yu can restrain herself as well.

Was the quirk cannibalism? Not really.

All Black Widow Metahumans would develop a strong urge to eat any creature that was entirely wrapped by their spider silk. If a Mutated Wolf is currently caught, then Wang Yu will desire to devour the Mutated Wolf.

However, when Wang Yu started eating, it still caused a great visual impact on Xu Dafu. After all, it was still a living human.


Xu Dafu was feeling unbelievable, Wang Yu was currently eating a live person.

“This is a quirk of Black Widow Metahumans, it is similar to how you massacred the entire school. Since we are companions, we should treat each other normally.”

“I understand Boss.”

Xu Dafu recalled the time when he massacred his school. At that time, Wang Yu did not reject him and even continued to stay by his side.

Boss’s words were right.

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