Chapter 336: Got Crush To Death?

“Hmph! Wish to obtain the flag? Isn’t your thinking a bit too simple!” Yu Wen hacked the Jewel Cauldron away. With a flash, he appeared beside the flag, taking it away.

Damn it! This is possible as well? Cheng Yu was stunned by his actions.

Qing Xu had never once told him that they could bring the flag along with them! Originally, Cheng Yu plans were to seize the flag and escape. But now that the other party had taken the flag along with him, wouldn’t it meant that he would have to fight it out with them?

“Hmph! This is to tell you, how ignorant you were!” Yu Wen laughed coldly.

Crushing the sect gate had no such rule of not being able to take the flag along with them. Since there was no such rule, it was normal for him to take it with him. This was something Sect Master Yuan Yangzi had told them beforehand. Yu Wen felt that this method was somewhat underhand but when facing a powerful enemy, what harm was there if he were to be somewhat disgraceful. Cheng Yu was someone Kunlun had to certainly kill.

If he were unable to complete this mission, he would have to be punished. As for the mission, it was to either kill Cheng Yu or force him to consume as much strength as possible.

“Despicable!” Qing Xu scolded.

In fact, not only Qing Xu, but a lot of audiences also felt the method Kunlun had to utilize was too shameful. However, there was indeed no such rule prohibiting them from using this method.

Only Yuan Yangzi and the others who were stationed at the Yunxiao Peak nodded their head, praising Yu Wen for using this method. As long as they are able to eliminate Cheng Yu, so what if they had executed some underhand methods?

“Haha! Good! Since your Kunlun dare to act so shamelessly in front of all the other sect in the cultivation world, what harm is there if I were to kill a few more of you!” Cheng Yu suddenly laughed out. The whole of him floated up to the void as he changed into another artifact, God’s Awakening.

“Supreme Grade Soul Artifact!” When they saw the artifact on Cheng Yu hand, all of them was shocked.

Supreme grade soul artifact was something extremely precious in the cultivation world. Even Limitless Palace Sect Master, Qing Yuanzi only had 2 high-grade soul artifacts. Furthermore, one of them was gifted to him by Cheng Yu.

From this, it could show how precious a supreme grade soul artifact was. After all, it was the strongest artifact before any immortal artifact. Of course, a Quasi Immortal artifact would be another case.

Previously when Cheng Yu had 2 ~ 3 soul artifacts, it had already caused a lot of them to feel flabbergasted. Could it be that all the Limitless Palace disciple were so wealthy? Golden Core disciples would be able to possess piles of soul artifacts? Or could it be the Limitless Palace had especially given him so that he could successfully pass this order?

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When they saw the supreme grade soul artifact on Cheng Yu hands, a lot of their eyes was filled with greed and envy. But when they recalled Cheng Yu was someone from the Limitless Palace, they could only place such thoughts within themselves.

“This smelly brat seems to have a lot of treasure on him!” Qing Xu commented astonishedly.

“Hmph! So what if it was a supreme grade soul artifact? I would like to see how a skill you are in using it!” Yu Wen was also somewhat stunned but at this moment, he disposed of such distracting thoughts.

Since Cheng Yu already knew that it was going to be a tough battle for him, there was no longer a need for him to reserve anymore of his strength. With God’s Awakening on hand, his recovery ability would be strengthened by several folds. Even the conversion of qi would be abnormally quick. With such a battle state, so what if he was facing a prolonged battle?

“Thousand Origin Primeval Chaos Slash!” When Cheng Yu saw Yu Wen had also flown up, he started rotating. Adding on the green radiance emitted by God’s Awakening, the whole of him seem to be like a green spinning top as he slashed at Yu Wen.

Yu Wen was startled. He didn’t expect Cheng Yu would start off with such a fierce attack. Fortunately, he was a Nascent Soul cultivator. Although Cheng Yu do possess the strength to contest against him, he was still in the Golden Core Realm. If it wasn’t any burst attack, it would be very hard for Cheng Yu to contend against Nascent Soul cultivators.

Therefore, Cheng Yu chose to erupt all of his power, eliminating all those useless moves. Since he was going to attack, might as well use one of his fiercest moves so as to avoid wasting too much of his physical strength.

Having high recovery speed didn’t mean that there would not be any consumption happening. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not dare to squander his strength.

“Primeval Chaos Pierce!” Just when Cheng Yu had ended his 1st move of attack, he continued forth with another piercing. The sword point of God’s Awakening was immediately covered with a qi whirlpool that was revolving rapidly.

Bam! Yu Wen had just dissolved Cheng Yu’s Thousand Origin Primeval Chaos Slash when he was faced with another attack. Facing such an attack was like facing a thousand over attacks. Even Yu Wen was somewhat flustered by it. But during such a crucial moment, Cheng Yu did not choose to stop his attack but continued with another one.

Because the attack came too quickly, Yu Wen was unable to react what was the whirlpool made up off and blocked it in a rush.

Yu Wen’s sword was immediately repelled away as the whirlpool collided onto his spiritual qi armor.

When the audiences saw Yu Wen was sent flying by over 10 meters, all of them was instantly shocked. This battle could be counted as the first real battle in this crashing of sect gate event. When they witnessed such a battle, all of them was immediately filled with excitement.

Damn it! It turned out that Golden Core Realm could really contest against Nascent Soul Realm! It had truly broadened their horizon.

Meanwhile at Qing Xu side, when they saw Cheng Yu had taken the initiative and snatched off the key moment, allowing him to be at an advantage, they heaved a sigh of relief. As for those Limitless Palace disciples, their blood was boiling in excitement as well. Although Cheng Yu had just arrived at the Limitless Palace not long ago, he had clearly shown his strength to convinced of them and obtaining their acknowledgment.

However, in the crowd, there was one such person who was extremely unhappy. That person was the one who fought with Cheng Yu before, Xin Feng. At first, when he heard that Cheng Yu was going to crash the sect gate of Kunlun, he was extremely happy because he felt that the possibility of Cheng Yu surviving was close to none.

But at the 1st checkpoint, Cheng Yu had actually held onto the advantage. Furthermore, he did it in such a splendor way in front of all the cultivation world sect. This caused him to feel extremely uneasy. He hoped that Cheng Yu would fall to his defeat.

When Yu Wen saw a big tree behind him, he changed his position to land onto the tree, The moment his feet touched the tree, it was broken into two. Along with it, Yu Wen started his counterattack.

“Falling Red Clouds From The Heavens!” Yu Wen sword beamed dazzlingly as he continuously struck on Cheng Yu’s heavenly dipper armor.

“Out!” Cheng Yu cried. The Jewel Cauldron instantly flew out from Cheng Yu body. Followingly, it flew above Yu Wen before smashing down.

“Primeval Chaos Pierce!” Cheng Yu did not stop his attack.

“Black Heaven Seal!” Yu Wen saw the situation turning non-optimistic for him. He quickly called out his treasure. A cyan stamp instantly collided onto the Jewel Cauldron.

“I would like to see how well you can resist! Primeval Chaos Slash!” When the Jewel Cauldron was blocked by the Black Heaven Seal, Cheng Yu threw himself forward as he slashed at Yu Wen ruthlessly.

Bang! Under the onslaught of Cheng Yu’s attack, Yu Wen was unable to bring forth his strength and got struck down by Cheng Yu.

“It’s now! Soul Suppressor!” When Cheng Yu saw Yu Wen was falling down, he quickly summoned the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda turned big at lightning speed as Cheng Yu smashed it down.

Bam! The Soul Suppressing Pagoda landed onto the ground like a small mountain, swirling up numerous dust.

Silence~ The scene was silence to the point of the audiences being able to hear the birds flapping their wings!

“It ended like this?” When the dust had dissipated, they saw the battlefield suddenly had a golden pagoda being established there while Cheng Yu was stepping on the tip of the pagoda motionlessly. No one knew what exactly just happened.

“Don’t tell me that fellow got crushed by Cheng Yu’s pagoda?” Everyone held onto their breath but when they saw no motions being felt in the battlefield and was unable to sense the presence of Yu Wen, a lot of them started to be baffled by it.

“What kind of treasure is this pagoda? It’s actually so powerful. Even Nascent Soul expert got crushed to death by it!”

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“I think it wasn’t because Cheng Yu’s treasure is strong but more of his excellent strength. I dare to say, which Golden Core expert could actually beat a Nascent Soul Realm to such extent? This battle truly had my blood boiling!”

“That’s right! Previously when we saw any Nascent Soul expert, we wouldn’t even dare to speak out loud. Their aura is truly too oppressive. It’s as if they were an existence that couldn’t be surmounted. But now, a Nascent Soul Realm expert had actually been crushed to death by a Golden Core expert. Truly laughable!”

“What’s going on? Where’s Yu Wen? Could he really be crushed to death by that brat?” Yuan Yangzi expression turned ashen. Their disparity was so huge yet a Nascent Soul Cultivator had been suppressed by a Golden Core Cultivator. This…… Isn’t this somewhat too illogical?!

What more hateful was the person was a genuine Nascent Soul disciple of theirs. A Nascent Soul Disciple that was 200 years old and below was extremely outstanding. In the whole Kunlun, there was only 5 of them.

Now, he had actually died in the hands of a Golden Core cultivators. This was simply too infatuating. Unexpectedly, this Cheng Yu was even more overbearing than what the rumors said to be. It was only at the 1st checkpoint and he had already killed off one of their Nascent Soul experts. Hateful!

“Retrieve!” Cheng Yu yelled. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda instantly turned small and returned its way back into Cheng Yu’s body.

When the audiences looked at the spot where Yu Wen had fallen, there was actually nothing there!

“Huh? Where’s he? Wasn’t he crush to death? How come there’s not even a dreg there?” When they saw nothing was there, all of them was extremely puzzled.

“Senior Brother! What kind of treasure is that? It seems like it is able to suppress the enemy!” When Qing Yuanzi saw the scene, he voiced out his surprise. This martial nephew of his is truly not simple. He was actually able to get rid of a Nascent Soul expert so easily.

“Should be a storage type artifact!” Qing Xu replied. However, he looked very excited. The stronger Cheng Yu was, it meant the higher chances of him winning.

Generally speaking, all treasures had their own special ability. They had their own special skill and defense, promoting their master fighting power. But a treasure that was able to suppress and store a person away was seldomly seen.

Their Limitless Palace also had a storage type of treasure. It was also able to suppress and store people in it. However, it was a broken immortal artifact. It was something that was left behind by their old ancestor. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu actually possess such a soul artifact himself. No wonder he was so powerful.

“Soul Suppressor! How is it?” Cheng Yu yelled within his mind.

“Heh heh! Got it done! This is the flag you want! Just let that fellow stay inside here! I’m going to absorb his Nascent Soul energy away.” Soul Suppressor laughed.

Cheng Yu was also very excited. If he didn’t use the Soul Suppressing Pagoda but instead go on a one to one combat with Yu Wen, he would certainly lose. But now that he had fully refined the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he realized the strength of it was extremely outstanding.

Just when Yu Wen was about to counterattack, he got suppressed by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. As to whether this Soul Suppressing Pagoda was able to restrain Nascent Soul Cultivator, all of this was thanks to the awakening of the Soul Suppressor.

When Cheng Yu saw the flag on hand, he advanced towards the other checkpoint!

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