Chapter 327: Devious Qing Xu!

“What? You really have a way! Quickly say of it!” Cheng Yu spoke in surprise.

“Very simple! Soul Suppressing Pagoda!” Soul Suppressor commented.

“Soul Suppressing Pagoda? You say it would be able to win against several Nascent Soul Realm?” Cheng Yu was extremely puzzled. He had held onto the Soul Suppressing Pagoda for so long but never felt that it was anything awesome.

“Nope!” Soul Suppressor replied with tranquility.

“Than you still say it would?!” Cheng Yu was disappointed.

“Soul Suppressing Pagoda might not be able to win against Nascent Soul Realm, but it could aid you in winning them.”

“Really? Tell me more!” Cheng Yu was still in disbelief. After all, he was limited by his cultivation. Furthermore, the disparity between him and his enemy was too big. If he wished to defeat the other party, it was not something an artifact could complement. However, if it were to be an immortal artifact, it would be a lot easier for him.

“This Soul Suppressing Pagoda had been with you for quite a period of time but you pay no attention to it. Even now, you have yet to fully refine it. If you had fully refined it previously, you would have known how to deal with your current issue right away!” Soul Suppressor rebuked.

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda might be a low-grade soul artifact currently, but it was formerly a quasi-immortal artifact. Although it wasn’t an immortal artifact, it had long exceeded the strength of a supreme-grade soul artifact.

Yet, Cheng Yu treated it as a prison to store stuff in it. Inside, it had trapped those white bone armies that Cheng Yu had found in the Death Forest as well as Yun Zhong and a few other cultivators. Soul Suppressor was truly speechless.

“This…… Alright!” If Soul Suppressor were to not tell him this, he wouldn’t have to pay any attention to it. After all, lots of time, Cheng Yu need not use the pagoda and would have been able to solve the problem. Therefore, he had neglected its existence.

Now that there were only 3 days left, Cheng Yu had no idea if this idea would work but he had no other choice. He believed the Soul Suppressor wouldn’t have lied to him. After telling Qing Xu that he was going to seclusion for 2 days, he returned back to his room and intend to refine the Soul Suppressing Pagoda completely.

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew out from Cheng Yu body and hovered above him. Cheng Yu released his heavenly laws, shining it onto the pagoda.

Cheng Yu had completely permeated into his own world as he refined the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

However, in another room of the Extreme Heaven Peak, Qing Xu was burning in fury. He had been very satisfied with this new disciple of his and felt that the decision in accepting him was certainly right.

But as Cheng Yu’s teacher, he felt that he was a failure. Cheng Yu had joined his sect halfway. Before he joined, he already possessed a weird and formidable cultivation technique. Although Limitless Palace cultivation method wasn’t bad, it was still somewhat inferior to what Cheng Yu was learning.

The reason why he was able to accept Cheng Yu as his disciple was because Cheng Yu wanted to learn blacksmithing. But ever since Cheng Yu had returned back from the Death Forest, the amount of soul artifact he had could be a gift to anyone he wishes to. Since it was so, would there still be a need for him to learn blacksmithing?

Therefore, in QIng Xu opinion, he had truly failed as a teacher. Because there was nothing for him to teach Cheng Yu. The only thing he could give him now was to provide him a safe environment before he had fully mature. This was also what Qing Xu wanted to do now.

But at this very moment, he was unable to achieve it. Facing such a severe incident, yet was unable to do anything to aid Cheng Yu. Furthermore, he had to see Cheng Yu throwing away his life helplessly.

Qing Xu was filled with anxiousness and sorrow!

“No! Even if I had to die, I must protect this disciple of mine!” Suddenly, Qing Xu eyes shot out a beam. He looked at the bright moonlight and turned himself into a beam of light as he disappeared from the darkness.

In the Wuji Peak, a man stood on top of the peak and looked at the starlight that was traveling in the darkness. He sighed helplessly.

“Father, why are you sighing? Is it because of Junior Brother Cheng Yu?” A beautiful lady walked over from his back. With the moonlight shining on her, it made her lightly frowned eyebrows even more enticing.

“That’s right! No matter what, he was still our Limitless Palace disciple. As his sect master, I’m helpless in solving it for him. Truly ashamed.” Qing Yuanzi replied.
“Father, we really have no other ways than to let Junior Brother Cheng Yu crash their sect gate?” Xin Yao replied with some sorrow.

Although she had not to know Cheng Yu for long and their relationship couldn’t be count as close, when Xin Yao saw how Cheng Yu was willing to risk everything just for a secular world woman in order to save her, Xin Yao felt that such a man shouldn’t die so early.

“Aish! I’m afraid tonight gonna be a bloody night.” Qing Yuanzi looked towards the darkness.

“Why is this so?” Xin Yao was confused.

“Aish! Your Martial Uncle had only managed to find such a pleasing disciple after so many years. But unfortunately, this disciple had brought along a disaster with him. He must certainly not feel good in his heart and would never allow Yu’er to send himself to death.” Qing Yuanzi commented.

The 2 of them had been brothers for thousands of years. Naturally, Qing Yuanzi knew what Qing Xu was thinking of.

“Father, could it be Martial Uncle is heading over to kill Kunlun people?!” Xin Yao suddenly saw the light and voiced her surprise.

“Not sure. A moment ago, I saw a figure flying out from Extreme Heaven’s Peak. I believe it’s undoubtedly your Martial Uncle.”

“But even Father, you had come back injured. Wouldn’t it be even more dangerous for Martial Uncle?” Xin Yao had never once seen Qing Xu made a move himself. She had no idea what realm had Qing Xu reached to.

However, as her father Senior Brother, even if he was stronger than her father, it wouldn’t be too much of a difference. Meanwhile, the other party was a loose immortal expert. Under heaven, how many loose immortals were there? And she knew that Kunlun certainly has more than 1 of them.

If Qing Xu were to really head over to Kunlun to look for trouble, it would really be extremely dangerous for him.

“Therefore, I must head over to Kunlun once more.” Qing Yuanzi narrowed her eyes.

“Father, how can you? Your injuries have yet to recover!” Xin Yao was worried.

“It was hard for your Martial Uncle to find a disciple he likes. It was also hard for me to have such a decent Martial Nephew. Furthermore, I still owe him a repayment gift. Besides, I’m worried about your martial Uncle as well. With both of us there, even if they had 2 loose immortal, it wouldn’t be a problem for us to flee.” Qing Yuanzi replied before turning into a beam of light, disappearing into the darkness.

“Father!” Xin Yao cried out. However, Qing Yuanzi had already disappeared.

Xin Yao was extremely worried in her heart. However, she knew that other than wait, there were no other means for her.


Below Kunlun Mountain, a figure appeared there. However, just when this person was about to head up the mountain, another figure appeared behind him.

“Who is it!” Qing Xu sensed someone was following behind him.

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“Senior Brother, it’s me!” Qing Yuanzi went forward to speak.

“Junior Brother! What have you come here for?” Qing Xu was somewhat surprised.

“Since Senior Brother can come over, why can’t I?” Qing Yuanzi smiled.

“You knew why I would come but you are different. After all, you are Limitless Palace Sect Master. If such news were to be made known to others, how would they think of our Limitless Palace?” Qing Xu knew the good intention of Qing Yuanzi but he didn’t hope that he would follow him. Cheng Yu was his disciple and he should do what he ought to. And there was not a need for Qing Yuanzi to get mixed in this muddy water.

Besides, Qing Yuanzi was a sect master. If someone were to discover him doing such a shameless thing, Limitless Palace would really lose all of its prestige.

“Hehe, Senior Brother, don’t forget. It was Kunlun who acted shameless first. Since they dared to capture someone from the secular world, what is wrong in our actions then?” Qing Yuanzi seemed not to mind being caught.

“Thank you, Junior Brother!” Qing Xu was truly touched.

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“Senior Brother, you are making me feel discontented. We have been brothers for so many years, would our relations only surmount to this?” Qing Yuanzi harrumphed.

“Good! Wait till we returned, we will have a good drink!” Qing Xu laughed.

“Sure! It had been a long time since I have a few drinks with Senior Brother! What does Senior Brother intend to do now? Are we searching for people or killing them?”

“Search! If we have located the person, Yu’er will not need to crash their sect gate.” Qing Xu replied.

“Senior Brother, I feel that killing their people would be a lot better!” Qing Yuanzi voiced out his opinion.

“Oh? Why would you say so?” Qing Xu was confused.

“Think about it. Kunlun had already announced to the cultivation world that they are inviting Yu’er to crash their sect gate. Currently, countless sects are waiting to watch this drama happening!”

“So what? Yu’er is still in the Golden Core Realm. It wasn’t surprising if he were to reject them.” Qing Xu voiced out his disapproval.

“Of course. It wasn’t anything shameful if Yu’er were to reject them. But what if Kunlun were the one who lost this challenge? Wouldn’t it be a smack in Kunlun face?” Qing Yuanzi smiled.

“What do you mean? This challenge was meant to be a suicide mission for Yu’er. If it wasn’t because of this, I would have let him come over.”

“Senior Brother, relax. From the current situation, Yu’er would certainly be screwed if he were to crash the sect gate. But if we are to injure or killed a few of those Nascent Soul experts who were below 200 years old, wouldn’t Yu’er survive? When the time comes, with Yu’er strength, fighting against 2 Nascent Soul Realm could let the whole cultivation world witness the prowess of our Limitless Palace. Furthermore, Kunlun also had no choice but to submit!” Qing Yuanzi smirked.

“Junior Brother! Are you really our Limitless Palace Sect Master? If the teacher were to know you had actually done such a shameless thing, I’m not sure if he would truly regret if he had actually made an error in his judgment. We are a righteous sect. But Junior Brother words had struck the bottom of my heart. Heh heh!” Qing Xu was astonished at first before smirking as well.

Qing Xu had never once imagined Qing Yuanzi would think of such a shameless method. He always felt that his Junior Brother was very honest and upright. Unexpectedly, he was even more devious than him.

“Heh heh! Senior Brother, since it’s so, let’s head over to Kunlun to pluck out some ‘flowers’?” Qing Yuanzi knew what sort of person was Qing Xu. It was also because Qing Xu had always acted sloppily and did not like to tie down by the rules and regulations of the sect. Furthermore, Qing Xu never liked to be tied down to a place. Therefore, their teacher had chosen to hand over the position to Qing Yuanzi.

Both of them smiled at each other before disappearing into the darkness!

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