Chapter 235: The Strongest Anomaly on the Star Road

The fifth stage was the Solution of Martial Dao.

The Perception of Martial Dao tested one’s perception, while the Solution of Martial Dao tested one’s combat techniques.


A figure appeared from the void.

This figure was apparently another Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist who wielded the same longsword.

With a shake of the longsword, ‘Li Fuchen’ thrusted at Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen used a single blade to block again the thrust.

At this moment, Li Fuchen was unable to circulate any qi, which meant that he was purely using sword move to counter against sword move. The test was the about absolute combat techniques.

Cling, Cling, Clang, Clang…

It was an intense fight where both sides utilized all their combat techniques.

They might not be able to use qi, but the fight looked even more intense. If there was even a hint of inattentiveness, there would be no room to fight back.


With the flash of the sword light, Li Fuchen pierced the throat of the opposite ‘Li Fuchen’.

With his extraordinary consciousness, Li Fuchen took a few moves to get a clear understanding of the opponent’s attack pattern. To him, this test was actually much simpler than the fourth stage.

The Monument of Names for the fifth stage appeared.

“There isn’t a single mark?” Li Fuchen let out a surprised expression.

He assumed that there would be two or three individuals who could make it to the fifth stage right? He never would have expected that he was the only one thus far.

How would Li Fuchen have known that for the majority of the martial artists, being able to travel about 10% to 20% of the fifth segment was already a great feat, let alone reaching the fifth stage.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen began to draw out the ‘Sword’ mark in mid air.

Once the ‘Sword’ mark was branded onto the Monument of Names, the monument trembled as a beam of dazzling radiance pierced through the heaven, penetrating the starry skies.

In the sky above the Star Road, numerous golden electric sphere appeared from nowhere.

These golden spheres were like stars that exploded and released a boundless amount of golden mist which covered the entire starry skies. Behind this boundless golden flashes, Li Fuchen could see the indistinct shape of a golden figure.

“Star Road Hidden Domain. I am quite certain that this isn’t just a normal heaven class hidden domain. It surely contains some kind of secret.” Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

The meaning of a hidden domain meant that it was a bizarre zone. But the Star Road Hidden Domain didn’t give Li Fuchen the feeling that it was just a bizarre zone. Perhaps it would be better to explain that this place had already surpassed the example of a bizarre zone.

The appearance of the golden electric sphere was too stunning. Everyone on the Star Road lifted their head with a terrified expression.

At the sixth segment of the Star Road… an individual looked upon. This individual was emitting a dreadful qi presence and was much formidable than Xiahou Shi by a quite a huge difference.

“There was a total of four Star Road Anomalies. The first one wasn’t so prominent and was obviously the anomaly for the second stage. For the next three anomalies, it was respectively the third, fourth and fifth stage. Was there someone who made it all the way from the first stage to the fifth stage in their first attempt?”

This individual was shocked.

In the history of the Star Road Hidden Domain, no one was able to reach the fifth stage on their first attempt. This was an unprecedented phenomenon.

Even he was only able to reach the fourth stage on his first attempt. He was only able to walked through slightly more than half of the fifth segment, let alone passing the fifth stage.

After resting for some time, Li Fuchen walked onto the sixth segment of the Star Road.

The Star Road qi field contained spirit pressure and also qi presence pressure.

Qi presence was related to one’s cultivation.

But apart from raising one’s cultivation level, qi presence could also be increased by using secret techniques that increased the qi.

Take for example Li Fuchen’s Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, which could raise one or two levels worth of qi presence.

Since the beginning of the Star Road’s fourth segment, Li Fuchen had already activate the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique might not be of much help, but it could at least help Li Fuchen feel a little more relaxed.

Walking on the sixth segment of the Star Road, Li Fuchen’s spine was bending from the pressure.

The qi field here was too frightening. His qi presence was simply negligible, he was at most able to resist using his spirit will.

“They say that the entire qi field of the Star Road will be lesser on the second attempt. I wonder if it is true.”

Every step was a challenge to Li Fuchen.

After walking for a few more steps, Li Fuchen couldn’t hold on anymore and fell on the ground.


There was a surge of blue light that teleported Li Fuchen out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.


Autumn Rain City… Li Fuchen’s courtyard.

Li Fuchen’s figure emerged from the blue light that flashed.

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After taking a few gasps of breath, Li Fuchen looked up and saw blue skies and white clouds, which gave him a comfortable feeling.

“The Star Road Hidden Domain was too oppressive. The real world is still the most comfortable.”

After adjusting his body for a period of time, Li Fuchen gradually recovered.

When Li Fuchen went back to his bedroom, he noticed a letter.

After opening and reading the letter, Li Fuchen muttered, “Autumn Rain Tea Party?”

According to what Fan Qiansong wrote, the Autumn Rain Tea Party would be held on Mt. Autumn Rain and it was today. If anyone wanted to join the tea party, they had to be gold class direct disciples from any of their respective sects. Regular silver class direct disciples didn’t have the qualifications to participate, even if they could, they would just end up humiliating themselves.

The Autumn Rain Tea Party was generally held before the Stars Ranking Tournament. Its purpose was for a mutual exchange to expand their horizon and prepare themselves for the Stars Ranking Tournament.

This year’s host for the Autumn Rain Tea Party was the Flourishing Sect’s gold class direct disciple, Qin Keshi.

‘Should I go or not?’ Li Fuchen knitted his brows.

This Autumn Rain Tea Party was just a small scaled tea party. It was impossible for all the gold class direct disciples from all the sects to be attending. It would be quite irregular if even half of them came.

“Forget it. I shall just attend it. It is a great chance to witness the level of the gold class direct disciples from the other various major sects.”

After some slight hesitations, Li Fuchen decided to make the trip.

Since he was the Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciple, it was necessary for him to be in touch with prodigies of his class. It wouldn’t be good for him to seclude himself and disregard the outside world.

After leaving the Autumn Rain City, Li Fuchen hurried towards Mt. Autumn Rain.


Mt. Autumn Rain was a place that would rain throughout the year.

Before Li Fuchen even got near to Mt. Autumn Rain, the sky was already drizzling gracefully,

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Li Fuchen ascended towards the peak by climbing up a stretch of white colored stairs.

It was bustling with excitement at the peak of the mountain.

This Autumn Rain Tea Party was indeed one of the liveliest ones in the past decade, with more than 200 attendees. In the past, there would be at most 100 attendees. There were even years where only dozens of people participated.

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In comparison to the number of gold class direct disciple in the East Unicorn Continent, 200 wasn’t a huge number, but it wasn’t a small number either. Basically, all those prominent figures that weren’t from the bottom feeders, were here.

The peak of Mt. Autumn Rain was extremely flat and there were multiple pavilions constructed on it.

These pavilions were spreaded out in all directions, while in the center of the peak was this giant martial arts stage.

The martial arts stage was obviously reinforced by arrays. It looked like gold and jade, while containing traces of heaven and earth energy.

“Li Fuchen!”

In one of the pavilions, Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu saw Li Fuchen and quickly shouted out.

Beside Fan Qiansong was a young man who noticed the change in Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu’s expression, and couldn’t help but look at where they were looking at.

Hearing Fan Qiansong’s voice, Li Fuchen’s figure flashed and skimmed into the pavilion.

“Li Fuchen, it is fortunate that you made it in time. It will be such a pity if you were to miss this tea party.” Fan Qiansong laughed as he spoke.

Li Fuchen replied, “I was out for some errands and saw your letter when I came back.”

Fan Qianson nodded and introduced, “Li Fuchen, this is my Carefree Sect’s Huang shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), Huang Yuxiang.”

“Huang shixiong, this is the Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen.”

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