Chapter 337: Caught In A Bitter Struggle!

“Did Yu Wen really just die like that? A Nascent Soul expert actually got smashed to death?” Everyone felt that this was simply too inconceivable.

A magnificent Nascent Soul expert, even if their corporeal body got smashed into dregs, as long as their Nascent Soul is still around, they would never die. Yet, there was not a single dreg to being seen. When the audiences saw Cheng Yu holding onto his sword and walked towards the next checkpoint, other than shock, admiration, and excitement, signs of fear started arising from their heart.

If it was them who were facing this ruthless person, their ending might be even more miserable! Those who were still harboring thoughts of robbing Cheng Yu his supreme grade soul artifact couldn’t help but shuddered. They themselves did not possess a Nascent Soul cultivator to go head to head with Cheng Yu.

“Too overbearing! As expected from Senior brother! I long knew that there’s no limit to Senior Brother strength.” When Tian Xing saw the events happening, he commented excitedly.

Having interacted with Cheng Yu for the days they had been in the Death Forest, he always thought that battling against dozen of Golden Core expert was Cheng Yu’s limit. Furthermore, such fighting power was sufficient to show disdain towards the whole cultivation world.

But today, Cheng Yu allowed him to witness another miracle happening. A Nascent Soul expert got smashed to death by a Golden Core expert. It could be assumed that this was the most ruthless death happening to a Nascent Soul Realm!

Tian Xue stared at Cheng Yu’s back view emotionally. Within those emotions, it was more of worried because there was a lot stronger expert waiting for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu trod on the mountain path. Those Kunlun disciples in front of him, regardless of them being in the Foundation Establishment Realm or Golden Core Realm, they were all petrified. They had also heard of Cheng Yu’s achievement before but after witnessing it themselves, they felt that the rumors had truly belittled him too much.

Fighting against dozen of Golden Core experts at the same time? Killing 8 Kunlun Golden Core disciples in succession? What could this possibly count as? He was already able to smash a Nascent Soul expert to death. If someone were to tell them that Cheng Yu was unrivaled, they would certainly believe it.

It was especially so for those Golden Core disciple. Previously when they saw the Nascent Soul disciple in the sect, they would admire them. They would always feel ashamed of themselves because of their low cultivation, causing a huge disparity between them. But now, they realized that things might not be as what they thought to be.

Cheng Yu ignored them. It was better for him if they flee so as to avoid wasting his qi to entertain them because there was 2 Nascent Soul Realm waiting for him at the next checkpoint.

When the audiences saw Cheng Yu gradually making his way to the 2nd checkpoint, they held onto their breath with rapt attention. Their excitement had already reached its peak. Today, they had managed to witness an event that had never happened in the whole history. Currently, the majority of them was very optimistic of Cheng Yu. They looked forward to seeing him creating more miracles, overthrowing the mindset of cultivation strength would never be transcended.

Today is the day of a miracle!

“Ah! So it’s you. We are truly fated!” Cheng Yu arrived before the 2nd checkpoint. When he saw the 2 Nascent Soul expert who was guarding this checkpoint was Yu Fan and Yu Xie he met not long ago, he grew delighted.

“Hmph! Previously, you had managed to break away from our besiegement. Today, you will no longer have the chance to. You are fated to die in the hands of ours!” Yu Xie harrumphed coldly.

“Hehe. Did you see what happened to that kid there? His thinking was exactly the same as yours. Ultimately, he got smashed to death. Do you think you can survive a few of those smashes?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! Don’t think that just because you had a few good treasures, you can act so arrogant. We have a clear understanding of both your strength and tricks. Don’t think that just because of a few words, you would be able to scare us.” When the duo saw how Yu Wen was crushed to death, their expression was extremely ugly. At the same time, they were extremely shocked by Cheng Yu’s strength because his strength seemed to have further advanced. Such advancement speed was truly too quick. Although the duo might seem very firm on the outside, they still did not dare to belittle Cheng Yu.

Previously when both of them joined hands, they were still unable to kill Cheng Yu. This caused them to feel extremely regretful. Besides, both of them was injured in the process. If it wasn’t because the duo was one of the important factors for this event, the elders wouldn’t have personally given them treatment and their injuries wouldn’t have recovered.

However, they had profited from a disaster. Although the elders didn’t transfer their cultivation to them, the elders had bestowed them those pills that could increase their cultivation. This allowed their cultivation to advance even further. They believe that if they were to join hand this time, they would certainly be able to get rid of Cheng Yu.

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“Is it? Since it’s so, then I shall let you experience it first hand!” Cheng Yu expression was extremely tranquil but his heart was in turmoil.

Before, he had made a lucky escape after battling the duo. Otherwise, they would certainly chase after him. The words he had put forth just now was used to intimidate them. However, the duo seemed to not be terrified by it. Cheng Yu couldn’t help but feel somewhat regretful.

Whoosh! Yu Fan did not continue with any more superfluous words. While pointing out his sword finger, the sword behind him immediately flew out, shooting towards Cheng Yu.

Clang~ Clang! Cheng Yu brandished his sword. A human and a sword started fighting against each other.

“Thunderclap Technique!” When Yu Xie saw Cheng Yu was fighting against Yu Fan’s sword, he took hold of the opportunity to send a thunder down towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu had already been struck once by Yu Xie’s Thunderclap technique before. This time, he came well prepared. With a flash, he dodged the attack away. However, this thunderclap wasn’t only a strike. The black clouds in the sky started congealing together, showing clear signs of more incoming thunder.

Cheng Yu had experienced their methods first hand. One of them specialized in sword technique while the other in thundering techniques. Currently, Cheng Yu was being tangled up by Yu Fan’s sword. He basically couldn’t get near to both of them.

With a strike, Cheng Yu deflected Yu Fan’s sword away as he dashed towards Yu Xie, hoping to interrupt his thundering technique. But this time, the duo coordination seemed to have improved compared to the last time. Yu Fan sword finger started growing as the sword that was deflected away by Cheng Yu started flying again. Suddenly, it blocked Cheng Yu away from Yu Xie.

With a swept down, the sword slashed down at Cheng Yu ruthlessly.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom! It was at that moment, the black cloud above the sky started rolling in thunders.

“Oceans of Thunder!” Yu Xie cried out. The black clouds started rolling in purple thunders before striking down at Cheng Yu like raindrops.

Cheng Yu was startled. His defense was not strong to the point of being able to resist against a thunderbolt. He instantly hid inside the Jewel Cauldron.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Beams of purple thunderbolt struck on the Jewel Cauldron. Even though Cheng Yu hid inside the Jewel Cauldron, he was still able to feel the impact coming from the thunder. It was powerful to the point of him, feeling his blood surging.

The purple thunderbolt struck down endlessly. The whole battlefield seemed to have changed to an ocean of thunder. The surroundings vegetation were all turned to nothingness. All the audiences were staring at the battle in shock. Such might was simply too horrifying.

“So this is the real strength of a Nascent Soul expert. Just now, Yu Wen had truly died a miserable death. Before he was able to bring forth his real strength, he was already smashed to death by Cheng Yu.” When they saw the ocean of thunder cast by Yu Xie, majority of them felt that this was the true strength of a Nascent Soul expert.

“This time, I’m afraid Cheng Yu would not be able to pass this hurdle! Such terrifying purple thunder. I’m afraid it is almost comparable to a heaven calamity!”

“How is that possible? Heaven calamity wasn’t anything that could be controlled by a human. However, this purple thunder is indeed very powerful. This time, I’m afraid Cheng Yu would be rumbled into dregs.” When the audiences saw the never-ending purple thunder striking down, the majority of them felt that Cheng Yu would not survive this ordeal.

“Even if he didn’t die, he would be at the verge of it!” Yu Xie commented.

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They had fought with Cheng Yu before and knew that Cheng Yu had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and his close combat and eruption ability was very strong. Therefore, it was the first time they had the same identical view.

Yu Fan was tasked to hinder Cheng Yu while Yu Xie would execute his signature move. When they saw the battlefield was left with dusky powder, the duo was extremely elated. Unexpectedly, they had managed to accomplish their mission so easily. Before, the 2 of them was truly too careless, allowing Cheng Yu to escape. But this time, the duo no longer gave him such an opportunity.

When Qing Xu and Limitless Palace member saw Cheng Yu being trapped inside the ocean of thunder without any counter-actions, they got nervous. Qing Xu felt that the situation had turned for a worst and was about to charge out but got stopped by Qing Yuanzi.

“Senior Brother! Wait a few moments more! The outcome has yet to be decided. Yu’er wouldn’t die so easily.” Qing Yuanzi replied.

“But…… “ The battlefield was covered in dust. It was basically impossible for them to see what was happening inside. However, Qing Xu could no longer feel any more life force within the area. The uneasiness in his heart grew more and more intense.
On top of the Yunxiao Peak, Yuan Yangzi was extremely delighted when he saw such a scene. A moment ago, he was suffering from a painful loss of a Nascent Soul Disciple. But now, the feelings had vanished into thin air. For the past few months, Cheng Yu had been a headache for him. It was especially so for the past few days. It was bad to the point of him not being able to sleep peacefully. Now that Cheng Yu had died, his anxiety had been eliminated. Truly a joy for him!

“Quickly look! It’s that big cauldron again!” Just when some were happy while others were worried, the dust started to dissipate. The situation on the battlefield was slowly opened up to everyone vision. Those with good vision was instantly able to see a big cauldron being established in the middle of the battlefield.

“Not good!” When Yu Xie saw the big cauldron charging towards him, he was instantly shocked. He quickly brandished down his sword finger as his long sword rapidly grew big, blocking the attack before him.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! It was at that moment, several dragon phantoms flew out from the cauldron. Immediately after, Cheng Yu had also flown out from it.

The dragon phantom raved while charging towards them. Yu Fan and Yu Xie were startled by it. Last time, they were both injured by this dragon phantom. When they saw the dragon phantom again, their heart couldn’t help but grow somewhat apprehensive.

“Keep!” Yu Fan cried out. He lifted up his sword finger and retrieved back his sword. With the sword swirling around him, it instantly became defensive confinement.

“Out!” Meanwhile, Yu Xie also called out his blue small hoop. The small hoop rapidly grew bigger above his head as it shot down a blue ball, covering him up.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom! The dragon phantoms struck onto their defense, exploding it off. However, the dragon phantom might be clearly a lot weaker compared to the last time. Although the duo had received quite a substantial amount of impact, they still managed to block all off all of it.

Cheng Yu did not feel surprised by this. After all, Nascent Soul Realm had their own traits. Nascent Soul experts would be able to cultivate in immortal techniques. Furthermore, they would be able to use spiritual qi directly. Adding on the usage of their artifacts, they couldn’t be defeated so easily.

The reason why Yu Wen would lose so miserably was due to him belittling Cheng Yu too much. Other than that, it was because he had no understanding of Cheng Yu’s technique. Furthermore, he never expected Cheng Yu to possess such a powerful eruption force as well as the mysterious Soul Suppressing Pagoda artifact.

Seem like this battle is going to be a bitter struggle.

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