Chapter 331: The Secret Of Soul Suppressing Pagoda

In Extreme Heaven Peak. Xin Yao was pacing back and forth around Cheng Yu’s courtyard. Her father and Martial Uncle had already been out for the whole night. Yet, they have not returned.

Originally, she wished to take a look at how Cheng Yu was fairing. But the poor boy had told her that he was in seclusion. Thus, Xin Yao couldn’t find anyone to voice out her gloominess, causing her to become more anxious.

After a night of refinement, Cheng Yu had already refined the Soul Suppressing Pagoda completely. Currently, he was studying the completely refined, Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Cheng Yu’s spiritual sense was scanning the whole pagoda. The 1st level had trapped those white bone armies while the 3rd level had trapped Yun Zhong and the others. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu had ignored them.

Because Cheng Yu know that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda would refine their soul and this only brought benefits to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda had a total of 9 levels. Before Cheng Yu had broken through to the Golden Core Realm, he would only be able to open up to the 3rd level. But after his cultivation had reached the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda had opened up to the 5th level.

Now that Cheng Yu had refined the Soul Suppressing Pagoda completely, the pagoda had opened the 6th level for him to enter. However, Cheng Yu was unable to tell any use of it because the 6th level was very similar to the 5th. Inside them were hovering all kinds of Sealed Talisman Language.

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“Soul Suppressor. Didn’t you say that after I had refined the pagoda completely, I would know how to deal with Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? But why I wasn’t able to tell any difference from the 6th level?” Cheng Yu stared at the seals for almost half a day but still couldn’t tell the uniqueness of it.

“You are truly useless. Truly not living in plenty but not appreciating it. Do you think all these talisman words are just for decorations?” Soul Suppressor replied in an ill-mannered way.

“Are you trying to say this talisman is able to trap a group of Nascent Soul cultivators?” Cheng Yu commented confusedly.

Cheng Yu had almost no understanding of talisman language. In the past, he had also not used any before.

“I could not guarantee success in dealing with a group of Nascent Soul experts but dealing a few of them shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you are able to unseal the 7th level.” Soul Suppressor commented.

“7th level? Could there be an even stronger talisman in there?” Cheng Yu was surprised.

“Of course. You had belittled the pagoda might too much. Previously, it had suppressed loose immortals before. Merely a few Nascent Soul experts were nothing to it.” Soul Suppressor voiced out his disdain.

“What! It could even suppress loose immortals? Do you treat me as a fool? How can a low-grade soul artifact suppress loose immortals?” Cheng Yu was unconvinced.

“Who told you that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is a low-grade soul artifact?” Soul Suppressor replied resentfully.

“That’s a given? Isn’t it clear?”

“It was because the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is injured. That’s why it became a low-grade soul artifact.” Soul Suppressor lamented with regrets. The pagoda was like its body. For his body to be injured, how could he not be sad? Recalling how imperious he previously was, the current him was truly too much of a lacking.

Not only had its grade been lowered, but even his spatial ability had also been sealed. If only Cheng Yu could unseal the 9th level, he might still not be able to suppress loose immortals, but there was no need for him to fear them as well.

“So you are saying the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is very powerful last time?” Cheng Yu enquired.

“Of course. Although it is not an immortal artifact, it is preceded only by immortal artifacts, a quasi-immortal artifact! How could it not be able to suppress a loose immortal?” Soul Suppressor replied aggressively.

“Quasi-immortal artifact!” Cheng Yu cried out in surprised. This had somewhat exceeded his expectation. Seem like this pagoda was not anything ordinary. “Than how can I let it returned back to a Quasi-immortal artifact?”

The f***! This thing could even suppress loose immortal. If I could make it return back to a quasi-immortal artifact, would I still need to be afraid of Kunlun?

“This would have to depend on the opportunity. Advancing a soul artifact isn’t so simple. Wait till your strength had advanced by a few more times and try refining it again. Perhaps, you might be able to change it back to a quasi-immortal artifact!” Soul Suppressor commented.

“Cheh! If I were to advanced a few more stage, I might be able to eliminate loose immortal already. Would there still be a need for this pagoda?” Cheng Yu replied in disdain.

“That will be your problem then. Currently, you are the pagoda master. If you wish to change it back to a quasi-immortal artifact, you can only do it that way.” Soul Suppressor never commented on Cheng Yu reply. Cheng Yu was very special. In his body, there was already 6 golden cores. Perhaps, if he were to advance a few more stages, he might truly be able to fight against loose immortals.

Because the previous Amethyst Palace Master also had 6 golden cores. Although he was only in the Initial Stage Great Ascension Realm, he was already able to contend against ordinary loose immortals.

The clan members of the Palace Master were all exceptional people. They all possess mystical strength. Naturally, they couldn’t be compared to a normal one. Therefore, he also didn’t treat Cheng Yu as someone normal.

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“Then you might as well tell me how can I use those talismans to deal with Nascent Soul cultivators! This should be the most important question.” Cheng Yu replied. Tomorrow was the day he was going to crash the sect cat. The only hope he had left was placed on the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

“Very simple. These talismans possessed formidable sealing power. Although it wasn’t able to suppress them, it was still able to suppress their soul energy. It also means that they would not be able to fully release their Nascent Soul power. With such a thing aiding you, don’t tell me you are still unable to deal with a few Nascent Soul experts?” Soul Suppressor commented.

“Suppress their Nascent Soul power!” Cheng Yu cried out in surprise.

Cheng Yu knew how important was this suppression to him. Previously when he met Yu Fan and Yu Xie, it was because they had exploded out their Nascent Soul power that was why they manage to block Cheng Yu’s final move.

This was similar to his Golden Core power being sealed up. If that happens, he would no longer be able to bring forth such formidable power. When Cheng Yu knew the pagoda actually possesses such a powerful ability, he felt terrific!

“It’s still too early for you to rejoice. There is a limit to this sealing ability. If there are too many Nascent Soul experts, it would be very hard for you to seal them. Therefore, I hope you would be able to do a blitzkrieg strategy. If you can capture a few Nascent Soul experts, it would be the best. Place them all into the pagoda could help it strengthen the sealing ability.” Soul Suppressor explained.

“Capture a few Nascent Soul experts? I’m afraid it’s impossible!” Cheng Yu replied. He only wished to crash the gate successfully but did not think of hoping to capture them. Besides, Kunlun would never allow that to happen.

“Just kill them then. I can absorb their soul energy. Although I have awakened, my strength has yet to recover. Thus, I wouldn’t be of much help to you. If you can let me absorb a few of those Nascent Soul expert souls, suppressing Nascents Soul experts would no longer post a problem to you.” Soul Suppressor commented with expectant.

“I can try of this. Damn it. Since they are going to kill me, I might not be able to capture them, killing them is still an option. This time, I must let Kunlun lose everything!” Cheng Yu laughed.

With the Soul Suppressor telling him this secret, Cheng Yu mood became a lot lighter. He withdrew his spiritual sense and prepared to head out because he already knew that Xin Yao was outside waiting for him.

“Hi! Senior Sister Xin Yao! I have not seen you for a day and you have gotten prettier.” With the chances of winning, Cheng Yu returned back to his shameless self.

“Junior Brother Yu, you finally came out. I’m worried to death!” Xin Yao was seated on a stone table daydreaming. When she saw the chuckling Cheng Yu, she immediately pulled him over.

“Senior Sister, you have truly moved me. Unexpectedly, you actually cared so much for me. I couldn’t help but have an urge to devote myself to you.”Conversely, Cheng Yu pulled Xin Yao hand and spoke emotionally. While doing so, his hand continued to rub around Xin Yao hands.

“Aiya! What nonsense are you sprouting again! Who have the mood to care about you! I’m saying about my father and your teacher!” Xin Yao turned bashful as she flung Cheng Yu hand away.

“Ah? My teacher and your father? What about them?” Cheng Yu gasped.

“Yesterday night, your teacher and my father went to Kunlun. They haven’t been back till now. I’m unsure what’s their current circumstances!” Xin Yao spoke with extreme worries.

“What! Why would they head over to Kunlun again?” Cheng Yu was puzzled. He heard that a loose immortal in Kunlun had made a move. If they were to bump into the loose immortal again, it would be extremely dangerous for them.

“It’s all because of you!” Xin Yao rebuked.

“No can do! I must head over to have a look!” Cheng Yu replied. Loose immortals weren’t anyone to be taken lightly off. If something were to really happen to them, Cheng Yu would feel guilty for life.

Although the main reason why Cheng Yu decided to accept Qing Xu as his teacher previously was because of his elder status in the Limitless Palace. However, after interacting with Qing Xu for the past few days, he was able to tell the care Qing Xu shown him is real.

Just because of this point, he couldn’t allow this teacher of his to risk his life.

“No! With your current strength, you are just sending yourself to death!” Xin Yao blocked.

“Who cares. Besides, I am not heading there to crash Kunlun. I’m just going over to have a look at the situation. We can’t possibly wait here foolishly right!” Cheng Yu suggested.

“Then I will follow as well!” Xin Yao replied.

“Where are the 2 of you going!” Just when both of them flew up, two figure appeared before them. It was Qing Xu and Qing Yuanzi duo. However, it was very obvious that they were both seriously injured as their face were extremely pale.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle! You’re back. We are about to look for you. You are injured!” When they saw the duo appeared, Cheng Yu and Xin Yao finally loosen up.

“Yu’er follow me. I have something urgent to tell you!” Qing Xu complexion was very grim as he pulled Cheng Yu and flew towards Extreme Heaven Peak.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle. We can talk about that later. Drink this first!” The four of them landed onto Cheng Yu’s courtyard as he took out two pill bottles.

“What’s this? We have already consumed some pills.” Qing Xu replied.

“You will know once you drink it. This isn’t something that can be compared to any pills.” Cheng Yu handed the pill bottle to them.

“We will drink this later. I have to tell you an important matter!” Qing Xu totally had no mood. Tomorrow would be the day Cheng Yu need to crash the sect gate. He still needed a long period of time to transfer Cheng Yu his cultivation.

“I’m all ears!” Cheng Yu spoke unconcernedly.

“Yesterday night, we went over to probe on Kunlun and felt that they might possibly be transferring cultivation to their disciple, developing Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert to deal with you. Therefore, I decided to do the same for you!” Qing Xu commented.

“Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm! Forcefully raising my cultivation?” Cheng Yu was surprised. This was somewhat unexpected. He had just found a method to deal with Initial Stage Nascent Soul cultivators yet they were developing Middle Stage Nascent Soul cultivators? This was truly trouble.

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