Chapter 338: Became Dregs This Time?

When Qing Xu saw Cheng Yu hovering above the sky calmly, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s what I said! How could Cheng Yu be killed so easily? Seems like the following battle gonna be even more exciting.” A fellow who was enjoying his wine and food spoke up carefully after drinking a cup of wine.

“That’s for sure. I’m in support of Cheng Yu. I even bet 10 spiritual stones on him!” Another person also cried out after drinking a cup of his wine.

“10 spiritual stones? You would never be able to get it back then. Although Cheng Yu strength is very strong, Kunlun still had a lot of people waiting for him to compete against. With so many experts around, even if he managed to pass the first 2 checkpoints, he might not necessarily be able to pass what’s after that. Therefore, I bet 100 of it on Kunlun. This was my entire asset already!” Another one replied complacently.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Just by the courage Cheng Yu have, I’m willing to lose the 10 spiritual stones just for him. However, I had also bet 50 spiritual stones on Kunlun. Heh heh. The current repayment rate is 1:10. If Kunlun wins, I would earn 40 stones. If Cheng Yu wins, I will also win 40 stones. Regardless of whichever sides win, I still didn’t lose.” That fellow rebuked.

“Aiya! Why didn’t I thought of this?” The person who bet 100 spiritual stones on Kunlun suddenly felt very vexed.

“Senior Sister, these people are too abominable. They actually used this event to gamble.” When Tian Xing heard those people were actually gambling on this challenge, he was extremely angry.

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“Forget it. We shouldn’t be bothered by that.” Tian Xue was also somewhat angered by it but she had placed all her attention on Cheng Yu. Where would she have the mood to be bothered by all that.

Cheng Yu stared at the duo tranquility while his mind was thinking of a solution. If he wished to obtain the flag, he needed to defeat them. Escaping would not be able to solve anything.

“Seem like we have indeed belittled you. However, even so, you will not be escaping death! Out!” Yu Xie smiled. He stretched out his right hand as the blue hoop that was protecting him flew to his hand. Followingly, with a flung, he shot it at Cheng Yu.

Clang! Cheng Yu used his sword to block it off but was forced to retreat several meters.

Whoosh! This moment, the blue hoop flew towards him again. Clang! Cheng Yu blocked it once again.

Swoosh! Yu Fan sword also flew over. Both of them continued to execute their techniques. A sword and hoop continued to attack Cheng Yu unceasingly.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Cheng Yu blocked against their attack unceasingly. Every time he got near them, he would be blocked by those 2 artifacts.

Damn it. Nascent Soul experts were truly not easy to deal with. If he wished to get near to them, he would at to get rid of these 2 artifacts first. Otherwise, if this continues on, the situation will no longer be optimistic for him even if he had God’s Awakening recovery ability.

“Go!” Cheng Yu flung the Jewel Cauldron at Yu Fan. When Yu Fan saw it, he retracted his sword finger. The sword of his instantly appeared before him, blocking the Jewel Cauldron.

“Vegetation Soldiers!” Cheng Yu deflected Yu Xie hoop away. With a yell, the sword on his hand started emitting green rays. Immediately, the surrounding trees started stretching out numerous tentacles, bothering the duo.

“It’s this trick again!” Yu Xie saw the endless amount of tentacles flinging itself towards him. He had no choice but to retrieve back the blue hoop.

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“Desecration Thunderstorm!” Yu Xie’s blue hoop soared up the sky as if it wanted to reconstruct the heaven calamity. The black clouds started to congeal once again as rolls of thunders resonated out.

It was at that moment, Cheng Yu did not use his dragon phantom to deflect the attacks but a Golden Pagoda flew out from him.

The golden pagoda hovered above Yu Xie. Suddenly, Yu Xie felt a suction force on his Nascent Soul, as if it wanted to separate his Nascent Soul from his body. He instantly was shocked.

“Return!” The black clouds that had just congealed itself suddenly dissipated. The blue hoop immediately rammed itself against the golden pagoda above Yu Xie.

“Jewel Cauldron! Out!” Cheng Yu spiritual sense moved. The Jewel Cauldron rapidly blocked the incoming blue hoop.

“Yu Fan, save me!” Sensing his Nascent Soul no longer obeying him, Yu Xie cried out as he got anxious.

Meanwhile, Yu Fan was being pressured by the onslaught of the tentacles. He had no idea what was happening to Yu Xie. But when he saw the unnatural expression of Yu Xie, he no longer held himself back and used the sword that was slashing away the surrounding tentacles to ram into Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Clang! With a flash, Cheng Yu slashed Yu Fan’s sword away. Followingly with a Primeval Chaos Slash, he slashed Yu Xie down to the ground.

“Soul Suppressor!” Cheng Yu cried out. The golden pagoda instantly grew big as it smashed down like a mountain.

Boom! The Soul Suppressing Pagoda crush down heavily. With a loud boom, it swirled up countless dust with a slight impact of earthquake rushing throughout the mountain.

Yu Fan didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly. When he saw Yu Xie was also crushed down, his heart was in astonishment. When he saw no more tentacles were coming up from the ground, he quickly flew from the aura, escaping out from the besiegement.

“Hmph! It’s only you now. I shall see how you gonna deal with me!” Cheng Yu withdrew the Soul Suppressing Pagoda back into his body and finally felt a lot more at ease. Another Nascent Soul Realm got captured, how fortunate.

“So what? Don’t think that just with this, you will be able to obtain the flag!” Yu Fan grandeur had weakened by a lot. A moment ago, he was still full of confidence but now, he felt that he could only forcefully preserve the flag.

“Hand over the flag and I will let you off. Otherwise, I don’t mind turning you into fine dust as well.” Cheng Yu commented serenely.

Cheng Yu had just had a devastating battle with 2 Nascent Soul Realm, but with the constant recovery of God’s Awakening and the mysterious power of Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he didn’t expect that the battle would become so easy for him. Seems like the chances of him winning had increased a lot.

“Hmph! Wish me to hand over the flag? Wait till you have defeated me.” Yu Fan complexion was very ugly. Even with both of them joining hands, they were still unable to take Cheng Yu down. He was truly unresigned. What caused him to feel even more unacceptable was that they were actually defeated so miserably.

But with so many people around as well as his Sect Master watching them, how could he possibly admit defeat? Regardless of what, he still has to continue fighting. Furthermore, Yu Fan was not convinced in his heart because he felt that although Cheng Yu might be very strong, it was still impossible for Cheng Yu to kill Nascent Soul expert and he was able to do so was all because of the pagoda in his hand.

As long as he were to be careful of that treasure, Cheng Yu would never be able to do anything to him.

“Fallen Ray of Red Cloud!” Yu Fan lifted up his sword finger while his sword soared up the sky. Immediately after, the sky turned orange as if the sky was covered in the sunset.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh! Layers of sunset sword qi rained down on Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu started brandishing his sword swiftly as he deflected all the sword qi coming to him.

“Intensive Explosion Red Cloud Sword!” Yu Fan attack didn’t stop. He recited his spell as his fingers started forming the signs. Suddenly, a huge sword mirage appeared before the sky. The surroundings seem to be ignited in the fire as it shot towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was taken aback. He felt that the atmosphere around him became a lot warmer as if the air around him was about to explode. However, when the sword was flying towards him. It was basically impossible for him to dodge it. It was to the point that he couldn’t even make it in time to hide inside the Jewel Cauldron. He could only take it on forcefully.

Cheng Yu clenched onto his teeth. With his determination in place, he pierced out a Primeval Chaos Pierce to welcome the attack.

Boom! This time, despite having a huge qi whirlpool on his sword blade, Cheng Yu was still unable to block this huge sword off. The moment the 2 swords collided into each other, Cheng Yu sleeve all the way to his shirt was instantly turned into ashes by the flame.

Clang! The Heavenly Dipper Armor on Cheng Yu broke off within much resistance. Fortunately, Cheng Yu still had a soul artifact armor on him. Even so, he still vomited a mouth of blood as he fell to the ground.

However, the large sword did not disappear but continued to slash it’s way down. Cheng Yu was startled. Grabbing hold of the time that he was repelled away, he hid into the Jewel Cauldron.

Hoom! The huge sword landed onto the ground, causing an intense explosion to break out. The surrounding trees were instantly turned into ashes.

Kuadang Kuadang! Cheng Yu could feel the Jewel Cauldron rolling off in mess, causing him to feel extremely unwell.

When everything quietened down, Yu Fan expression was extremely pale. This was his strongest attack. Intensive Explosion Red Cloud Sword was one of their Kunlun supreme technique; Intensive Red Cloud Sword Technique. But with his current strength, it was somewhat hard for him to bring its real capability out. This move was something only a Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator could execute fully.

The battlefield no longer had Cheng Yu shadow around and he had no idea if Cheng Yu had died or not. However, Yu Fan had truly tried his best. If Cheng Yu were to not die, he had no other means to deal with him.

Looking at the aftermath of the battle, everyone was stupefied. The changes happening in this battle had shifted too quickly! They didn’t even have the time to ponder over it!

In a blink of an eye, Yu Xie was crush to death. But in another blink, heaven started turning colors, as if it had reached the end of the worth. It caused them to feel as if the world is about to end.

“Is this really Kunlun sword technique? Isn’t it too powerful?” One of the audiences who was holding onto his wine cup stared at the battlefield in petrified. The wine in the cup had long spilled onto the ground.

“That’s right! Since Kunlun had such a powerful sword technique, why didn’t they used it earlier? Why did they have to wait till another Nascent Soul Realm got smash to death before using?” Another one voiced out his opinion.

“Where’s Cheng Yu? He should have died this time right!”

“He certainly had become dregs this time!”

Yuan Yangzi stood up while his expression kept on fluctuating. He had no idea he should feel happy or sad. With a blink of an eye, he had lost 2 Nascent Soul expert that was yet to reach 200 years of age.

Meanwhile, Qing Xu was terrified. The meat on his face had started shuddering. This sword technique power was extremely abnormal. He was truly afraid Cheng Yu would die just like this.

“Senior Brother! Didn’t Cheng Yu had that medical water? We should believe in him!” Qing Yuanzi had also been given a shock by this sword move of Yu Fan. He was extremely worried in his mind but when he recalled the god water on Cheng Yu, he felt that as long as Cheng Yu survived the attack, he would be able to recover. But when he thought back to there was still another 2 more checkpoints for him to cross, his heart was in a loss of what to do.

Qing Xu shut his eyes in sorrow. Since Qing Yuanzi was able to tell of this, how could Qing Xu not be able to? But even if Cheng Yu had the god water, he was still unable to achieve a full recovery. Besides, there were still 2 more checkpoints waiting for him. Could this really be the end of Cheng Yu?

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