Chapter 182: A Sudden and Unexpected Calamity

Wu Yi Ren parked the car by the side of the road before flipping through the diary and thanking the heavens once again. Regarding this book that determined his life and death, it looked like it was still in its previous state like it had never left him.

“Hu! Child, don’t blame your grandfather Wu for being vicious, unable to let you live!”

Like he was talking to himself, he fished out his phone.

At this time, a car drove over from the opposite side and a light shone on his face, his expression malevolent.

To Wu Yi Ren, the huge sum of four million pushed him to the end of his rope.

These past few years, even though his appetite was quite big, what he actually got was only about five million. While Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had sent him down with but one word; he would become poor, which was worse than killing him.

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Thinking until here, the killing intent in his heart gushed out.

How could he not wonder why this book, for no rhyme or reason, would end up in Su Ke’s hands? He then unlocked his phone and keyed in a number, “Wei! Old Five, prepare to act!”

Su Ke put in a lot of effort to put the luggage on his bike.

However, he couldn’t ride it and could only slowly push his bike.

Fortunately, his house wasn’t too far from the area.

However, he didn’t know why, but he started to feel uneasy, like something bad was about to happen.

Bringing this four million anywhere was already nerve-wracking in and of itself.

Right now, his heart was pounding and his body was covered in sweat.

He lifted his head and surveyed the area, but it still looked the same: the streets were empty and deserted.

At this moment, Su Ke was startled. He didn’t know when, but almost indiscernible footsteps could be heard behind him.

They were very light; if Su Ke wasn’t on high-alert, he wouldn’t have heard them.

He abruptly turned his head, and as expected, there was a human figure behind him.

He was wearing a baseball cap, a black surgical mask, black shirt, and black pants; the whole person seemed to have blended into the darkness.

As Su Ke turned around, a cold light seemed to flash in that person’s eyes.

“This is bad!” That was Su Ke’s first reaction. This man had suddenly appeared and his actions were strange. Even if he wasn’t here to target Su Ke, he still wasn’t a good person.

Su Ke unconsciously quickened his steps, trying to get away as quick as possible.

However, as Su Ke’s feet moved, the person behind him hastened his speed, his footsteps making slapping sounds against the ground, bringing with him a sense of power.

“F*ck!” Even if Su Ke had a slow reaction, he would also know that this person was definitely aiming for him. He quickly turned around, but discovered something even more terrifying; the mysterious man had taken out a dagger from gods know where! The dagger was also completely black; if there weren’t any streetlamps, he probably wouldn’t have found that out even if he died.

Under the lights, before Su Ke realized it, the man was only five meters away from him.

His hair was raised and all of his muscles were stretched taut, completely unable to think.

He flung his bike to the side before stamping his foot on the ground and propelling himself forward to flee.

Just as Su Ke fled, the black shadow had also increased his speed and thrust his dagger forward. The sharp dagger flashed a dull light, heading straight for the back of Su Ke’s heart.


The luggage full of four million fell to the side, along with his bike.

Can’t help but mention that this luggage was of good quality, securely falling onto the ground. There was completely no image like in the movies of banknotes flying everywhere.

This made the man behind him pause before he lunged forward.

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His footwork was neat as he directly jumped over the luggage.

Vigorous and nimble, his arms stretched out like a cheetah, not giving Su Ke any time to breathe.  

His heart was already at the extreme, the pounding sounding like thunder.

It was the first time Su Ke was feeling so anxious in his 18 years of life. It felt like he was skirting death’s edge, stronger than any danger he had encountered in his life before.

The luggage let out a screech. Like a signal, it not only obstructed the man for a second, but also caused Su Ke to wake up. It was only then that he discovered that his body seemed like it was full of strength. Jeet Kune Do (Expert) caused all of the cells in his body to become lively as his brain quickly moved. The frantic feeling from before was wiped clean as he directly turned around and faced his attacked.

It seemed like Su Ke’s reaction was completely out of the man’s expectations.

The man was shaken as he exclaimed, “You’re looking for death!”

The voice sounded familiar, but how could Su Ke care about this now?

He saw the dagger approaching him and unconsciously kicked out; he lifted his knee and straightened out feet.

Like a spring that was full of energy, with the sound of the wind, he kicked at the person’s wrist.

Even Su Ke was quite shocked by his reaction. His leg suddenly exploded with strength and speed, and at that moment, the actions that the man was about to take flashed through his mind. Instantly, he shifted his center of gravity and shifted his foot.

As expected, when the man saw Su Ke kick out, his wrist shook and the dagger immediately changed directions, trying to cut somewhere else.

However, before he could insert enough strength to cut down, he realized that Su Ke had already predicted that and his right leg slammed onto his wrist.

Pain exploded from his wrist as it went limp and the black dagger dropped out of his hand.

Su Ke kicked away the dagger with his other leg before breathing a sigh of relief.

After going through Jeet Kune Do (Expert), no matter if it was body strength, reaction speed, or strategy; everything was enhanced.

Su Ke’s footsteps crisscrossed as he was filled with renewed confidence.

Taking advantage of the situation, Su Ke continuously punched out.

Jeet Kune Do was all about quick and strong punches. When hitting the target, you needed to be accurate. After receiving Jeet Kune Do (Expert), Su Ke had already mastered this point.

Every punch carried a destructive power and the frequency of them had become very dazzling.

However, what surprised Su Ke the most was that after he kicked the dagger away, it seemed like the man was less restricted. He moved very quickly as he threw some punches, which was completely unorthodox.

However, his unorthodox fighting style made Su Ke realize that that’s how a lot of youngsters learn to fight.

It had even become his own natural reaction; nimble actions and tricky angles.

The two of them were at a deadlock as they moved.

None of the people nearby wanted to stop and take a look, all of them in hiding.

Su Ke knew that the man in front of him was aiming for his vital points.

That kind of killing intent was gushing out, but the more he fought, the more apprehensive he felt. When Su Ke landed a hit, it actually felt like hitting a wall.

The two of them then kicked out at the same time.


The backlash actually caused Su Ke’s foot to slip, causing him to fall backwards.

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