Chapter 332: Missing Daughter In Law

“Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm?” Cheng Yu was startled. He had just gotten a way to deal with the Initial Stage of Nascent Soul cultivators. Yet, there might even be the appearance of Middle Stage Nascent Soul cultivators? Wouldn’t he be dead? It was also unknown if the talisman would be useful to deal with the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm.

“Right. Therefore, I have decided to forcefully raise your cultivation. However, I wish to hear your opinion about that first!” Qing Xu replied sternly. Meanwhile, Qing Yuanzi who was beside him had his face filled with worries.

“Forcefully raising my cultivation? Why would I have any complaint about such a good thing? The teacher can raise my cultivation to what realm? Late Stage Golden Core? Or perhaps, Nascent Soul Realm?” Cheng Yu replied happily.

Damn it. Kunlun had already occupied so big of an advantage yet they still wanted to cheat. If I am not to cheat as well, wouldn’t I turn into a pile of bones by them? Now there is such a chance being placed in front of me, why should I not agree to it.

“This…… Yu’er, forcefully raising your cultivation would bring forth a very big harmful effect. Therefore, I will have to make it known to you first. After forcefully raising your cultivation, it would become a lot harder for you to a breakthrough in the future. Furthermore, your teacher cultivation would also drop by a few realms because of this.” Qing Yuanzi was afraid that Qing Xu might not speak the truth to Cheng Yu in order to protect his life. Therefore, he chose to be the one explaining.

“What! Dropping a few realms?!” Cheng Yu looked at Qing Xu in shock.

“Yu’er, you need not worry too much. Your survivability is the utmost importance. My cultivation could still be raised when the time comes. But if you could not get past the crisis tomorrow, everything would become of insignificance. Therefore, I hope you can accept the idea of forcefully raising your cultivation.” Qing Xu commented.

“No way. Teacher, I know that you are doing it for my own good. However, I will not agree with this matter. Even if I have to die, I will not harm the teacher.” Cheng Yu truly did not wish Qing Xu cultivation to drop just because of him. He was moved by his actions but Cheng Yu felt the idea not promising.

Even if it would only affect Cheng Yu’s future prospect, Cheng Yu would still not agree to it. Therefore, adding on the factor of it might bring harm to Qing Xu, it basically became something Cheng Yu would never agree to.

“Yu’er……” Qing Xu knew that Cheng Yu was someone who strived for self-improvement and would never wish to implicate others. However, to Qing Xu, tomorrow would be Cheng Yu’s death day if he were to not agree to this suggestion of his. And he was not willing to let Cheng Yu just die like this.

“Thank you, teacher. However, I would never agree to this suggestion. Besides, I already have a way to deal with them. It’s still unknown who might be winning party yet.” Cheng Yu replied firmly. He believed in the Soul Suppressor. Since it said that it could deal with a few Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm, perhaps, it might also be effective against a few Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm.

“What? You actually found a way? What way?” Qing Xu and the others looked at Cheng Yu in astonishment.

“I can’t be sure of it yet. I have a few decent soul artifacts. After I had refined them completely, I discovered some of their potent powers. Therefore, it’s not like I don’t stand a chance tomorrow.” Cheng Yu laughed. He knew that if he were to not explain to them, they would think that he was lying to them.

“Soul artifact?” Qing Xu was somewhat disappointed. He thought Cheng Yu had come up with an even better idea. How powerful could a soul artifact be? With Cheng Yu’s current cultivation, no matter how potent the soul artifact was, it was still impossible for him to defeat Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle, you can be at ease! This is related to my survival. I would never joke on such a thing. Since I already said that I have found a way, I certainly have a way to deal with them.” Cheng Yu explained.

“This…… Alright!” Qing Xu sighed helplessly.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle. Now you can consume the medicine already, right? Once you do so, you should know that I’m not lacking any treasures. If I really had to go all out with them, I’m not afraid of them at all.” Cheng Yu could still spot the gloominess in them. Hence, he tucked the two pill bottles before them.

Both of them looked at each other before pulling out the pill cover and took a sniff. An unknown vitality aura actually exploded out from the bottle, causing the duo to be flabbergasted. They immediately drain the bottle in a gulp.

“This…… how can there be such a miraculous effect?” The moment both of them consumed the medicine, they felt that their injuries had almost fully recovered in an instant. The remaining portion had become recovering at a very slow pace. But even so, the effect of the medicine was just too quick.

Both of them was amazed. This medicine was simply too miraculous. Although they weren’t able to achieve a complete recovery from it, for them to able to recover to this extend even after suffering from heavy internal injuries had caught them by surprise. If they were to face Guang Dao again, they might be able to last for a moment and not be utterly defeated.

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“Heh heh! I didn’t lie to you right!” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“Yu’er, where did you obtain such miraculous water?” Qing Xu enquired in shock. If they were able to carry on such medicine water anywhere they went, it would be able to help them give them big assistance. At least, their enemies would not be able to bring them down for a period of time unless they were able to kill them in a move.

“I found this in the Death Forest.” Cheng Yu had somewhat hidden the details to some extent but still gave them a rough explanation.

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“Could this water of yours be the rumored Death Shrine’s God Water? Yu’er could you have discovered the rumored Death Shrine?” Qing Yuanzi enquired.

“Not sure. In any case, I knew that this water is very miraculous!” Cheng Yu didn’t further explain himself but the rest of them still felt that there was such a possibility.

Qing Yuanzi and the rest of them had also gone to the Death Forest before. But they were never able to enter its core area. But unexpectedly, their disciple had managed to discover the Death Shrine. Nevertheless, Qing Yuanzi was extremely curious of it but he wouldn’t probe it further and not lust after what a later generation had managed to obtain.

“Heh heh. Don’t say that I’m not filial. I believe you aren’t lack of any treasures or spiritual stones. How about gifting you some of this God Water as a form of filial respect? You should be satisfied with it right?” Cheng Yu laughed.

From the duo eyes, Cheng Yu was able to tell they both thirst for these god water. In any case, he had an endless amount of these water. Gifting them a volume of it was just like a drop of water in the ocean.

When recalling about the miraculous green soil, Cheng Yu remembered the Soul Suppressor. Thus, he awakened the Soul Suppressor using his spiritual sense.

“Soul Suppressor! Do you have any idea of these green soil and god water?” Cheng Yu enquired. Soul Suppressor might not have any idea what exactly happened during the calamity but he had lived together with those people for so long. He should at least know a two of their treasures right?
“I have heard of the God Water before. However, I have not seen those green soil before. But I’m still able to guess its origin.” Soul Suppressor replied.

“Oh? Mind elaborating?” Cheng Yu enquired curiously.

“Formerly, there is God Water in the Heavenly Holy City. However, all these god water were stored in the Heavenly God Palace. Hearsay it was meant to irrigate the God Tree. A lot of people, including the outsider would head over to the Heavenly Holy City to pray when they are sick and would request the Palace Master to bestow them some God Water.” Soul Suppressor seemed to have recalled the scene of Holy City being bustling with thousands of people. His tone was experiencing huge changes when he narrated.

“Used to irrigate the God Tree? What’s so special about God Tree?” Cheng Yu had also seen the God Tree when the keys had shown him a portion of their history. A God Tree that had extended itself pass the skies.

“It was rumored that the peak of the God Tree is the entrance to the other world.” Soul Suppressor replied.

“Another world? What world? Have anyone been there?” Cheng Yu spoke curiously. Could it be the immortal world? This couldn’t be possible right! If it would really lead them to the immortal world, for what should they cultivate so painstakingly?

“Yes!” Soul Suppressor replied.

“What kind of world is that?” Cheng Yu got more and more curious.

“Not sure.”

“Didn’t you said that someone had gone there before? How could you not know how it was like?” Cheng Yu replied dissatisfactory.

“Someone had gone up but no one had descended before. Therefore, no one has any idea how was the world like above.” Soul Suppressor replied objectively.

“Er…… Your previous owner had not been up there before?” Cheng Yu enquired.

“Nope. Her responsibility was to safeguard the God Tree and the pathway leading to the other world.” Soul Suppressor replied.

“Safeguard?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“Yu’er? Yu’er?” It was at this moment, Qing Xu gave Cheng Yu a sake.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Cheng Yu responded.

“What are you doing? Why are you daydreaming? Are you still worried about tomorrow? Why not just let me help you forcefully breakthrough!” When Qing Xu saw Cheng Yu frowning while he was daydreaming, Qing Xu thought that Cheng Yu was worrying about tomorrow.

“Nope. I just remember a few stuff!” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Your Senior Sister says to gift her a bit of God Water as well and was asking if you are willing to?” Qing Yuanzi smiled. No one would be able to reject such good stuff. This was related to their survival during crucial times.

“Haha. Isn’t it just a bit of God Water? Senior Sister, you have also do your part in showing concern about my matters. How could I possibly forget about you? Here! This should be sufficient right!” Cheng Yu took out dozens of pill bottle and shoved it towards Xin Yao in a smile.

“Who showed any concern about your matters! I’m just worried about my father and Martial Uncle.” A moment ago, when she saw how her father and Martial uncle had praised Cheng Yu’s medicine, she suddenly wished to have it as well. Therefore, she called out a few times. But after calling Cheng Yu a few times, Cheng Yu ignored her and was daydreaming. Xin Yao immediately grew discontented.

When she saw the God Water being placed in front of her, she immediately became elated as she stored them away hastily.

“Haha! I’m certain of it!” Cheng Yu smiled ambiguously to Xin Yao.

“What are you certain of?” When she saw the mischievous smile from Cheng Yu, it caused her to recall those words Cheng Yu had spoke to her when he grabbed hold of her hand. Subconsciously, her face turned bashful.

“Heh heh. Nothing much. It’s fine as long as I know it. However, Senior Sister, I should tell you beforehand. This medicine is extremely precious. You must not consume it just because of some minor injuries. Understand? This God Water was originally meant for me to gift it to my wife. But now, I have given it to you. Haiss!” Cheng Yu spoke in sorrow.

“Cough cough cough!” Xin Yao face grew even redder when she heard of his words. Just when she was about to reply, Qing Yuanzi coughed a few times.

“Haha! I’m just speaking of it casually. Don’t mind me, Martial Uncle!” When he realized Xin Yao father was looking at him teasing his daughter, Cheng Yu face grew red as he laughed it off.

“Alright. It’s quite late already. We should also return back. Yu’er, prepare yourself well. Do your best tomorrow!” Qing Yuanzi nodded before bringing Xin Yao away.

“You smelly brat. What time was it and you still dare to have the idea of your Senior Sister!” With just the two of them alone, Qing Xu reprimanded Cheng Yu.

“Heh heh! I’m just speaking without thinking!” Cheng Yu laughed unconcernedly.

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