Chapter 334: Crashing Of Sect Gate, Begins!

“Cheng Yu has appeared! Gosh! He really came!” Just when their wish was about to diminish, Cheng Yu appeared before everyone sight.

There were also Qing Xu, Qing Yuanzi, Limitless Palace Elders and disciples journeying beside him. The news of Cheng Yu crashing Kunlun Sect Gate had long been spread throughout the whole Limitless Palace. All of them had been discussing this topic for the past 2 days. Although Qing Yuanzi did not say much about it, he didn’t stop them from following him.

Although the changes of Cheng Yu winning wasn’t very optimistic, it was still a big matter to their Limitless Palace. As his sect brothers, they should at least cheer him up.

As for the other elders, they had accepted Cheng Yu’s grace before. Now that such an important matter had happened on him, they had to step forth to look at his battle.

Kunlun Yuan Yangzi finally heaved a sigh of relief. His heart was smiling in excitement. He was truly afraid Cheng Yu wouldn’t come. Since he is here, today will be Cheng Yu’s death day.

Cheng Yu’s emergence had caused a big sensation. Not only was it because of him being the protagonist of this event, but it was also due to the identity of those around him.

Perhaps, those younger generation disciples wouldn’t know of those around Cheng Yu. But a lot of those at the scene could be counted as a senior. It was especially so for those ten great sect people. Very promptly, they were able to recognize they were Limitless Palace Sect Master and Elders. Immediately, they were extremely shocked.

Currently, a lot of people in the cultivation world had heard of Cheng Yu this name before. Although Limitless Palace had secluded themselves for many years, they were still widely known to everyone. However, the majority of them had no idea that Cheng Yu was someone from the Limitless Palace. Instantly, discussion roared out.

“What! Cheng Yu was actually someone from the Limitless Palace! This is too astonishing!”

“So it’s like that. No wonder he is so daring. It turns out that he has the backing of Limitless Palace.”

“But even so, Cheng Yu was just in the Golden Core Realm. The number of people he was going to compete against was no lesser than 1. Furthermore, they were all Kunlun elites in the younger generation. Could it be Limitless Palace still had a secret up their sleeve?”

“Oh right! If Cheng Yu were to die here, wouldn’t Limitless Palace be losing all of their faces?”

“Haha! I’m getting more and more expectant of this challenge.” A lot of them started speculating. They all looked extremely excited.

“So it’s like that!” Yu Lingzi was somewhat astonished when he saw those people around Cheng Yu. Although Tian Xue had told him that Cheng Yu was someone from the Limitless Palace, he never imagined that all the higher-ups of Limitless Palace would appear here.

This only implies that Cheng Yu’s identity in the Limitless Palace wasn’t low. He was shock and regretful. Originally, he thought that it was a good thing that Tian Xue was able to have some connections with the Limitless Palace. But now, it was still hard to say if Cheng Yu would be able to survive through this crisis.

If Cheng Yu were to die, it would be impossible for their Tianshan Sect to form a friendly relation with the Limitless Palace.

Cheng Yu’s ostentation had also astonished numerous people. It was especially so for Shushan Sect, Xuan Zhenzi. All along, he thought Cheng Yu was just a loose cultivator and did not have any backing. But unexpectedly, he was actually someone from the Limitless Palace.

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He was somewhat rejoicing in his heart. Fortunately, Cheng Yu had accepted Kunlun’s challenge. Otherwise, he would be the one getting into a conflict with Limitless Palace. This would definitely become a disaster to him! Perhaps, Yuan Yangzi should also be shocked by such news right!

But when Xuan Zhenzi looked towards the direction Yuan Yangzi was at, he realized all of their expression was extremely tranquil. It seemed as if they were not in the least surprised by it.

Could it be possible that they long knew that Cheng Yu was someone from the Limitless Palace? But if it was so, why would dare to invite Cheng Yu over to crash their sect gate? Wouldn’t it be the same as provoking Limitless Palace? Could it be that Kunlun possessed a strength that was not any weaker than Limitless Palace?

Momentarily, Xuan Zhenzi mind was filled with doubts. He started having all kinds of speculation towards Kunlun.

“Everyone! I believe you all should know the reason why you, people, have come here. The hatred between my Kunlun and Cheng Yu’s have lasted for a very long time. But as righteous cultivators, we shouldn’t be killing each other but withstand against the demonic dao together.”

“It was also because of this, my Kunlun chose to squash the enmity away rather than keeping it alive. We hereby invited Cheng Yu to crash our sect gate. After today, regardless of who had died and whoever won, the enmity between us shall ends. I shall request all the friends here to bear witness to this!” When Yuan Yangzi saw Cheng Yu’s arrival, he soared above the sky and spoke to everyone.

“Hmph! Sanctimonious! Such a shameless matter yet you put it as if you are doing it for our sake. You are just looking for a justifiable reason to kill him. All these so-called righteousness is so hypocritical!” Qing Xu harrumphed coldly.

“Cough Cough!” Qing Yuanzi coughed twice. The words being put forth was as if their Limitless Palace was not a righteous sect.

Everyone present at the scene was all from the righteous sect. They had all heard of such hypocritical words before and also knew the meaning behind them. All in all, they were just using an excuse to gain something beneficial to them. None of them treated it seriously and were only looking forward to the conclusion.

“Cheng Yu! Since you are here, are you ready to accept the challenge?!” When Yuan Yangzi saw everyone started clamoring in their own discussion, he yelled to Cheng Yu.

The moment Cheng Yu arrived, he had started looking around. Abruptly, he saw a Purple Wind Chimes hanging above Kunlun’s Memorial Arch. With a flash, Cheng Yu arrived before the Memorial Arch, taking the Purple Wind Chimes off.

When he saw the familiar looking wind chimes, Cheng Yu anger rose. Up to this point, he still had no idea which person did Kunlun catch.

“Where is she?” Cheng Yu did not reply Yuan Yangzi but answered with another question.

“I don’t know what are you talking about. I said before. As long as you accept today’s challenge, the enmity between us will be written off. If you wish to search for someone, we would certainly help you out. Otherwise, you might never be able to locate the person alone.” With so many righteous sect cultivators before them, Yuan Yangzi would never admit that he had abducted someone to force Cheng Yu to accept this challenge of theirs.

At the same time, those words of his was also a threaten to Cheng Yu. If Cheng Yu were to not cooperate with them, that person safety might not be guaranteed.

“Good! I will accept your challenge today! I would like to see how many of your Kunlun disciples are going to be killed by me!” Cheng Yu was afraid Kunlun might bring harm to his woman. Thus, he didn’t dare to voice out about it. He believed Kunlun would not dare not to release his woman. After all, this wasn’t anything glamorous.

Boom! Cheng Yu cried out. With a strike, he shattered Kunlun’s Memorial Arch into pieces.

“Good! Courageous! Kunlun disciples, get into formation! Crashing of sect gates, beings! As long as you are able to reach the mountain peak and take down the 4 flags, it would be your win!” When Yuan Yangzi saw Cheng Yu had actually shattered Kunlun’s Memorial Arch, his expression changed before harrumphing.

“Ha!” With Yuan Yangzi giving out the order, the Golden Core disciples brought a group of Foundation Establishment Realm disciples to form all kinds of battle formations.

“It has begun! It has begun!” All of them had waited for an afternoon. When they finally saw the commencement of the battle, they grew extremely excited.

Some of those audiences had even grouped up together to enjoy wine and meat as they watched the battle. It was as if they were watching a movie.

The anger in Cheng Yu could not be driven off. Since they were standing opposite of him, it just meant that they were his enemy.

For his woman, even if he had to kill all of them, Cheng Yu would not have any hesitation.

Swoosh! Cheng Yu held onto his Purple Light Sword with a big cauldron flying out from his body. The cauldron instantly grew bigger, becoming as big as a small mountain before ramming into those disciples that were forming their formations ruthlessly.

Some of the Golden Core disciples had managed to dodge it in time. But for those Foundation Establishment Realm disciple, they were all rammed into a meat patty.

Cheng Yu wanted to let them be somewhat terrified of him. Even if he had to die today, he wanted to kill off all of Kunlun’s younger generation. Since he couldn’t touch Kunlun’s foundation, he wanted to let Kunlun suffer from a lack of talented disciples. Thus, he controlled the Jewel Cauldron, ramming his way up the mountain top as he focuses on those areas that had the most Foundation Establishment Realm disciples because Golden Core disciples couldn’t be dealt with so easily.

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When crashing of sect gate happens, all of the sect inner disciples that were under 200 years old would have to participate in it. Therefore, the weakest among them would be those who had just entered into the Foundation Establishment Realm. Originally, they thought that their blossoming future was just about to start but unexpectedly, it was just an end to their beautiful dream.

Under Cheng Yu’s dominate onslaught and also his random ramming, Kunlun’s Main Peak, Yunxiao Peak was filled with miserable shrieks.

Kunlun higher-ups were also extremely distressed about it when they saw the scene. They knew that such an outcome could not be avoided because the crashing of sect gate had its own regulations. Itself was already very unfair to the challenger. If they were to start surrounding the challenger with all of their top tier experts, would there still be a meaning for this?

When crashing of sect gates, there would be 3 checkpoints leading up. And on the mountain top, there would be a final checkpoint, totaling up to 4 checkpoints. Every checkpoint would have a flag. Every flag would be guarded by 1 of several guardians.

There was a limit to how far a guardian could be to the flag. Once the challenger had obtained the flag and had gone outside the limit, they would no longer be able to chase after him.

Therefore, even though they had 6 Nascent Soul experts, the 6 of them had been positioned at 4 different checkpoints. The first checkpoint had 1 of them protecting it, 2 for the 2nd and 3rd. As for the 4th checkpoint, the guardian was Yu Fu who had just forcefully broken through.

Therefore, under Cheng Yu’s reckless onslaught, all these Foundation Establishment Realm disciples were escaping towards the 1st checkpoint because there was Nascent Soul expert over there.

This was the regulations of crashing of sect gate. This regulation was to show consideration to the challenger. Otherwise, if a sect were to use all of its means, it wasn’t something a person could contend with. Similarly, this was also to prevent the challenger from pulling a fast one of not fighting but running straight up to the mountain.

Although these regulations had somewhat benefited the challenger in some way, as long as they obtained the flag and ran out from the limit zone, there would no longer be any more dangerous for them. But in actual fact, snatching the flag from a Nascent Soul Realm was not something easily achievable.

Besides, if the challenger wasn’t able to obtain the flag, he would not be able to proceed further.

Such regulations were like a chance for Cheng Yu to live. Although the regulations might seem inhumane, to everyone present at the scene, none of them was optimistic in Cheng Yu winning. Because how could a Golden Core Realm be able to defeat Nascent Soul Realm?

Even if he managed to get through the first checkpoint, the 2nd checkpoint still had 2 Nascent Soul waiting for him. Would he still be able to get through them? What about the 3rd one? Furthermore, the 4th checkpoint was a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Therefore, the chances of Cheng Yu surviving was nigh impossible!

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