Chapter 330: Heaven Tribulation!

“Today, regardless of whether you are Qing Xu or Qing Fengzi, you can dream of leaving!” Guang Dao spoke in fury as his killing intent spread out.

“Hmpph! I would also like to experience the strength of a loose immortal!” Although Qing Xu had said so, he was still extremely cautious. Loose Immortal wasn’t something that could be taken lightly.

Qing Xu figure flashed before numerous duplicates of his appeared. All of the duplicates attacked at Guang Dao in different directions.

Once one’s cultivation reaches a certain realm, all the magnificent moves became unnecessary.

Pow! Guang Dao seemed unfazed by the attack and did not even bother to use any weapon. Relying on his physique strength, he scattered Qing Xu’s duplicates easily.

“Yin Yang Limitless Cleave!” Qing Xu muttered the technique as his sword flashed past the void. A large Taiji diagram instantly appeared before Qing Xu before shooting towards Guang Dao.

The Limitless Yin Yang Sword Technique had a total of 6 moves. And Yin Yang Limitless Cleave was the first move. The might of the move was not something that could be taken lightly.

Guang Dao had dealt with Limitless Palace people before. During then, he had suffered from loses repeatedly. He knew that Limitless Palace techniques were incomparably powerful.

However, the current him had already reached the loose immortal realm. His strength had long exceeded what a normal cultivator would be able to bring forth. When he saw the Taiji diagram attacking towards him, he still chose to use his fist to repel the attack.

Boom! When Guang Dao fist collided onto the Taiji diagram, all the objects in the room were turned into dust.

When Qing Xu saw the scene, he knew that today’s mission was going to be a failure. Although he was unresigned, he had no choice but to retreat. The other party strength was stronger than him by a big chunk. It was impossible for Qing Xu to fight Guang Dao head on. Without further ado, he flew out of the room.

“Wish to leave?” Guang Dao harrumphed coldly before sending a palm strike over. Instantly, he managed to obstruct Qing Xu from leaving, causing Qing Xu to panic.

“Haha! I said before, regardless of who you might be, you can dream of leaving behind!” Guang Dao laughed. Limitless Palace people had kept on provoking his Kunlun. If he were to not teach them a lesson, they might really think Kunlun is easy to bully.

Besides, what was there to fear with his current cultivation? Even if the old ancestor of Limitless Palace were to come over, it was still unknown who would be the one going down.

Bam! Guang Dao swung his right arm, sending a fist over to Qing Xu.

Pu! Qing Xu was caught unprepared as he hastily placed his sword before him to block the attack. However, Guang Dao fist was sturdy to the point of being able to destroy the Taiji diagram in a punch. How could Qing Xu be able to block against it? The moment the fist landed on his sword, Qing Xu send flying into a wall before vomiting a mouth of blood.

“Hmph! This is the consequences of provoking my Kunlun. Even if Limitless Palace Old Ancestor were to arrive, you still have to die!” Guang Dao harrumphed coldly. Once again, he swung his fist over, intending to kill Qing Xu.

Swoosh! Just at this moment, a golden sword flew over swiftly, blocking Guang Dao’s fist.

Another black-gowned person appeared as he picked up the injured Qing Xu, preparing to leave.

“Good! Here comes another one. Seems like the Limitless Palace is treating my Kunlun as a place they could come and go as they wish. Since it’s so, then both of you can dream on about leaving today!” Guang Dao anger instantly rose as he yelled. Immediately after, he sent another punch towards the duo leaving silhouette.

Whoosh! Qing Yuanzi turned around with his finger pointing out. A black white umbrella appeared immediately after. It opened and started revolving rapidly.

Boom! Guang Dao fist collided onto Yin Yang Umbrella. The moment the fist collided onto the umbrella. a Taiji diagram appeared on it. Following after, the Yin Yang Umbrella swayed for a moment before returning back into Qing Yuanzi body.

“Qing Yuanzi! It’s you again!” When Guang Dao saw the Yin Yang Umbrella, he immediately recognized its owner.

During the day, his primordial spirit’s phantom had just been scattered by this fellow, injuring his primordial spirit in the process. Now, the same fellow appeared again. How could Guang Dao not be angered?

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With a flash, Guang Dao appeared before the two of them, staring at the duo coldly:” I said before, none of you will be leaving here today. If I were to let you off, wouldn’t it be a joke of me?”

“Guang Dao, if you are to kill us, aren’t you afraid that you would bring down a calamity to Kunlun?” Qing Yuanzi rebuked, hiding his fright.

During the day, Qing Yuanzi was dealing with Guang Dao’s phantom. But now, he was facing Guang Dao’s true self. There was not even a chance of success if they were to fight it out with him because the disparity between them was just too big.

“Haha! You tried to sneak attack on my Kunlun. Besides, I can just say that I have no idea who both of you are. So what if I had killed you then? If your old ancestor were to dare come over, I don’t mind having a fight with him.” Guang Dao laughed.

“Hmph! It’s not that easy to kill us! Senior Brother, it had been a long time since we fought together. Tonight, let’s have a joint cooperation!” Qing Yuanzi yelled. Once again, he released his Yin Yang Umbrella. The umbrella hovered above Qing Yuanzi as the aura on him rapidly grew. He lifted up his sword and slashed towards Guang Dao.

“Good! Tonight, we shall have an all-out battle with this loose immortal!” Qing Xu was injured but it wasn’t to the point that he had lost his fighting strength.

All of a sudden, a black-white lotus also flew out from his body, hovering above him. Qing Xu aura had abruptly exploded out as well.

This was another set of Limitless Palace Technique; Limitless Yin Yang Technique. Although it was a word different from the Limitless Yin Yang Sword Technique, both of them were totally different from each other.

Limitless Yin Yang Technique needed Yin Yang attribute artifact to assist in their cultivation. Thereby, rising their fighting strength. It was especially so when one had cultivated the Limitless Yin Yang Technique to Great Consummate Realm. Their fighting strength would be able to increase by 3 folds.

However, this needed the assisting artifact to be of high quality. Before Qing Yuanzi had obtained the Yin Yang Umbrella, his Yin Yang attribute artifact was just a piece of supreme-grade spiritual artifact. To others, a supreme-grade spiritual artifact was something hard to come by. But to him, the function of it was of no value to him. Therefore, when Cheng Yu took out the middle-grade Yin Yang Umbrella he was so excited of it.

Perhaps, it might be because of the drastic increase of their aura or because both of them had not joined forces after a very long time, the well-coordinated actions of theirs caused them to be extremely emotional. Momentarily, Guang Dao had actually been forced into a difficult situation.

“Truly angering me to death!” Guang Dao was unable to do anything to the duo. His heart was in great fury. Ultimately, he used his weapon. A middle-grade soul artifact long sword.

With a weapon in hand, Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xu was no longer a match for him. Both of them glanced at each other. With a dodge, the two of them stood at the side of Guang Dao respectively.

“Yin Yang Limitless Heaven and Earth Sword Formation!” Both of them cried out. The sword on their hand suddenly soared up to heaven before revolving around each other. An enormous Taiji diagram appeared above the sky as if it wants to cover up heaven.

The awe-inspiring aura caused everyone in Kunlun who was watching the battle to be overwhelmed by horror. All of them felt that they were about to be wrapped up by the Taiji diagram as they retreated out from the mountain rapidly.

Boom! The enormous Taiji diagram suddenly pressed down. This time, even Guang Dao had also become nervous. Immediately, he released his immortal qi.

“Red Clouds Sword Light!” Guang Dao pierced his sword towards the sky. The whole of him turned into a beam of sunlight, soaring up to the sky.

Bam! The enormous Taiji diagram had actually been broken apart by Guang Dao’s pierce.

Pu~ Pu! Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xu immediately vomited a mouth of blood, falling to the ground.

“Not good! I have attracted the heavenly tribulation!” Just when Guang Dao was about to eliminate the two of them, the tribulation cloud in the area started assembling together. Purple flashes of lightning could be seen roaring out within the tribulation clouds. The aura was extremely oppressing, causing one to feel extremely stifling.

“Run!” Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xu looked at the tribulation cloud that was assembling together rapidly in aghast. If the heaven tribulation were to think that they wish to interfere with the crossing tribulation process, they would definitely be dead.

“Damn it!” Guang Dao saw the duo escaping and wish to chase after them. However, the tribulation cloud was about to fully take its form. If he were to not go into hiding, the heavenly tribulation would strike on him.

Although Guang Dao wasn’t willing, he had no choice as well. He turned himself into a beam of light, dashing towards the Kunlun’s back mountain restriction area.

Immediately, the tribulation cloud started dissipating. A lot of them couldn’t help but patted onto their chest, consoling themselves that a calamity had just been avoided.

The situation a moment ago was truly too terrifying. It was as if the whole world was about to be destroyed. Was this the rumored heavenly tribulation? Can a human really be able to withstand against this heavenly tribulation? All of them was unable to forget such a terrifying moment.

Heavenly tribulation would never break out randomly. It needed to judge if someone was crossing their tribulation. Loose immortal would release immortal qi at all times but the amount of it was very little. Therefore, it would not be judged as crossing tribulation.

This was also the reason why Guang Dao had chosen to use his physique to fight and not any other techniques. The moment he released too much immortal qi, the tribulation clouds would converge.

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Before the tribulation cloud had fully take it form, he had to isolate himself from the outer world, making them no longer able to feel any more immortal qi. By doing so, the heavenly tribulation would not be activated.

However, the moment the tribulation had taken form and one still chose to evade it, it would turn dangerous. Either you come out to cross the tribulation or just wait for the heavenly tribulation to kills you. Otherwise, the heavenly tribulation would never disappear until it managed to kill you.

Therefore, Guang Dao did not dare to hesitate. The moment the tribulation cloud had fully taken form, he would have no choice but to try crossing the tribulation. Even if he had concealed himself, he still wouldn’t be able to hide from the heavenly tribulation.

“What a close call!” Qing Yuanzi duo fled for thousands over miles before stopping.

“That was the heavenly tribulation? Why is it so terrifying? It was a lot more terrifying than when teacher crosses his tribulation.” Qing Yuanzi questioned in fear.

“Guang Dao is currently a loose immortal. His heavenly tribulation could not be compared to when the teacher crossing his first tribulation. Fortunately, the heavenly tribulation had appeared this time. Otherwise, we would have really died.” Qing Xu spoke with some regrets.

“Right. We had managed to escape from this calamity. But what about Yu’er? Currently, we have no other solutions anymore!” After ensuring that they were safe, they recalled that they did not manage to accomplish their mission. They couldn’t help but started worrying again.

“Haiss! Perhaps, it’s the will of heaven. If there is really no other ways, we can only do what Kunlun is doing; forcefully raising his cultivation!” Qing Xu replied.

“How can we? This way, we would not only be destroying Yu’er future, but we are also destroying ourselves.” Qing Yuanzi was shocked. Unexpectedly, Qing Xu would suggest such a method.

“But I can’t let Yu’er die just like this. By doing so, Yu’er would still be able to remain alive.” Qing Xu was resolute. After, he flew towards the direction Limitless Palace was at.

Qing Yuanzi sighed helplessly. He shook his head slightly before following suit.

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