Chapter 61 – Wind Blade Marble

“I… ate a person?”

Only after Wang Yu had cleanly devoured the Metahuman inside the web, did she noticed what she had done. She looked at the blood in her hands, the residual taste of blood in her mouth and Wang Yu was horrified of her actions.

“In the Post-Apocalyptic World, this is all normal, do not restrict yourself.”

Yang Tian did not say much, what’s left was for Xu Dafu to comfort Wang Yu and it should be fine.

Xu Dafu quickly approached Wang Yu and started comforting her; Tamed Beasts such as Dark Crimson Fire Wolf were not restrained by the logic of humans so they treated her behavior as something ordinary and did not feel that anything was improper.

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As Yang Tian walked back to the Manor, he saw a glimpse of the Zombie King Mouse at the corner of the Manor. The Zombie King Mouse had also noticed that it was discovered so it quickly turned around and ran away.

“After it.”

Yang Tian rode Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to chase after the Zombie King Mouse.

This Zombie King Mouse was a Rank 2 Elite Beast and possessed a high movement speed. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was only able to follow it but was unable to overtake.


There were a large number of zombies in front, just Yang Tian and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf would not be enough to handle all of them. The Zombie King Mouse had entered the horde, causing the chase to end in failure.

However, Yang Tian was curious about this area where the zombies had gathered. This area was relatively close to the territory of the Wolf King and upon closer observation, Yang Tian discovered that there were a bunch of Zombie Wolves within the zombie horde as well.

It looks like the Wolf King and the Zombie King had clashed and it was very likely that it was the Zombie King who obtained victory, else the territorial Wolf King would not have allowed the Zombie King to appear so close to its lands. Yang Tian estimates that the Wolf King and the Zombie King should be around the same rank.


Yang Tian has a group of Rank 2 fighting power under him, it could be considered to be one of the stronger human groups currently. However, the power was still short of facing the Zombie King and the Wolf King.

“Wait a minute, let’s go to the mountain first.”

If the Wolf King had suffered significant losses due to the Zombie King, Yang Tian would want to find what the Wolf King’s current state.

The mountain behind the manor was initially filled with Mutated Wolves, but their numbers were much lesser now and there were even remains of zombies to be found. Zombies do not fear pain, when a zombie fights a Mutated Wolf, the odds of the zombie winning would be higher.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf circled around the Mutated Wolves and eventually reached the peak of the mountain.

A proud Wolf King stood at the peak of the mountain, several injuries had been added on its body; by its sides was Burrowing Earth Rat and a Rank 2 Wood Spirit Wolf.

A Wood Spirit Wolf excels in recovery, the one beside the Wolf King was currently healing its injuries, but the speed of healing was not really quick.

The attacks of the Zombie King possessed a corrosive attribute that would make it harder for injuries to heal. It would take quite some time for the Wolf King to recover from its injuries if it was only relying on the Wood Spirit Wolf.

“Those are Specter Blade Wolves.”

Yang Tian saw ten Specter Blade Wolves behind the Wolf King, those were likely the backbone of the wolves. That pack of Specter Blade Wolves held absolute loyalty to the Wolf King; even if they were tamed or zombified by the Zombie King, they would still remain loyal to their Wolf King and serve the Wolf King.

That was it was openly known amongst Beast Tamers that Specter Blade Wolves were considered the most useless among Tamed Beasts. It was not because they are weak, but because they continued to remain loyal to the Wolf King.

Rank 2 Elite Beast Specter Blade Wolf

They have terrifying explosive power and speed that make them tricky opponents, the sharp blades that form their front claws could easily slice through the defenses of creatures of the same rank.

“Let’s return!”

Yang Tian rode Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and returned to the Manor. Wang Yu had mostly recovered after being cared for by Xu Dafu.

“Boss, something strange is happening to Xiao Xiao’s body.”

“Hmm? Bring me to her.”

The Zombie King Mouse had likely entered the Manor when Yang Tian was dealing with Xu San and his group. From the past actions of the Zombie King Mouse, it would not have done anything bad to Xiao Xiao.

“Big Brother, I got this powerful marble from the red mouse.”

When Xiao Xiao saw Yang Tian, she quickly passed a black marble to Yang Tian.

Rank 2 Magic Tool, Wind Blade Marble

“Big Brother, see.”

Xiao Xiao held the Wind Blade Marble and sent one Wind Blade after the other from her hand.

She knew how to use her Inner Energy?

Xiao Xiao was wielding the Inner Energy that Yang Tian had transferred to her to control the Wind Blade Marble and send out the wind blades. It was likely that the Zombie King Mouse had noticed the Inner Energy within Xiao Xiao and reported it to the Zombie King, the Zombie King must have given this to her due to that.

“Fu! So tired!”

After unleashing a few wind blades, sweat formed on Xiao Xiao’s forehead. Xiao Xiao’s Inner Energy was after all only Rank 1 at most, while the Wind Blade Marble was a Rank 2 Magic Tool. Xiao Xiao was able to unleash several wind blades despite rank was also because the Wind Blade Marble was considered a gentle type of Magic Tool.

The Wind Blade Marble’s attack power was not considered strong for a Rank 2 Magic Tool, the only redeeming feature was that it will not consume too much of its user’s energy.

“Big Brother, am I powerful?”

“Very powerful!”

Yang Tian was getting more and more curious about this Zombie King; it had gotten the Zombie King Mouse to deliver a bunch of stuff but Xiao Xiao did not have so many treasures on her in the previous life.

Yang Tian focused his Mental Power to check Xiao Xiao’s body in detail. Due to the Zombie King Ring, Xiao Xiao’s physique has gotten even stronger but there was nothing out of place appearing on her body as well.

“Xiao Xiao, rest if you are tired.”


Xiao Xiao used up most of her energy so that she could perform well in front of Yang Tian so she got really tired.

After returning to the small house, Xiao Xiao literally slept immediately after laying on the bed and Yang Tian had to cover her with a blanket. Actually, with Xiao Xiao’s current physique, there was no need for Yang Tian to cover her with a blanket, but Yang Tian had developed the habit of covering Xiao Xiao with a blanket after she slept.

“Dafu, pass me the rest of the Rank 1 Energy Crystals.”

When Yang Tian walked out of the small house, he got Xu Dafu to hand him all the energy crystals, reaching a total of sixty Rank 1 Energy Crystals.

Yang Tian took the crystals and returned to the small house.

Thanks to the Zombie King, Xiao Xiao’s body was now strong enough to absorb Rank 1 Energy Crystals to become a Rank 2 Martialist.

However, Xiao Xiao’s Rank 2 Martialist status was manufactured by Yang Tian, she will not be much of a help in battles. What Yang Tian wanted was not for Xiao Xiao to fight, but to allow Xiao Xiao to obtain a healthy body.

Yang Tian used the Rank 1 Energy Crystals to form a circle around Xiao Xiao.


All the energy crystals were refined into pure energy by Yang Tian’s Mental Power and slowly entered Xiao Xiao’s body. Yang Tian placed a hand on Xiao Xiao’s body and started transferring Purple Sun Divine Art’s Inner Energy into her body as well.

Fu Fu

Rank 2 Martialist

Yang Tian was very cautious as well, ready to stop the moment he discovered that something was wrong. However, no accidents happened, Xiao Xiao had successfully become a Rank 2 Martialist.

Refining the energy crystals and transferring Inner Energy simultaneously was very strenuous for Yang Tian. When Xiao Xiao successfully became a Rank 2 Martialist, Yang Tian also powerlessly sat on the floor.

Yang Tian started cultivating Purple Sun Divine Art as he sat on the floor to replenish the Inner Energy that he lost. The act of cultivating and transferring energy multiple times had also caused Yang Tian’s Purple Sun Divine Art to be on the brink of promoting.

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“It is on the brink of promoting?”

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