Chapter 326: Awakening Of Soul Suppressor!

“Yu’er, I’m sorry. I’m unable to get the person back.” Qing Yuanzi spoke to Cheng Yu apologetically.

This time, it was all thanks to Cheng Yu gifting him the Yin Yang Umbrella. Otherwise, he would still be able to withstand the palm strike but the price he had to pay would become a lot bigger. Perhaps, it might even be a grave injury.

“It’s fine. I’m already very thankful for Martial Uncle making a trip there personally.” Cheng Yu smiled. However, the smile was very similar to a cry. It caused Qing Yuanzi to feel somewhat bad.

“Junior Brother, why have you returned injured? Is it possible that those fellows from Kunlun had actually made a move on you?” Qing Xu enquired.

Although the Limitless Palace had secluded themselves, it didn’t mean that they had isolated themselves. Usually, they would still head out to travel around the world. It just that they would not interfere with the matters outside. If there was anything major that was going to happen, they would still come forth to preside over it.

Furthermore, didn’t Qing Xu met Cheng Yu outside recently? He knew who was controlling the matters in Kunlun and knew who Yuan Yangzi was. He was a junior who was a generation younger than him. He felt that Yuan Yangzi should not have the ability to injure Qing Yuanzi. Could it be those old fellows in the sect had made a move?

“It’s Cultivator Guang Dao!” Qing Yuanzi answered.

“Cultivator Guang Dao? He hasn’t ascended?” Qing Xu replied in startlement.

“He failed his tribulation and had become a loose immortal.”

“He failed his tribulation? Then how did you end up fighting with him?” Qing Xu was somewhat surprised by the news.

Previously, Guang Dao was one of the talented figure in Kunlun and was also the one who had the highest chance of ascending. Although they were in the same generation, Guang Dao was a lot older than them. Before the 2 brothers had even managed to break through to the Great Ascension Realm, it was said that Guang Dao was already in the Late Stage Great Ascension Realm. At any time, he might possibly ascend. Unexpectedly, such a genius had actually failed his tribulation. It’s really hard to overcome heavenly laws!

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“Originally, I was intending to make Kunlun reconcile with Cheng Yu but Kunlun attitude was very firm. Thus, I can only settle for the second best, which is to get Yu’er beloved back. At first, I had managed to give them a fright but Guang Dao suddenly popped out. In the end, we ended up fighting each other.” Qing Yuanzi replied in regret.

“Than what are we supposed to now? Could it be that Yu’er really has to crash their sect gate? Wouldn’t that just be a suicide?” Qing Xu commented.

“This…… Not sure how many Nascent Soul experts they have that are below 200 years old…” Qing Yuanzi also had no other means.

“Regardless of how many there were, if Yu’er were to head there, he will be gone forever. Previously, the 2 Nascent Soul Realm cultivator they sent out was forced to retreat by Yu’er. We can speculate that the numbers of Nascent Soul expert they have are no less than 2. If they have no certainty, why would they choose such a method to force him to crash their sect gate?” Qing Xu replied.

“Aish……!” Qing Yuanzi sighed.

“Let me go then!” Cheng Yu finally spoke. During the time Qing Yuanzi had gone to Kunlun, he had already got to know the real meaning of crashing the sect gate. He knew that it was impossible for him to successfully crash their sect gate. But his woman was still in their hands. Therefore, even if there were millions of expert waiting for him, he still must head over.

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“No!” Qing Xu rejected. After much difficulty did he finally manage to find a disciple he fancy. How could he possibly let him die? This mustn’t happen on his watch.

“Teacher, I have to go this time. My woman is in their hands. Even if I’m sending myself to death, I still have to go!” Cheng Yu’s tone was extremely resolute.

Xin Yao was somewhat emotionally moved by Cheng Yu’s actions. Regardless of how fickle he was and having so many women, she was able to tell he truly cared for those women.

What does a woman care most for? It was to have a man who was willing to lose their life just to save them. Regardless of how Cheng Yu was and how dangerous it was going to be, she fully supported Cheng Yu’s decision. It was because this was something a man should do.

“This……” Qing Xu and Qing Yuanzi have no idea how to persuade him. There was no wrong in love. For his beloved, a man should struggle together with her. But as Cheng Yu’s teacher and Martial Uncle, they didn’t hope for Cheng Yu to throw away his life. Therefore, they have no idea how to persuade him.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle. Thank you. Regardless of how the end result would be, I am really thankful to both of you. I’m certainly attending this crashing of sect gate. You just have to wait and see how I’m going to break their sect gate!” Cheng Yu replied to all of them seriously. Finally, he turned around and returned back to Extreme Heaven Peak alone.

“Senior Brother, you have accepted a good disciple!” Looking at the desolate figure of Cheng Yu, the trio felt as if their heart had been pierced by a needle.

“That’s right! If ample time was given to him, I believe he would become the brightest star in the cultivation world!” Qing Xu sighed:” I would not let him come to a premature end!”

Qing Xu looked at Cheng Yu leaving silhouette in radiance. Qing Yuanzi looked at Qing Xu in bafflement. He was unsure of what Qing Xu meant. Could it be he found a way?

Cheng Yu returned back to his room but did not cultivate. Instead, he sat on his bed cross-legged to reflect.

As a well-known sect in the Ten Great Sect in the cultivation world, Kunlun might not have that many Nascent Soul Realm experts that were 200 years old and below compared to Limitless Palace but as long as 3 Initial Stage Nascent Soul expert were to come out and deal with him, it would be very hard for him to cope. Yet, it was still unknown if there was Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert.

Haiss! Cheng Yu sighed helplessly. But no matter what, he still had to save his beloved back.

“Brat, you are quite sentimental uh!” Suddenly a voice popped out in Cheng Yu’s mind.

“Eh? Soul Suppressor? You woke up!” Cheng Yu was wondering how the Soul Suppressor of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was going to wake up.

“This is all thanks to you. If you hadn’t placed the Soul Suppressing Pagoda into the Mountain River Diagram to absorb the spiritual qi in it, I wouldn’t have woken up so quickly.” Soul Suppressor replied.

“Is it? What about the other artifact souls? Have they woken up as well?” Cheng Yu enquired in surprise.

The reason why soul artifact was so powerful was that not only was it’s quality very high, it was because there was a soul in it. With the soul, the soul artifact would just be a dead object. They would have to rely on Cheng Yu to control it. But soul artifact was different. They were a living object.

In fact, the person who had a complete understanding of the soul artifact was not their master but the soul that was born in the soul artifact. This was similar to a human. Soul artifact was a human body while the soul was the human spirit. For a human, what would have an even better understanding of themselves than their spirit?

After the soul artifact had acknowledged its master, the soul artifact thoughts would be interconnected to its master. Whatever it master wishes to do, it would be able to understand it completely and would also do as the master wishes.

“Nope! I am not sure if they are still alive. I no longer is able to sense their existence. Perhaps, it might be because their injuries were too severe.” Soul Suppressor sighed.

Once, they were companions who had fought together. But now, only him remain. It will inevitably feel somewhat emotional.

“Why would it be like this? Can you tell me what exactly happened to the Death Forest?” Cheng Yu had also felt that the Death Forest was very mysterious. It seemed like there were lots of secrets being concealed there. But he couldn’t find any leads. Now that the Soul Suppressor had awakened, he could finally have some of his questions answered.

“Death Forest?” The Soul Suppressor was puzzled.

“Oh! It’s the place where you lived last time. Hasn’t you always been in the Amethyst Palace? Then you should at least know what had happened right?” Cheng Yu realized that the Death Forest was a name given to the forest after the Forest City had met with her calamity.

“Oh! You meant the Holy City! That place was once known as the Heavenly Holy City. As for why would it become like this, I have no idea. I only knew that there was a day when lots of mysterious experts appeared in the city. After that, the Holy City got destroyed with the God Tree disappearing. Without a choice, the 5 palaces had to bury itself beneath the ground. I only know this much.”

“What? Just like that? Isn’t you the guardian of the Amethyst Palace? You should know much more aren’t you!” Cheng Yu replied in surprise. The details of the even given to him were too little, to the point that it could be counted as insignificant.

“Although I’m the Palace Master treasure, there are still lots of things I didn’t know. She would also not let me know about it as there was not a need to.” Soul Suppressor retorted.

Although the treasure and its master thoughts were interconnected, it didn’t mean that they would know whatever the other party was thinking. Their thoughts would only interconnect with each other only when they wished to.

Just like Cheng Yu. He didn’t choose to conceal his thoughts. Therefore, Soul Suppressor was able to understand what Cheng Yu was thinking. Even so, it would only understand his thoughts and would not be able to comprehend it.

“Alright! We will discuss this issue again in the future! Currently, I’m stuck on a bigger issue. I have no idea how am I supposed to handle it!” Cheng Yu couldn’t think of any idea and could only go all in if worse come to worse.

“I have already known of what troubles you are facing. I had never imagined that with just a few months, you would grow so quickly. This had indeed gone beyond my expectations. However, if you wish to deal with a few Nascent Soul Realm, it’s not like there are no other ways.” The Soul Suppressor had awakened for a period of time already. It just it was studying Cheng Yu and did not choose to reveal himself.

When he discovered that Cheng Yu had 6 golden cores, he was surprised. What he was surprised about wasn’t because there was someone who could form 6 golden cores but why would he possess 6 golden cores.

According to what he knew, only Palace Master rank people would possess 6 golden cores. More importantly, only the clan members of the Palace Master would be able to cultivate the cultivation method. Yet, Cheng Yu was actually able to cultivation the method. Could he be a clansman of the Palace Master? But didn’t they faced extinction when the calamity strikes them? Could there be a clansman who had managed to survive?

All of these become doubts in the Soul Suppressor mind. However, he didn’t enquire Cheng Yu of this. Perhaps, not knowing the answer would be better for him! Previously, even the Holy Saint had also died. If the emergence of Cheng Yu were to attract those mysterious people again, they would truly be done for.

“Oh? What ways do you have! Quickly speak!” Cheng Yu had only casually voiced his thoughts out. Unexpectedly, Soul Suppressor actually had a way to deal with it. Truly a glimmer of hope only appeared at one’s darkest hour!

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