Chapter 103: Sales

It had only been three days since the news had spread out, and Xiao Qi Tian had already arrived with his people. After drinking another mouthful of apricot wine and peach blossom wine, he felt that it was right for him to spend so much time and effort to collect peach and apricot flowers.

Other than peach blossom wine and apricot wine, Ning Meng Yao also let Xiao Qi Tian take back with him some strong alcohol. Of course, those were not even a little bit better than the already available Red Daughter Wine.

This also made Xiao Qi Tian extremely excited. “Ai, there’s still too little alcohol.” If he had more wine, he could imagine the kind of craze it would cause in the capital.

“This wine is a year’s worth. There isn’t any left unless you can find more peach and apricot flowers.” Ning Meng Yao rolled her eyes at Xiao Qi Tian and said speechlessly.

Did this person even know what ‘rare materials are valuable’ is?

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Ning Meng Yao stiffly, as if he wanted to see if what she said was true. In the end, he saw the seriousness in her eyes and nodded, “Alright, I’ll think of something.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then. But it’s better if you limit the quantity of these two wines. As for the liquor, that’s up to you.” Liquor could be produced now, so she wasn’t worried about the sales.

“Alright then.”

Xiao Qi Tian only stayed in Ning Meng Yao’s house for a while before he left with the wine. From his expression, it could be seen why he left in such a hurry.

After they returned to the capital, Xiao Qi Tian told his men to come over immediately to think of  a way to sell these three or four types of wine.

The rich fragrance of the wine filled the Heaven Fortune Restaurant, causing all the guests present to gulp. This wine … They must have a taste.

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“How is the owner planning to sell this wine?”

“That’s right, quickly tell me. Just by smelling this wine aroma alone, I’m already craving for it.”

Hearing everyone’s words, the owner was very satisfied and he smiled at them.

“Today, we’ll only be selling two kinds of wine. One is Peach Blossom Wine and the other is Pure Brew. There are only ten jugs of Peach Blossom Wine and fifty jugs of Pure Brew.” Manager Qian of Heaven Fortune Restaurant said as he looked at the people present.

When everyone heard that there were only sixty jugs of wine in total, they panicked. “Give us a jar of pure wine.”

“Yes, and to us too.”

Everyone began to discuss among themselves. Before the price had been announced, the sixty jugs of wine had already been divided among the bidders, and there were even some who hadn’t been able to buy it yet.

“Manager Qian, you’re too much.” Those who didn’t get to buy swallowed their saliva as they inhaled the enticing aroma of the wine, looking at the other party with a depressed look on their faces.

Manager Qian said with a smile, “Good wine are always limited. If you like it, please come early tomorrow.”

Everyone heard this and felt completely helpless. They all knew that Heaven Fortune Restaurant had powerful backers, so no one dared to cause trouble here. Thus, they went to those who bought the wine to get a drink. After drinking it, they could never forget the taste.

Even when the price of the Peach Blossom Wine was one hundred and fifty-two liang per jug and the pure brew was one hundred and fifty liang per jug, no one said anything. Instead, they complained that it was too little.

On the second floor, Xiao Qi Tian couldn’t help but laugh as he watched the fiery scene unfold.

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A jug of wine only weighs two catties. Just today, these sixty jugs of wine were already sold for several thousand liang. If there were any more…

Just thinking about it made Xiao Qi Tian excited.

“Master, should we sell the same wine tomorrow?” Manager Qian looked at the floor below for a while before going upstairs to find Xiao Qi Tian and respectfully asked.

“No. Tomorrow, we will be the release of Apricot Flower Wine and Green Bamboo Wine, still 10 jugs and 50 jugs respectively. After tomorrow, every day, we’ll release 3 jugs of Peach Blossom Wine and Apricot Flower Wine, and 70 jugs of Pure Brew and Green Bamboo wine. The Flower Wine will each cost 150 liang per jug, while the rest will cost 100 liang per jug.” Xiao Qi Tian directly said without any trace of politeness.

There was no lack of rich people in the capital. He had also drunk these four types of wine before; even if it cost two hundred liang a jug, there would surely be people who want it.

“Yes Master!” Manager Qian walked out. He could imagine that these four types of wine would definitely give rise to a storm in the future.

Sure enough, the next day’s sixty jugs of wine were immediately snatched away. Those who didn’t buy it could only blame their own slow hand and couldn’t get one before the others.

From the second day onwards, even if with the increase in quantity for two of the wines, they could not hold up to the number of people. Moreover, there were only three jugs of even better quality Peach Blossom Wine and Apricot Flower Wine. Just thinking about it made him feel painful.

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