Chapter 33: Lin Cheng

“Heavy sword?”

A look of disappointment flashed across the eyes of the audience members. However, Mo Wentian’s eyes lit up.

Not many people used heavy swords in the Sword God Continent.

To Mo Wentian, this heavy sword was of extreme importance.

Although the black iron heavy sword Mo Wentian used weighed 750kg, it was no longer of any use to him after he had mastered Softness Within Hardness!

“Young Master Mo wishes to have this heavy sword?”

Hu Mei smiled when she saw how Mo Wentian was looking at the sword.


Mo Wentian nodded before replying, ”No matter how much this heavy sword is going to be, I’m taking it!”

“Taking it?”

Hu Mei’s expression flickered.

Looking at the heavy sword on the auction ground and back to the heavy sword behind Mo Wentian, Hu Mei’s expression turned somewhat strange.

Others would usually avoid using a heavy sword.

However, Mo Wentian actually chose to use a heavy sword!

“This heavy sword is around 40cm long. It’s 7 inch thick and has a total weight of 1500kg. It was crafted by Grandmaster Ouyang!”

“Although something went wrong during the refinement process causing it to drop a grade, the sturdiness of the sword is comparable to a High Grade Spiritual Artifact!”

“My Ocean Skyline Pavilion had already gotten someone to test it. This sword is able to bear the weight of an Initial Stage Four Constellation Realm Sword Master’s sword qi!”

The lady above the auction stage explained it to everyone.

Regardless of how the lady had presented it, the people beneath the stage all shook their head. A 1500kg heavy sword. If one couldn’t train the Softness Within Hardness technique to the pinnacle, it would be useless to even purchase this sword.

“I shall commence the auction of this sword. Base price is 10000 gold coins. Every increment have to be at least 1000 gold coins!”

After the pliable lady had fully introduced the sword, the auction hammer landed down, initiating the start of the auction!

“10000 gold coins?”

The hall became extremely quiet. Everyone looked at the female auctioneer without quoting a price!

“A heavy sword actually cost 10000 gold coins? Unless that person is an idiot, no one will buy it!”

“A 1500kg heavy sword? I’m afraid even a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master will have issues lifting it!”

“Aish… What a pity!”


Discussion started clamouring out in the auction hall.

The pliable auctioneer couldn’t help but smiled bitterly while standing above the stage. It was going to hard for them to find a buyer for this sword in such a small place.

If it wasn’t because of her young miss…

“I truly have no idea what is young miss thinking. If this sword were to be auctioned in the Central Sword City, it can fetch at least 30000 gold coins!”

“Here, no one will bother buying it even at 10000 gold coins!”

A bulter grumbled when he saw the scene.

“No one will buy it?”

Elder Yuan’s eyes started flickering as he stood in the hall.

Others might not know about it, however, after following Hu Mei for such a long time, he knew who she prepared this sword for!

“A Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact might be very expensive but to be able to rope in a Four Constellation Realm expert with it is certainly worthwhile. By then, my Hu Family status will certainly rise again!”

Hu Mei looked at Mo Wentian with a dazzling light shining in her eyes.

“10000 gold coins!”

Just when the lady auctioneer was about to move on with the auction, a voice resonated throughout the hall.

“Someone offered a value?”

“Seems like someone from the VIP lounge!”

“Spending 10000 gold coins just to buy a heavy sword, can that person be an idiot?”


Everyone gaze fell onto the VIP room at the side of the lounge.

“Someone actually called out the price before me?”

Mo Wentian frowned while he sat within the VIP lounge.

The voice originated from the lounge beside him!

“Seems like there’s someone who knows his stuff!”

Mo Wentian smiled lightly. This heavy sword wouldn’t pose much of a use to those sword cultivators in the East Sword City.

In all the big sects, heavy sword would be used during their 1st lesson!

“I offer 11000 gold coins!”

Mo Wentian’s voice gradually resonated out.

“Oh? There’s someone who’s interested in it as well?”

A youth in the second VIP lounge sat on the sofa languidly with 3 beauties serving him!

“Young Master Lin, are you going to continue bidding?”

A old man standing beside the youth spoke with a face filled with smiles.

“Continue. Why not? Am I lacking gold coins?”

Lin Cheng smiled with disdain.

He was a disciple from the Lin Family in the Central Sword City. The reason he came to East Sword City was for the Mo Family’s genius disciple, Mo Qingcheng!

It was rumored that she was very gorgeous and possessed a 7th grade spiritual root. Adding on to her identity as someone from the Mo Family, she barely had the qualifications to become his mistress!

“I offer 20000!”

Lin Cheng smiled nonchalantly as his voice rang out.

The way he acted made it seem like 20000 gold coins were nothing to him.


Mo Wentian paused slightly. Immediately after, his lips curled up before his voice resonated out again, ”21000 gold coins!”

“He still dares to increase the price?”

Lin Cheng frowned. Although he was the young master of the Lin Family, he didn’t carry that many gold coins with him!

“I offer 30000 gold coins!”

“31000 gold coins!”


“41000 gold coins!”

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The price continued to increase till it was 70000. Meanwhile, Mo Wentian’s expression was still calm.

All the spectators looked at the rooms and they were dumbstruck.

“Butler Hu, who is that?”

In the 2nd VIP lounge, Lin Cheng’s expression became extremely cold as a terrifying cold qi spreaded out from Lin Cheng’s body.

Lin Cheng didn’t expect there was someone who would act so arrogantly in East Sword City!

“Young Master Lin, that person is a VIP of my Ocean Skyline Pavilion. I plead that Young Master Lin will not be affected by him!”

The old man smiled.


Traces of coldness could be seen in Lin Cheng’s eyes as a piercing aura shot out from Lin Cheng’s body. It shot straight towards Mo Wentian’s lounge.

“Looking for death!”

Mo Wentian expression turned cold. When he sensed the terrifying aura oppressing him, the aura on Mo Wentian’s body gradually extended out.


A dreadful sharpness swept past the hall.

“Both of them are Leaving Sword Realm experts!”

Everyone sucked in a deep breath as their expression became serious.

“Young Master Lin, please show some self-respect!”

The old man beside Lin Cheng spoke coldly.


Lin Cheng harrumphed. Subsequently, a icy-cold voice rang out within the hall, ”Sire seems to be quite powerful. Lin Cheng shall remember you!”

“Lin Cheng? Could he be the 2nd Young Master of the Lin Family from Central Sword City?!”

“Heard that Mo Family’s daughter Mo Qingcheng is about to have an alliance wedding with the Lin Family Young Master. Not sure if it’s true!”

“Seems like Lin Cheng’s arrival is because of Mo Qingcheng!”


The hall was in an uproar!

“Lin Cheng!”

Mo Wentian eyebrows arched upwards for a split second. However, he recovered in the next instant.

So what if he was Lin Cheng?

Just a small Central Sword City disciple was not fit to be his opponent.

“He’s actually someone from Central Sword City!”

Hu Mei’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. However, when she saw Mo Wentian’s tranquil expression, her heart relaxed.

“Turns out the Lin Family disciple is actually so poor! If you don’t have the money, scram!”

“If you don’t have the money, scram!”

That nonchalant voice was like an aloof yet remote condemnation!

It was like a supreme sword ancestor, looking down on a group of kids playing with a wooden sword.

The people within the hall went into a daze.

The Lin Family 2nd Young Master was being berated by others?


The killing intent in Lin Cheng surged out like water from a broken dam, assaulting everyone in the hall. Even the temperature in the hall seemed to drop by several degrees.

Telling him to scram?

How many years had it been since someone told him to scram?!

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“Young Master Lin, this is the Ocean Skyline Pavilion!”

The old man beside stared at Lin Cheng apathetically.

“Very good!”

After spitting out the two words, the killing intent on Lin Cheng gradually disappeared.

Along with the withdrawal of Lin Cheng’s killing intent, everyone in the hall had their backs covered in cold sweat. Each and every one of their faces stared in the 2nd VIP lounge in shock!

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