Chapter 333: He’s Here!

Within the past few days, the news of Kunlun inviting Cheng Yu to crash their sect gate had spread throughout the whole cultivation world.

Today was the day for Cheng Yu to keep to the appointment. Kunlun Mountain was already filled with people and all of them was very excited. The matter of crashing the sect gate had only been heard off but was never witnessed before.

Unexpectedly, they could actually witness it with their own eyes. None of them was willing to miss such an opportunity. Regardless of them being in the Qi Training Realm, Foundation Establishment Realm, Golden Core Realm or even Nascent Soul Realm. It was to the point of even Unification Realm experts could be seen here.

Even though it was still early, Kunlun disciples had already waiting for a long time. They were all disciples that were below 200 years old. From the start of their memorial arch, they had lined themselves up accordingly till Kunlun Main Peak, Yunxiao Peak.

However, these disciples were at least in the Foundation Establishment Realm. They knew that these disciples wouldn’t bring much significance to the battle. Thus, they need not them to participate in the battle but do it just to show everyone their Kunlun’s strength.

Besides that, all they need to do was to disturb Cheng Yu when the time comes. Otherwise, if all their young disciples were to be killed by Cheng Yu, even if they ultimately still manages to kill Cheng Yu, Kunlun would undoubtedly suffer from huge losses as well.

This moment, a lot of the audiences had started clamoring in the discussion. Although Cheng Yu name had been widely spread throughout the cultivation world, there were very few people who had truly seen him before. A lot of them started guessing his identity.

“What do you think of Cheng Yu? He was actually able to force Kunlun to kill him in such a grand manner.” One of a young cultivator stood at the summit of a mountain peak and spoke curiously as he stared at the situation happening in Kunlun.

“You don’t even know of this? Then why have you come here for?” A person beside him replied to him in disdain.

“Crashing the sect gate was something hard to come by even after hundred over years. Even if I don’t know him, I should at least come here and join in the fun. Could it be you knew of this person’s history?” The young cultivator spoke approvingly.

“Of course. Let me tell you. This Cheng Yu was the mysterious person who had beheaded the top 8 Kunlun Golden Core expert in the Death Forest!”
“Beheading Kunlun 8 top experts? Could this Cheng Yu be a Nascent Soul expert? But isn’t it said that Nascent Soul Realm wouldn’t be able to enter the Death Forest?” That person voiced out his doubts.

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“Of course not. This Cheng Yu was genuinely a Golden Core expert. Currently, his past achievements in the Death Forest was being circulated around. Some had said that Cheng Yu was a genius that appears once in thousand over years. He possesses 3 Golden Core. Some even said that he found the Death Shrine. Furthermore, he had obtained the inheritance hidden in the Death Shrine. Therefore, he was so powerful!” The person explained in envy and jealousy.

“3 golden cores? Obtained the inheritance in the Death Shrine? This is impossible, right? Don’t talk about the 3 golden core first. The Death Forest had existed for over thousands of years but I had never heard anyone witnessing the Death Shrine before. I am pretty sure someone is spreading false rumors.” The youngster felt all of these very unconvincing.

“It’s hard to say. However, Cheng Yu killing off Kunlun top 8 golden core expert was witnessed by a lot of people. Otherwise, Kunlun would not place out such an attitude today.” The person sighed.

“Right! No matter what, this Cheng Yu could still be counted as someone powerful. Look at how Kunlun is acting. As expected from Kunlun. Their golden core experts are grouped up into groups. We, those small sects would never be able to compare to them!”

“It’s already noon. Don’t tell me this Cheng Yu is too afraid to come right!” Just when everyone was cooped up in their discussion, the time passes by quietly. However, other than the Kunlun Sect, none of them was able to spot Cheng Yu’s figure.

“I think this brat isn’t coming already! Heard that he was quite powerful, killing off several Kunlun experts. I think it’s all just b******* being spread around. During this moment, he actually cowers in fear. Truly a coward!” Some of the audiences had already gotten impatient. They felt that the description others have of Cheng Yu was just exaggeration.

“What are you trying to say? In my opinion, it’s a good decision for his not to come! If you are so powerful, why not you try crashing their sect gate? Crashing the sect gate was only done by Nascent Soul Ream. No matter how powerful Cheng Yu was, he was only in the Golden Core Realm. Kunlun was clearly trying to bully him. If it was me, I wouldn’t be coming as well!” The person started voicing the injustice on Cheng Yu behalf.

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Although Cheng Yu had caused such a ruckus, the majority of them here was just to enjoy the upcoming show. Yet, Cheng Yu, a Golden Core Realm cultivator had actually dared to provoke Kunlun alone. They had no choice but to admire his boldness.

It wasn’t the first time Kunlun had acted so arrogantly and despotic. A lot of small sects would never dare to utter a word when they were in front of Kunlun. However, Cheng Yu dare to kill off 8 of Kunlun Golden Core expert alone. One might ask, how many of those present at the scene would dare to do that?

“That’s right! Kunlun influence was so strong. Although the disciple protecting the crashing of the gate was 200 years old and below, there would certainly be Nascent Soul Realm expert within them as well. If Cheng Yu were to come, he would certainly die. Although I also wish to see Cheng Yu appearing, even if he wouldn’t appear, no one should have the rights to call him a coward.” That person was in favor of Cheng Yu.

At the top of Yunxiao Peak, Yuan Yangzi and all the other elders had waited for the whole morning. Other than sensing the mountain being filled with audiences, they were unable to find even Cheng Yu’s shadow. As they saw how the morning had just ended just like this, it caused them to turn somewhat anxious.

“Sect Master, could this brat truly not be coming?! Does he no longer cares for his woman?” All the elders had turned somewhat impatient as well. Elder Cheng couldn’t help but voiced out his opinion.

His favorite disciple had been killed by Cheng Yu. He had longed to take revenge personally. However, he did not have the opportunity to do so. He really hopes that Cheng Yu would appear so that he could kill him off.

“No! I believe he would come. Otherwise, Limitless Palace would not have intruded into our Kunlun numerous times.” Yuan Yangzi seemed to be in serenity by his heart was also very anxious.

In the other peaks, all the other ten great sects had also sent out a few of their people here. Moreover, the majority of them was led here by their sect master personally. It was sufficient to show how much of an importance they had placed in this challenge.

“Haha! Cultivator Yu Ling, Cultivator Cang Song. Long time, no see. I didn’t expect to see you here. Seem like the 2 of you is very interested in this upcoming challenge.” Shushan Sect, Cultivator Xuan Zhen glanced over to Tianshan and Cangling Sect Master as he brought his people over to them and laughed.

“Hehe. Unexpectedly, Cultivator Xuan Zhen would also come here. We have not seen each other for a long time. Cultivator Xuan Zhen cultivation is getting more and more profound already!” Yu Lingzi made a nonchalant comment.

“Haha! You are flattering me! In the cultivation world, who didn’t know that Cultivator Yu Ling cultivation had reached a high and profound level, causing all of us to look up to you.” Xuan Zhenzi smiled brightly.

“Hehe. Sect Master Xuan Zhen is overpraising!” Yu Ling chuckled fakely.

“I heard that this Cheng Yu was hard to come by genius. Although his cultivation level isn’t high, his strength is out of the ordinary. A few days ago, he even managed to discover the Death Shrine together with your sect disciple. I believe Cultivator Yu Ling’s harvest should be quite rewardful isn’t it?”

“Hehe. Cultivator Xuan Zhen must be joking. That was just rumors. You and I should both know that the current rumors are just a distort of truths. How could you believe it?” Yu Lingzi laughed.

A few days ago, Kunlun Sect, Elder Yuan Cheng had brought a group of people to encircle around Tianshan. During then, Yu Lingzi had ignored them and not be bothered by them Ultimately, these people could no longer hold on any longer and chose to descend down the mountain of their own accord. However, after this incident, a lot of them started showing their dissatisfaction for Tianshan.

Yet, Xuan Zhen actually mentioned that incident in front of everyone, showing off his ill intention. When the people present at the scene heard Xuan Zhen words, they placed their attention towards Yu Lingzi and Xuan Zhen.

“Haha! What Cultivator Yu Ling is right! I’m just mentioning this casually. I hope Cultivator Yu Ling not to place it to heart.” Xuan Zhen laughed and continued. ”Not sure what kind of person was this Cheng Yu. He actually caused Kunlun to put out so much effort just to deal with him. May I ask if Cultivator Yu Ling could tell me more of this Cheng Yu?”

Xuan Zhen had planned to tie Cheng Yu and Tianshan together. When the time comes, once Kunlun had disposed of Cheng Yu, they could also use it as an excuse to deal with Tianshan Sect.

Furthermore, Shushan Sect would also not let Cheng Yu off so lightly. When Wu Ming had come back from the Death Forest, he had narrated to him what Cheng Yu did in the Death Forest.

This brat had not only found a lot of treasures, but he had also killed a lot of Shushan disciples. Even if Kunlun were to not take revenge for their disciple, their Shushan would still find an opportunity to do so.

This being the case, Tianshan Sect had also always been their target. If they were to be able to ally with Kunlun to eliminate both of them, it would be the best.

However, Kunlun had already put forth a killing hunt on Cheng Yu. Their Shushan had come with the intention to enjoy the show as well. Although their Shushan and Kunlun seem to be in alliance with each other, they were often being suppressed by Kunlun numerous times.

When he heard that Kunlun do possesses some abilities, Xuan Zhen felt that even if Cheng Yu were to be killed by Kunlun people, Kunlun would certainly suffer a tremendous loss in the process of doing so.

“Senior Sister! Do you think Senior Brother would come? Look at the attitude of Kunlun. If Senior Brother were to come, he will surely die!” Among the disciple in Tianshan, Tian Xing looked towards the faraway Kunlun and voiced out his worries.

“Who knows what he’s thinking! Every day, he acts as if he is afraid of nothing. Perhaps, he might really come here dim-wittedly!” Tian Xue might seem angry but everyone was able to tell the worry and anxiousness she had.

In another mountain top a distant away from Tianshan Sect, a group of immortal like women had captured the attention of numerous cultivators. They were Huaxian Valley people.

“Senior Sister Ning Xuan, why did teacher agree to let us watch this challenge?” Ning Yan who was standing behind Ning Xuan enquired curiously.

“Not sure.” Ning Xuan replied indifferently.

In fact, she was also very confused. Huaxian Valley would seldom participate in the dispute happening in the cultivation world. Other than sending disciple out to train, they were almost similar to Limitless Palace. They usually would seclude themselves of any matters.

However, when they heard that Kunlun was inviting Cheng Yu to crash their sect gate, their teacher had ordered them to have a look at the challenge. This was simply a puzzle to them.

“Senior Sister, do you think that Cheng Yu would come? Kunlun have so many experts, what could he possibly do when he comes?” When Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang saw the groups of experts Kunlun had prepared, they were very anxious. They prayed for Cheng Yu not to arrive.

“He will come.” Ning Xuan frowned.

“Why?” Ning Wushuang enquired curiously.

“Kunlun had specially mentioned the Purple Wind Chimes in their challenge. Although I don’t know what was the underlying meaning behind it, I believe Cheng Yu knew. Therefore, he would certainly appear.” Ning Xuan commented.

“You are saying Kunlun is blackmailing Cheng Yu?” Ning Wushuang was startled.


“Cheng Yu has arrived! He’s here!” It was at this moment, someone shouted out.

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