Chapter 335: It’s possible this way?

Qing Xu had already told Cheng Yu the regulations of the motion. Although they had a clear understanding of the regulations, they had no idea of Kunlun’s strength. Therefore, this caused Qing Xu and others to be very worried.

Now, their strength was displayed before them. 6 Nascent Soul Realm. Among those 6, 1 of them was a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm. This was a disaster! Qing Xu stood on top of a mountain a distant away, looking extremely tranquil. However, his heart was in a mess.

“Senior Brother, you need not be too worried. The opponent only had 6 Nascent Soul Realm. To us, this could be counted as somewhat good news. I believe with Yu’er strength and also his luck, seizing their flag away is not impossible.” Qing Yuanzi consoled.

“That’s right! Originally, I thought that there would be at least a dozen of Kunlun Nascent Soul expert. But it seems like I had overestimated them. However, it wouldn’t be easy for Yu’er to fight against a few Nascent Soul Realm. If only we had managed to stop them from forcefully increasing their disciple cultivation, the chances of Yu’er winning would certainly increase.” Qing Xu sigh.

No wonder Kunlun had to resort to such measures. It turned out that they only had 6 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who were 200 years old and below. If the 6 of them were to go on Cheng Yu together, he would certainly face inevitable death.

However, crashing the sect gate rules don’t allow such an event to happen. Therefore, Kunlun might not necessarily be able to kill Cheng Yu. That was the reason why they chose to forcefully increase their disciple’s cultivation.

However, what Qing Xu didn’t know was that Kunlun only had 5 Nascent Soul Realm expert. If he were to know of this, he would truly regret not to raid Kunlun’s secret chamber successfully.

When Cheng Yu saw those Foundation Establishment Disciple escaping up the mountain, he didn’t pursue them. Although he was very angry, killing off these Foundation Establishment Disciple wouldn’t make him feel any better.

If he wished to go for the kill, he had to kill their experts. However, Cheng Yu knew that he had to converse his strength because it is going to be a long battle for him. His real battle is the 4 checkpoints Nascent Soul expert.

The reason why he had started off with a slaughter was that he wanted these disciples to retreat, exactly like what was happening now. With all the Foundation Establishment disciple escaping, it had saved him a lot of trouble fighting against them.

Those dozens of Golden Core experts from Kunlun also had some restraining fear against Cheng Yu. Every step Cheng Yu advanced, they would retreat by the same amount of steps. The strength Cheng Yu displayed was truly too terrifying. Although it was just some simple executions, the aura being emitted from those attacks was not like any ordinary Golden Core expert could bring forth. This caused them to be extremely perplexed.

They also knew of Cheng Yu being able to kill off 8 of Kunlun Golden Core experts. Now that they had witnessed it first hand, they finally understood Cheng Yu was not as simple as they thought.

“King Kong Formation!” One of the Late Stage Golden Core disciples knew that it wasn’t a viable option to keep on retreating. With so many people from the whole Cultivation World here, with the majority of them being from those respectable sects. If the dozen of them couldn’t even deal with a Middle Stage Golden Core disciple, how are they going to mingle in the cultivation world any longer?

King Kong Formation was Kunlun’s unique defense formation. Originally when Cheng Yu had just entered the cultivation world, he had been besieged by several Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators, almost losing his life away.

Now that he saw this formation being executed again, he was no longer afraid of it.

Being surrounded by the King Kong Formation, the dozen of Golden Core disciples continuously slashed beams of sword qi at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu resisted the attacks like Mount Tai while the Jewel Cauldron shone in radiance above him, blocking off all the attacks.

“Cheng Yu, restrain them into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. I need their Golden Core energy!” Just when Cheng Yu was blocking off those incoming attacks, a voice resonated within his mind. It was the Soul Suppressor.

“This might not be feasible. If I were to capture them away, they will certainly request for me to return them.” Cheng Yu replied.

Golden Core disciples were Kunlun’s elite disciple. If he were to capture them away, the moment the battle ends, they would certainly get him to release them after the challenge.

“Then just kill them off! You still have a Middle Stage Nascent Soul fellow. If you are not going to collect some golden core energy, you might not be able to restrain him later.” Soul Suppressor suggested.

“So it’s like that! Alright then! Let me have a try!” Cheng Yu nodded. Damn it! Since he was already the arch-enemy of Kunlun, so what if he killed off some more Golden Core disciples?

Whoosh! The Jewel Cauldron suddenly started dancing around. It started ramming its way towards the dozen of Golden Core disciple.

Pu~ Pu~ Pu! All of them had focused all their attention on attacking. Thus, they had no idea that the cauldron was going to sneak an attack on them. Instantly, they were all sent flying away. Following which, a Pagoda that was shining in golden ray flew out from Cheng Yu body.

It was at that moment, Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword burst out a dazzling purple radiance. Everyone at the scene had no idea what just happened as they swung their head to the side, covering their eyes from the dazzling radiance.

“What’s going on? Why was there such a dazzling radiance? I can’t seem to see what’s going on inside!” A lot of the audience grew anxious as they thought an unforeseen situation had appeared.

But another moment later, the purple radiance vanished. Everyone’s line of sight was restored instantly.

Just when all of them shifted their vision to the battle scene, the battle scene only had Cheng Yu remaining.

“Huh? Where’re those Golden Core experts that were fighting against Cheng Yu? Where had they disappeared to?” Everyone voiced out their doubts.

“What’s going on?” This time, even Yuan Yangzi and the others who were spectating the match nearby also had no idea what just happened. The purple radiance being emitted just now was too dazzling. He wasn’t able to see what was happening inside.

“Could it be a trick of Cheng Yu’s?” Elder Cheng replied in surprise.

“Bastard! Today, he must die. I will let him stay arrogant for a moment more. I would like to see how much longer continue being so arrogant for!” Although Cheng Yu had become their number 1 arch enemy, it was also their first time seeing Cheng Yu.

When they saw how Cheng Yu was able to bring forth such a formidable power when he was just a Middle Stage Golden Core cultivator, it truly gave them a shock. What they didn’t further anticipate was that Cheng Yu actually had a lot of artifact on him also. The number of attacks he had was truly innumerable!

“Senior Brother! Did you manage to see what just happened? Where had those people went?” Qing Yuanzi commented curiously.

“Most likely it’s Cheng Yu’s artifact! Since he was able to gift out artifact to others, he ought to have kept some better ones for himself.” When Qing Xu saw how well Cheng Yu was performing as well as how relaxed Cheng Yu looked, his mood had become a lot better.

However, he knew that all of this was just foreplay. Those Nascent Soul realms at the checkpoint were the true crisis.

“Soul Suppressor. How is it? Is it enough?” After absorbing the dozen of them into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Cheng Yu enquired.

“Barely! Didn’t you capture 8 more of them previously? 20 Golden Core Realm energies should be sufficient to seal away a portion of Nascent Soul Realm strength. Be careful yourself. I need to absorb their golden core energies away!” Soul Suppressor replied.

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“Let me out! Let me out!” Soul Suppressor arrived at the 3rd level. This was the location Yun Zhong and the 7 others was locked at. All of their limbs had been locked up by a seal, only allowing them to howl miserably.

“Who are you? Let me out! Let us out!” Yun Zhong yelled.

Whoosh! Soul Suppressor didn’t speak. With a wave of his right hand, the 8 of them was brought to the 5th level. At the 5th level, there were other people as well. Similarly, they were also being seal locked and was unconscious.

“Yun Dong! Yun Dong! Why are you here as well?” Yun Zhong immediately cried out in surprise when he saw one of his sect members lying unconsciously on the ground.

“Yun Zhong Senior Brother? You…… You have not died? This…… What’s this place? Who are you?” Yun Dong saw Yun Zhong the moment he woke up. At first, he was overwhelmed by surprised but when he saw Soul Suppressor, he yelled out angrily.

Yet, Soul Suppressor still kept his silence as he circulated his secret arts. The surrounding purple rune suddenly flew out, hovering above the void as if they were forming a formation. Meanwhile, the few of them was situated at the center area of those runes as it hovered above them.

“What are you doing? What are you trying to do? Let us out!” Yun Zhong realized something fishy was going on. He immediately howled out.

He had been locked in this place for several days and had shouted continuously for those days. However, never before had anyone appeared. Now that someone had appeared, it caused him to feel threatened.

Soul Suppressor mouth moved more and more quickly while the rune rotated more rapidly.

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Suddenly, Yun Zhong and the others felt the Golden Core within them started ascending. From their dantian, it moved to their stomach. From there, it slowly moved towards the rune. Ultimately, it separated itself from their body.

“What’s this? How could such a thing happen? What are you trying to do? Bastard! Stop!” All of them was in pain as the energy within them grew weaker. They could no longer feel the existence of their Golden Core.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh! Every of their Golden Cores flew out from their head before flying into the rune above them. It was only after that did the rune stopped rotating.

Soul Suppressor opened up his eyes and stared at the 20 weaklings lying on the ground. His face held no expression. With a stretch of his hand, the purple runes that had seized those 20 golden cores away flew to him.

Looking at the sparkling golden rune on his hand, Soul Suppressor smiled faintly before vanishing from the 5th level.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yu had also approached the 1st checkpoint.

“Very good! Originally, I thought of you like an ant. But now, I truly wish to have a battle with you!” When the Nascent Soul cultivator saw Cheng Yu appearing before him, he smiled lightly.

“Hehe. Is it? But in my eyes, you are not my target!” Cheng Yu replied dully.

“Should I laugh at you being arrogant and conceited? Or you being stupid and ignorant?” Yu Wen replied coldly.

“Have a try and you will know!” Cheng Yu mind moved. The Jewel Cauldron smashed its way over. As for Cheng Yu, with a flash, he charged towards the flag behind the Nascent Soul Cultivator.

Joke! This wasn’t any life and death match. He was here to save his wife. Why would Cheng Yu be wasting time-fighting against him? Wait till he had become stronger, he would certainly come back to have his revenge. The current him should prioritize in passing the checkpoint. Besides, if he were to be injured here, how was he going to pass the other 3 checkpoints?

“Hmph! Wish to obtain the flag? Isn’t your thinking a bit too simple!” Yu Wen hacked the Jewel Cauldron away. With a flash, he appeared beside the flag, taking it away.

Damn it! This is possible as well? Cheng Yu was stunned by his actions.

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