Chapter 181: The Four Million was Easily Obtained

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character played three-four songs before he finally suppressed the fire in his heart.

Just now, he had been teased by both Luo Fei Yan and Qin Zheng because he misspoke.

He was feeling really ashamed because of this.

Taking advantage of the gap during each song, Su Ke looked in the direction of the beaded curtain. The women were chattering and reliving what Su Ke said to them, causing him to relive it as well.

‘Why did he have to say ‘go to bed’?’

When these women looked at him, their eyes would light up.

Su Ke was confused before the phone in his pocket started to ring.  

The name on the screen was Wu Yi Ren.

He had been anxious earlier because of all the teasing, so he had completely forgotten the arrangement with Wu Yi Ren, “F*ck, I forgot about all this!”

He glanced at the bag in the corner and remembered that inside was a diary worth four million!

“Chief Wu!”

“Brother Su, it’s me! I’ve prepared the cash according to what you wanted; do you have time later?”

“Really?” Su Ke muttered to himself. Even though Wu Yi Ren wanted to get the diary back asap, the speed of things still surprised Su Ke as he responded, “I have time!”

“Good. Meet me at People’s Park at 10:30!”

Wu Yi Ren’s voice had just travelled over when Su Ke rejected him, “No need to wait until 10. Just head directly to the small public square east of Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns and wait for me!”

Even though Su Ke didn’t know if Wu Yi Ren would try to trick him, this concerned a huge sum of four million, so he definitely wouldn’t let Wu Yi Ren pick the place.

He had to take the initiative or he’ll lose.

“Eh!” Wu Yi Ren was slightly stunned before quickly agreeing, “Okay, that’s fine!”

Su Ke then hung up and walked away from the piano to find Luo Fei Yan reading a magazine in the lounge.

“Sister Yan, I have something to do, so I’ll leave for a bit!”

Luo Fei Yan saw Su Ke’s hurried appearance and didn’t tease him.

She nodded and then cautioned him to pedal slower on the way home.

It was safe to say that 10 is when all the nightlife comes out, but there were very little people on the street tonight. Even the middle-aged women who would gather at the public square to dance were not there. Su Ke got off his bike and surveyed the area. The streetlights in the public square were shining a faint yellow and the light grey bricks that made up the ground were hazy.

The white birch trees on both sides were standing tall; under the lights, their shadows were very long.

Su Ke was very close to the area, so even if Wu Yi  Ren drove over, he would still need to wait for a while. However, when he thought about the four million, it made his heart race.

The pounding of his heart made him anxious as he started to feel elated.

The night wind was very refreshing. When it blew across people’s bodies, it would make them unconsciously relax. However, Su Ke was unable to calm down as he continuously did some breathing exercises, his palms sweaty.

Cars drove past, their headlights moving quickly across the pavement.

“Hu!” Just as Su Ke took a deep breath, a black Volkswagen slowly drove over and steadily slowed to a stop in front of him.

The window slowly wound down and Wu Yi Ren stuck his head out and exclaimed, “Brother Su!”

“En!” Su Ke pretended to be relaxed and nodded his head.

Like in a movie, Su Ke patted his bag before asking, “Did you bring it?”

As they spoke, Wu Yi Ren alighted from his car with a face full of smiles as he reached out his hands in a hugging motion.

“Wait!” Su Ke waved his hand to stop Wu Yi Ren. “Chief Wu, let me see my stuff first, okay?” As he spoke, he opened his bag and took out the diary, brandishing it at Wu Yi Ren.

“Okay!” Wu Yi Ren turned to the boot of his car, his reply quick and clear.

Su Ke made his own conclusions on how much four million in cash was.

However, when he watched Wu Yi Ren grab a large suitcase from the trunk, he stared in disbelief.

Only allowed on

The luggage was 70+ cm high, 50+ cm long, and 40+ cm wide.

There was a ‘bang!’ as Wu Yi Ren placed it on the ground.

He then looked at Su Ke and said, “Brother Su, according to what you wanted, this was all withdrawn in cash from the bank! How are you going to take it back though?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Let me see it first!”

Wu Yi Ren glanced around the quiet street as the occasional car hurtled past.

He then brought the luggage to the side of the car and opened two strong locks with a ‘Bang! Bang!’ before opening it.

Red notes were immediately revealed. Under the faint yellow light, they radiated attractiveness. “Four million. 1 more thousand and it wouldn’t fit!” Wu Yi Ren gesticulated as pieces of new 100 yuan notes were revealed. The notes were arranged neatly, grabbing people’s attention.

Wu Yi Ren squatted by the side of the luggage and sincerely pulled out a few stacks of notes to show that they were real. The new notes in his hands crackled, nearly blinding the eyes.

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Through his golden glasses, he could see Su Ke’s shock.

Instantly, a resentful smile flashed on his face as he asked, “How about it, Brother Su? Can you return the diary to me now?”

Su Ke took a deep breath, the cold and refreshing air entering his lungs, causing him to calm down quite a bit.

“Okay!” Su Ke didn’t hesitate.

He walked forward, grabbing tightly onto the book that detailed all of Wu Yi Ren’s corruption.

Su Ke also wondered if what he was doing was aiding and abetting a criminal, but even if he sent Wu Yi Ren to jail, could he be sure that another Wu Yi Ren wouldn’t appear?

After this exchange, not only could he receive some benefits, but he could also restrict Wu YI Ren a bit. This was killing two birds with one stone!

The transaction was very smooth.

After Su Ke saw Wu Yi Ren’s car slowly drive away, he still felt like he was in a dream.

The suitcase that was filled with four million was so heavy; it was probably around 60 kg.

He exerted a lot of effort to bring the luggage to his bicycle and secure it.

Once he did, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, how could the naive Su Ke know how dangerous the Jiang Hu (1) was?

Not to mention four million, even a few hundred yuan could bring about disaster.


  1. The martial arts community, but in this case, the Triads of China.
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