Chapter 34: Commotion In East Sword City

“Kekeke… Number 1 VIP Lounge customer had offered 71000 gold coins. Seem like no one dares to offer any higher!”

“Since it’s so, this heavy sword shall be sold to the customer in the number 1 VIP lounge!”


Along with the slam of the auction hammer, everyone’s frail heart jumped once more.

Purchasing a heavy sword for 70000 gold coins?

Furthermore, he even dared to go head to head with the Lin Family’s 2nd Young Master?

Who exactly was this person?

“Young Master Wentian, this is the sword you purchased!”

A moment later, four masculine men carried the sword into the private room.

“Thank you!”

When Mo Wentian saw the heavy sword, he smirked.

This sword could aid him in perfecting his Softness Within Hardness to the consummate realm!

“However, about the gold coins…”

Mo Wentian looked turn slightly stiff as he stared at Hu Mei who was in front of him. He was embarrassed!

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“Hehehe…. Does Young Master Wentian not have that many gold coins?”

When Hu Mei saw how Mo Wentian was acting, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

Where was the aggressive Mo Wentian? Where was the courage you had when bidding for the item?!

“Cough cough… Please wait a moment Ms Hu Mei!”

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Mo Wentian coughed lightly.

Immediately after, a bamboo strip appeared from within his robes.

“This is……”

Hu Mei eyes lighted up. After she had bought Mo Wentian’s previous jade strips, she instantly knew what this bamboo strip contained the moment he took it out!

“This is a low-grade earth rank sword technique!”

Mo Wentian replied nonchalantly.

“Low-grade earth rank sword technique!”


Hu Mei inhaled in deeply. She stared at Mo Wentian in shock and awe.

“This sword technique should be sufficient as payment, right?”

Mo Wentian’s face was covered in smiles as he asked.


Hu Mei stared at Mo Wentian but didn’t accept the jade strip.

This was an earth rank sword technique!

It was extremely rare even in Central Sword City! It was rumoured that the Lin Family had relied on a low-grade earth rank sword technique to become the strongest faction in Central Sword City!

“Young Master Wentian, even if I auction this heavy sword off in Central Sword City, it would at most fetch 30000 gold coins. Although you called out a bid of 70000, my Ocean Skyline Pavilion won’t take advantage of you. You can just pay us 30000 gold coins!”

When Hu Mei saw how Mo Wentian was acting, she clenched her teeth and said.

“Just pay 30000 gold coins?!”

Mo Wentian paused before smiling in reply, “Many thanks! However, I’m currently lacking in gold coins. How about auctioning off this low-grade earth rank sword technique since it’s pointless for me to keep it?”

“Pointless for you to keep it?”

Hu Mei mouth twitched. This was the first time Hu Mei started to grow suspicious of Mo Wentian’s identity.

If it wasn’t because Mo Wentian really came from the Mo Family, thoughts about how he was the illegitimate son of the Sect Master of the Three Great Sword Sect would pop into her head.

“Hehehe… Please wait a moment Young Master Wentian. I will arrange for it right away!”

Hu Mei smiled charmingly and took the jade strip from Mo Wentian before leaving the room.

“Up next would be last item for today. This item is a piece of jade silk. The auctioneer had told us that this item came from the sword void. As for the uses of this jade silk, my Ocean Skyline Pavilion has yet to find out!”

“However, since it originates from the sword void, it is definitely something good!”

“We shall commence the sale of this item! The base price is 10000 gold coins. Every increment has to be at least a thousand gold coins!”

The pliable lady smiled as a piece of jade silk appeared on the auction stage.

The jade silk was purple in color and had weird patterns engraved onto it. These weird patterns seemed to contain some sort of profound concepts.

On the other hand, it seemed as though nothing was there!

“Originates from the sword void? Really?”

“Even the Ocean Skyline Pavilion had no idea of the use?”

“What’s the point of buying it if I have no idea how to use it? Seems like I made this trip in vain!”

“Let’s go, let’s go!”


One after another, people started to stand up, intending to leave the hall.

“Sword void…”

Mo Wentian dazed out for a moment. Any average person might not know of it but Mo Wentian had a clear understanding of that place.

That place was an ancient remnant!

Unknowingly, when the jade silk appeared in the auction hall, Mo Wentian seem brute sword in him fluctuate for a moment.

“Since the brute sword reacted when the item appeared, could it actually be good stuff?”

Mo Wentian fixed his gaze on the jade silk.

Even he couldn’t tell where these patterns originated from. However, he was able to sense the profound concept contained inside clearly.

“10000 gold coins!”

Mo Wentian turned silent for a moment before calling out.

“Number 1 VIP Lounge called out a bid again!”

“That person used 70000 gold coins to buy a heavy sword. Now, he even wants to use 10000 gold coins to buy a piece of useless jade silk! What an idiot…”

“Seems like a spoilt brat from some big faction…”


All of them shook their head and sighed. The only person who dared to call out a price like that had to be the young master or patriarch of some big faction!

“Spoilt brat?”

Mo Wentian smiled.

10000 gold coins might be considered cheap to Mo Wentian if this piece of jade silk turned out to be good stuff.

If that was really the case, he would really be profiting big time!


“Congratulations to Number 1 VIP Lounge bidder to successfully obtain the last item!”

The lady’s hammer fell.

Just like this, the jade silk fell into Mo Wentian’s hands after spending 10000 gold coins.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone shook their head and left.

At the very next moment, a muffled voice resounded through the hall.

“Everyone, please wait for a moment. A minute ago, my Ocean Skyline Pavilion obtained an item from a mysterious person. I’m sure this upcoming item won’t disappoint any of you.”

“There’s one more?”

“Won’t disappoint us? Is something really good going to appear?”

“Let’s take a look at it first!”


Everyone who were preparing to leave the hall sat back down.

It was at this moment an old man appeared on the auction stage. The old man was holding a jade strip on his hand and his face looked extremely serious.

“This is the Ocean Skyline Pavilion director!”

“My god. Even the director came out… I heard that Director Hu is a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!”

“Can it be something good is about to appear?”


Instantly, everyone started to make a racket. One after another, they stared at the jade strip in the old man’s hand. A look of anticipation flashed across their face.

In the 2nd VIP Lounge.

“Rou’er, go and investigate. Who is that person in the first lounge? He actually dared to oppose me… I’ll never let him leave East Sword City alive!”

Lin Cheng’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Yes, Young Master!”

A female at the side gradually withdrew herself.

“Director Hu, what’s the last item?”

Lin Cheng stared at the old man on stage and enquired in excitement.

“Just wait and see, Young Master Lin.”

Director Hu smiled lightly.

“Just wait and see?”

Lin Cheng frowned before replying in extreme arrogance, ”Can East Sword City even bring out anything good?”

“That might not be the case!”

Director Hu replied indifferently.


Lin Cheng harrumphed and looked at Director Hu who seemed to ignore him. He recalled what Mo Wentian said when he was asked to scram if he didn’t have enough money.

Lin Cheng could feel a bellyful of anger.

“Up next is the last item for today’s auction. I’m the director of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion in East Sword City, Hu Mo. As this upcoming item is extremely important and because of the request of the seller, I’m going to auction off this item personally.”

Hu Mo stared at everyone and smiled.

“Director Hu is being too polite!”

“Seems like Director Hu’s cultivation improved!”

“Quickly start it, Director Hu!”


There was a courteous look on everyone’s face..


Hu Mo smiled apathetically. Subsequently, he uncovered the embroidered cloth on the jade tray and a jade strip appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Everyone, this is a low-grade earth rank sword technique!”


“Low-grade earth rank sword technique?”



The moment the old man spoke out, everyone in the hall instantly stood up.

Lin Cheng who was in the 2nd VIP Lounge stood up as well.

“It’s actually an earth rank sword technique! Hurry up and inform the patriarch and elders! We have to obtain this sword technique no matter what!”

Lin Cheng’s face was filled with excitement.

“Young Master, we are currently in the East Sword City. If we have to inform the patriarch, I’m afraid…”

The maid who was massaging Lin Cheng shoulder hesitated.

“East Sword City!”

Lin Cheng paused before smacking himself on the forehead, ”Go and inform the Mo Family. As long as my Lin Family is able to purchase this sword technique, my Lin Family can let Mo Qingcheng be the big madam!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The two servants immediately retreated.

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