Chapter 236: Autumn Rain Tea Party

“So you are Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist?” Huang Yuxiang gave an astonished expression.

Li Fuchen replied, “What’s wrong?”

Huang Yuxiang explained, “There was a period of time where your wanted poster was in the city I was in. The Heaven Fiend Sect was the one who put out the posters.”

“Is there such a thing?”

Hearing this news, Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were shocked.

Being wanted by a sect was never a good thing.

Li Fuchen furrowed his brows. If he didn’t get it wrong, it should be because of Li Wuxue.

Perhaps the patriarch of the Heaven Fiend Sect put some kind of secret technique on Li Wuxue, and when he died, the Sect Patriarch knew of it. Furthermore, he just had some conflicts with Li Wuxue, hence he was listed as one of the suspects by the Sect Patriarch.

Whether there was any evidence or not, it didn’t matter to the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch.

As long as Li Fuchen aroused any suspicion, he should be brought back for interrogation.

Huang Yuxiang laughed and continued, “But the Heaven Fiend Sect soon withdrew the wanted posters. From what I saw, there was some restriction in the spreading of the wanted posters. But you have to be careful, in the opposite pavilion are two Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class direct disciple. One of them is Xiao Bai, who is ranked 101 on the Stars Ranking.” Huang Yuxiang cast his sights on the opposite pavilion.

Hearing such, Li Fuchen looked over as well.

The instant when Li Fuchen looked over, a pair of eyes coincidentally looked over to his side as well.

In the air, was this flash of cold lightning.

“This person is Xiao Bai?”

In Li Fuchen’s vision, on the second floor railing of the opposite pavilion was this young man who was standing with his hands behind him. From his looks, he shouldn’t be more than 30 years of age, perhaps around 25 years old, which was similar to Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

That young man had long hair that trailed over his shoulder, eyes sharp like a blade, and his cultivation had reached the 8th level of the Earth Realm. He had an abnormally frightful qi presence and was definitely several folds more superior than Fu Chongshan.

It was evident that he had recognized Li Fuchen.

The Heaven Fiend Sect’s Secret Covert Faction sent him news to him to eliminate Li Fuchen as soon as he found Li Fuchen.

“5th level of the Earth Realm. It seems like there is some mistake in the report!” Xiao Bai thought in his heart.

The Secret Covert Faction’s information stated that Li Fuchen was only at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, but there was a difference of three levels now.

“He must have gone to the Star Road Hidden Domain and consumed some kind of special elixir.” Xiao Bai’s mind was flashing with thoughts.

The edge of his mouth had this smear of a dangerous arc, while Xiao Bai withdrew his sights.

Since he encountered with Li Fuchen, he wouldn’t allow the target to leave here alive. But the show was just about to start and there wasn’t a need to hurry.

“He is an expert.” Li Fuchen’s eyebrows twitched.

If Xiao Bai was ranked 101 on the Stars Ranking, it meant his ability was far superior to Emotionless Sword Xue Feng. Even the Azure Water Sect’s no.1 direct disciple, Sword Maniac, was only ranked 105 on the Stars Ranking.

Of course, this ranking was decided from over a year ago and right now, it might not be as accurate anymore. You might be ranked 101 in the last Stars Ranking Tournament, but it didn’t mean that you would be ranked 101 in the next tournament. There was a chance you might promote, or demote, or even fall out of the rankings.

After all, after every Stars Ranking Tournament, many rising prodigies would emerge.

The tea party had already begun and as the drizzle pattered, everyone was enjoying the tea and mingling around.

As for the distance between each pavilion, it couldn’t even be considered a distance to everyone here.

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They just had to pour in some qi to simply hear everyone’s conversation.

If they didn’t want someone else to hear what they were saying, they could use their qi to channel their voices.

“Yang Tianyu, one month ago, you severely injured my sect’s shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple). Do you think this matter will be put aside? Come out this instant.”

A figure skimmed out from a pavilion and landed on the martial arts stage while pointing and raging at a pavilion.

“Zheng Yi, you must have eaten some leopard’s guts to actually challenge me.”

A young man named Yang Tianyu didn’t look happy as he leaped towards the martial arts stage.

“How dare you speak brazenly. Take my Divine Wind Fist!”

“Who is afraid of you!”

There were two figures crossing each other on the martial arts stage, while qi forces were exploding.

There would be some grudges between sects and there might even be death grievances too. When both sect’s disciples encounter each other, they would fight to their death. Evidently, these two individuals on the martial arts stage already have some sort of grudge against each other.

After dozens of exchanges, the young man who was named Yang Tianyu was slightly superior, as he used a move to break his opponent’s defenses and was about to make a kill.

“There will be no killing in the Autumn Rain Tea Party. Give me some face and stop this here?”

Right at this moment, an elegant figure flashed on the stage and spoke.

“Die!” Yang Tianyu had this ruthless expression and didn’t have any intention to stop.

The one with the elegant figure was a remarkably beautiful woman. She frowned and with a swing of her hand, a fresh flower blossomed in the air, obstructing Yang Tianyu.

“Hmph. Zheng Yi, I shall let you off because of Qin Keshi. If I see you again in the future, I will certainly kill you.” Yang Tianyu let out a snort and headed back into the pavilion.

Qin Keshi was a prominent figure on the Stars Ranking and if she were to make a move, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Damn it.”

Zheng Yi had an ashen expression. He was the one who initiated the fight with Yang Tianyu, but he was also the one who got defeated, which humiliated him.

“Qin Keshi, Zheng mou’s skill is incompetent. I shall take my leave.”

(TL note: The ‘mou’ here is a way people use to address themselves humbly like they are some nobody)

Zheng Yi cupped his fist and swiftly left the peak of Mt. Autumn Rain.

Yang Tianyu wanted to pursue, but after giving it some thought, he gave up.

Qin Keshi sighed and didn’t say anything else. She tipped off the surface of the ground and went back to her pavilion.

“Qin Keshi lives up to her reputation.”

Li Fuchen stood on the side as Huang Yuxiang praised.

Fan Qianyu spoke with admiration, “Qin shijie7jieelder or big sister is ranked 88 on the Stars Ranking and is probably the top expert in this Autumn Rain Tea Party. With her around, there shouldn’t be any deaths.”

“That is natural. If not, this Autumn Rain Tea Party will not have been hosted.” Fan Qiansong nodded.

“Ranked 88 on the Stars Ranking, huh?” Li Fuchen did witness how Qin Keshi made her move earlier.

Even though he was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, he felt that Qin Keshi was still exaggeratingly formidable.

That Yang Tianyu’s ability wasn’t inferior to Fu Chongshan’s and with his all-out attack, Qin Keshi just casually stopped it without even the use of any secret techniques.

‘Her mystic class mid-tier intent is enigmatic and unpredictable, which is proficient in neutralizing attacks. Her technique intent is also extremely high and shouldn’t be lower than the 15th rank.’

Li Fuchen didn’t think that he was the only who reached the 15th rank of the mystic class peak-tier technique, True Inferno Technique. His perception might be high, but he still required time to comprehend and cultivate. This Qin Keshi was over 20 years of age and had cultivated several years more than him, hence it was natural that she could cultivate a mystic class peak-tier technique to the 15th rank.

After the first match, several other gold class direct disciple went onto the stage to exchange moves and swap pointers.

All of them were their sect’s gold class direct disciple and which of them weren’t a prodigy. Once they started exchanging moves, their qi presence, martial arts, and secret technique were all of top-class, which gave Li Fuchen an eye-opener.

“Hu Ming, go on stage and challenge Li Fuchen. I want to know of his ability.” Xiao Bai spoke softly to a young man beside him.

Hu Ming licked his lips, “Xiao shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) be at ease. Within ten moves, I will severely injure him. A pity that we cannot kill in the Autumn Rain Tea Party.”

“Do not be careless. Of course, if there is an opportunity to kill, then do it. I don’t like changes in my plan.”

Xiao Bai didn’t put Li Fuchen in his eyes and if it wasn’t for Qin Keshi, he would have already made a move to eliminate his target.

With regards to him personally challenging Li Fuchen, he was afraid Li Fuchen might reject him.

Afterall he was one of the prominent figures on the Stars Ranking, no one would be foolish enough to simply accept his challenge.

“Xiao shixiong, is this okay?” Hu Ming was hesitating.

Xiao Bai spoke indifferently, “If you are to kill him, would Qin Keshi kill you?”

“That is true. Hehe.”

Hu Ming let out a nasty smile and skimmed off the pavilion.

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