Chapter 325: Loose Immortal!

“Since it’s so, I can only issue out the Limitless Order. I believe the other sect would gladly witness such an event happening.” Qing Yuanzi spoke to everyone else.

“This……!” Everyone present was dumbstruck. Although they had never seen the Limitless order and not once had the other 3 sects issued a crusading order before, they still knew the amount of deterrence it could cause to Kunlun.

According to their knowledge, the Limitless Order had not been issued for thousand over years. A thousand years ago, a demonic sect killed a large number of mortals and cultivators in order to cultivate extremely cruel demonic art.

During then, the demonic sects and righteous sect were all being regarded as the enemy. Thus, the 4 secluded sects had decided to issue out a crusading order that commanded all the sect in the cultivation world to join hands to deal with that respective demonic sect. Ultimately, they manage to slaughter all of them.

Just because he had captured a person from the secular world, he would be a crusade against by the whole cultivation world? Yuan Yangzi was in extreme fear. He knew that capturing someone from the secular world was something that had violated the rules of the cultivation world. However, was there a need to go to such an extent?!

If he were to hand the person over to Qing Yuanzi, wouldn’t they no longer be able to kill Cheng Yu?

“Hmph! Qing Yuanzi, after so long, your courage had grown bigger. You actually dare to come to my Kunlun to use words to scare people?!” Just when Yuan Yangzi was unsure of what to do, a gigantic phantom appeared in the main hall.

“Teacher?” Yuan Yangzi immediately got excited when he saw who the phantoms belong to.

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“Greetings, Martial Uncle!”

“Greetings, Martial Uncle!” All the other elders had knelt onto the ground to kowtow to the phantom.

“Turn out that it’s Cultivator Guang Dao.” Qing Yuanzi bowed.

However, he was extremely surprised. It was said that Guang Dao had already reached the Pinnacle of Great Ascension realm. Originally, Qing Yuanzi thought that he had already ascended. Unexpectedly, Guang Dao actually chose to remind behind in the lower realm. Seem like he would have to return without any achievement today.
“Hmph! Limitless Palace has secluded from the world for so long. Just because my Kunlun has hardly showcased our strength, you think we are weak, aren’t you?” Cultivator Guang Dao harrumphed.

“What is Cultivator Guang Dao trying to say?” Although his cultivator was inferior to Guang Dao, the person before him was just a phantom. Qing Yuanzi would never be afraid of him.

“Limitless Palace does have the rights to issue crusade order in the cultivation world but without the other 3 secluded sect agreement, this Limitless Order isn’t something you can issue however you wish to. Yet, you actually used the Limitless Order to scare the later generation. What are you trying to achieve here?” Cultivator Guang Dao yelled. It was also to tell Yuan Yangzi and the others the Limitless Palace wasn’t something that can be issued out so easily.

As expected, after hearing the speech, Yuan Yangzi immediately heaved a sigh of relief. A moment ago when he heard of Limitless Order, he was given a bad scare. But turn out that the Limitless order could not be issued however they wished.

After thinking about it, Yuan Yangzi felt it was even more of the case. If they were to be able to issue the Limitless Order however they wish to, who would dare to oppose the 4 secluded sects? Wouldn’t they be seeking death? If it was like this, the cultivation world would only have 4 sects remaining.

“Hmph. Don’t tell me your Kunlun Sect capturing mortals from the secular world to threaten others isn’t violating the rules of the cultivation world? If it was so, I have the rights to issue the Limitless Order.” Qing Yuanzi knew that just he alone, he wouldn’t be able to issue out the Limitless Order. Originally, his intention was to give them a scare but unexpectedly, cultivator Guang Dao would appear here.

Even so, the way Kunlun had to handle the grudges was incorrect and they had violated the rules of the cultivation world. However, the other 3 sects might not be willing to agree to him issuing the Limitless Order just because of this matter.

After all, the victim of this incident was from Limitless Palace. Thus, they would certainly look forward to seeing how much losses would the Limitless Palace suffer from.

“Hmph! We have no intention to hurt these mortals. As long as you hand over Cheng Yu to us, we would send her back in good condition. Otherwise, get him to come to crash our sect gate in 5 days time.” Cultivator Guang Dao commented.

“What if I insist on bringing the person back?” Qing Yuanzi was trying to measure Guang Dao strength. If Guang Dao had yet to overcome the tribulation, he could still be counted as a Great Ascension Pinnacle expert. However, since it was just a phantom, Qing Yuanzi would be able to deal with it easily.
If Guang Dao were to had crossed the tribulation, then it would be somewhat troublesome for him. Qing Yuanzi was in a dilemma if he should make a move or not.

“Then it would depend if you have the strength to!” Cultivator Guang Dao might just be a phantom but he wasn’t afraid of Qing Yuanzi.

“Good! It had been hundred over years since we last met. I would like to see how well you have improved!” Qing Yuanzi’s Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm cultivation immediately burst out.

Yuan Yangzi and the other elders immediately felt a huge suppression falling onto them as they rapidly retreated to a side.

Hu! The phantom had also released its aura. Both of their aura canceled each other out. But the suppression felt from Yuan Yangzi and the others only got worse as they felt that they were almost no longer able to breathe.

His heart was in shock. Originally, the Unification Ream was already the peak expert in the cultivation world. Yet, they seem so weak in front of the duo. As expected, the disparity between each realm was not something strength could make up for.

However, that brat Cheng Yu was able to achieve this point. Therefore, they must eliminate Cheng Yu.

Yuan Yangzi was also very glad that he had told this matter to his teacher. Otherwise, they might truly have to hand the person over and Cheng Yu would become Kunlun biggest enemy in the future.

“Crossing the Tribulation Realm? No. Is loose immortal?” Feeling the immortal qi from the phantom, Qing Yuanzi was in a shock.

In the lower realm, only loose immortal and Crossing Tribulation Realm cultivators would possess immortal qi. As for those cultivators who had managed to overcome their tribulation to reach the Crossing Tribulation Realm, their immortal qi wasn’t pure. The reason was that their body would contain the spiritual qi in the lower realm as well as the immortal qi from the immortal realm. Only when they had managed to convert all of their spiritual qi into the immortal qi would they be able to ascend to the higher realm.

However, cultivator Guang Dao immortal qi was extremely pure. If he was in the Crossing Tribulation Realm, he should have already ascended. Therefore, the only possible reason for him still being here was that he failed his tribulation, becoming a loose immortal.

Therefore, the strongest expert in this world is not Crossing Tribulation Realm expert but those loose immortal who had converted all of their spiritual qi into immortal qi.

However, they weren’t that frightening as what everyone expected because they all had one fatal flaw. They were never able to walk openly and have to hide either in a void that was separated from the outside world or inside a formation.

It was because their body contained the immortal qi that didn’t belong to the lower realm. Since they couldn’t ascend to the higher realm, the moment they walked out in open, they would attract the heavenly tribulation. It would be fortunate if they were to be able to overcome the heavenly tribulation.

But if they weren’t able to, their soul would be scattered, disappearing from this world.

“Haha! Turn out that you failed your tribulation!” Knowing that cultivator Guang Dao would no longer be able to appear before him, Qing Yuanzi was extremely glad.

If it was cultivator Guang Dao himself, he would certainly lose. But if it was just a phantom, it might not be so. Furthermore, there was not a need to worry about him appearing in person.

“Hmph! Even if I cannot appear before you, you are still not my match!” The phantom harrumphed coldly.

Failing the tribulation had been his biggest pain. Originally, he thought he would be able to ascend to the higher realms. But now, he had no choice but to remain here in the lower realm. Unless he was absolutely sure that he would be able to overcome the next tribulation, he would never be able to ascend.

“Haha! That’s hard to say!” Both of their cultivation was extremely high and profound. Every move of theirs would bring raging waves. If it wasn’t because of the formation guarding the Yunxiao Peak, the peak might have already collapsed.

But even so, the things inside the hall had already been destroyed, without a piece intact.

Yuan Yangzi and the elders had long run out from the main hall and were waiting outside.

Hearing the loud sounds coming from the Yun Xiao hall, a lot of Kunlun disciples had flown over and was curious as to what was happening.

Although there was formation shielding the hall, all of them was able to feel the whole hall was trembling.

Meanwhile inside the main hall. Qing Yuanzi was alarmed. Never had he imagined the phantom to be so powerful. He actually couldn’t gain the upper hand against it and had kept on been in the disadvantage.

“Hmph! Qing Yuanzi, unexpectedly your cultivation is still stagnant even after so many years!” The phantom mocked.

“Hmph! Even so, you also wouldn’t be able to stop me!” Qing Yuanzi had indeed reached a bottleneck in his cultivation. But after receiving the Yin Yang Umbrella from Cheng Yu, he felt that the bottleneck had started to loosen and was almost on the verge of breaking through.

“Is it? Then I shall let you experience the might of a loose cultivator!” Guang Dao harrumphed coldly. Suddenly, the whole of phantom grew several times in size as the immortal qi released out from him soared.

“Concealing the Heavens Palm!” The phantom yelled. Suddenly, a palm that was as mighty as a mountain striked towards Qing Yuanzi.

“Yin Yang Umbrella!” Qing Yuanzi had never come across such an oppressing aura before. He was startled. Without further ado, a black-white umbrella flew out.

After the Yin Yang Umbrella was opened, it started revolving rapidly. A large diagram of cosmology appeared above it, releasing intense rays. Instantly, it blocked off the palm that was slapped by the phantom.

Boom! The large palm collided into the large cosmology. Unexpectedly, the whole Yunxiao Peak trembled under the collision.

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Pu! Cultivator Guang Dao phantom instantly vanished while Qing Yuanzi fell onto the ground, vomiting a mouth of blood. The Yin Yang Umbrella had also returned back into this body.

He knew that it was impossible for him to get back the person. Sensing several people rushing into the main hall, Qing Yuanzi immediately turned himself into a white beam and flew out.

“Don’t need to chase!” When Yuan Yangzi saw some confused disciple was able to chase after that beam of light, he quickly ordered them to stop. Meanwhile, he no longer saw his teacher phantom. He immediately flew towards the formation behind the mountain.

A few hours later, a white beam appeared above Limitless Palace, heading towards the Wuji Peak.

“Back!” Cheng Yu had long gotten anxious and had gone over to the Wuji Peak to wait for news.

“Martial Uncle! How was it? Where’s the person? Ah! You are injured!” When Cheng Yu saw Qing Yuanzi had returned, he quickly went forward to welcome him. Before he managed to even finish enquiring, Qing Yuanzi vomited a mouth of blood.

“Father!” Xin Yao ran over and cried out.

“I’m fine!” Qing Yuanzi beckoned as his complexion was somewhat pale. After that, he looked at Cheng Yu apologetically:” Yu’er, I’m sorry, I’m unable to bring the person back!”

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