Chapter 324: Limitless Order!

In the main peak of Kunlun Mountain. Limitless Palace Sect Master, Qing Yuanzi and Kunlun Sect Master Yuan Yangzi both sat inside the hall. All of Kunlun elders were also present at the scene.

“May I know why have Senior Qing Yuanzi came here for? For Senior to visit our sect personally, it was truly an honor for me.” Yuan Yangzi smiled to Qing Yuanzi.

Although Yuan Yangzi and Qing Yuanzi were both monarchs in their sect, Qing Yuanzi was still a class higher than him. Not only was it because Qing Yuanzi cultivation was higher than Yuan Yangzi by a realm, but it was also because when Yuan Yangzi teacher was still the Kunlun Sect Master, Qing Yuanzi had already become the Sect Master for Limitless Palace. During then, Yuan Yangzi was still a remarkable disciple in Kunlun.

Besides, Yuan Yangzi was only in the Unification Realm while Qing Yuanzi had already reached the Great Ascension Realm. Therefore, it wasn’t weird for Yuan Yangzi to address Qing Yuanzi as his senior.

Yuan Yangzi was able to vaguely guess the reason for Qing Yuanzi arrival. But what he didn’t expect was the person who came was Limitless Palace Sect Master. Could Cheng Yu be Qing Yuanzi direct disciple? If it was so, it would be very troublesome for him.

“I believe Yuan Yang Sect Master should have already guessed the reason why I’m here. Since it’s so, I will not beat around the bush. The reason why I’m here is because of my Martial Nephew, Cheng Yu.” Qing Yuanzi lifted up the teacup beside him and took a sip. He looked at the fluctuating expression of Yuan Yangzi nonchalantly.

“May I know how does Senior Qing Yuanzi wish to resolve this matter?” Yuan Yangzi was shocked. Martial Nephew? That’s to say that although Cheng Yu wasn’t his disciple, he was a disciple of his Senior Brother’s. Furthermore, to be able to make him made a trip down personally was sufficient to show how important this Senior Brother of his was to Qing Yuanzi.

“I have heard of the grudges between you and my Martial Nephew. It all started in the secular world. Originally, it couldn’t be counted as anything significant but yet it was turned into something so major. I don’t wish to blame who was in the wrong since the grudges had already been formed. But for the both of you to keep on hunting for each other heads isn’t a solution. May I know if Sect Master Yuan Yang had thought of any reconcile solution?” Qing Yuanzi replied.

Although Qing Xu had once thought him that it would be fine as long as Kunlun were to not send out any experts ranging from Spirit Severing Realm and above, Qing Yuanzi felt that if he could resolve the grudges between them immediately, it would be a lot better.
Cheng Yu strength might be comparable to an Initial Stage Nascent Soul expert but compared to the Middle or even Late Stage Nascent Soul expert, the disparity between them was just too big. If Kunlun were to really send out Middle or Late Stage Nascent Soul expert to hunt Cheng Yu, it would truly be hard for Cheng Yu to survive.

Therefore, Qing Yuanzi felt that he might as well resolve this dispute for Cheng Yu. If Kunlun wasn’t willing, Qing Yuanzi was willing to oppress Kunlun using his martial might just for Cheng Yu.

“Reconcile? Sect Master Qing Yuan, it’s very hard for me to comply with your request. Although I know that Cheng Yu was your sect disciple, he was the one who started the killing by killing the son of my secular Kunlun Sect Master. Later on, he even slaughtered away all my secular Kunlun experts. Above all, after he entered the cultivation world, he killed tens over of my outstanding disciples, so much that dozens of my Golden Core Realm cultivators had already died in his hand. I would like to ask Senior, how can I possibly reconcile with him? If I do so, how am I going to lead Kunlun in the future and how was my Kunlun going to establish oneself in the cultivation world?”

Hearing how Qing Yuanzi had tried to get them to reconcile, Yuan Yangzi immediately showed his unwillingness. Ever since Cheng Yu entered the cultivation world, he had killed countless of his Kunlun disciples. If he were to just reconcile with Cheng Yu just like that, how would the Kunlun disciples think of him? And how would the other sects think of his Kunlun?

“So you are trying to say Kunlun Sect must get rid of Cheng Yu?” Qing Yuanzi had already speculated that this matter wouldn’t be easily resolved.

Although he had heard of the grudges Cheng Yu had with Kunlun, he never thought that Cheng Yu had actually killed so many of Kunlun’s people. Especially when he heard that Cheng Yu had actually killed dozens of Golden Core experts.

Not only a large number of resources were needed to nurture a Golden Core expert, but the disciple also needed to have high aptitude as well. Not everyone could be nurtured to reach the Golden Core Realm. Without decent aptitudes, even if you had reached the Pinnacle of Foundation Establishment Realm, you might be stagnant there for your whole life.

Therefore, dozens of Golden Core expert was not a small amount to Kunlun. Qing Yuanzi finally knew the reason why Kunlun was willing to pay all sorts of price just to get Cheng Yu killed.

To Kunlun, Cheng Yu might be a person they must kill but as Cheng Yu’s Martial Uncle as well as Limitless Palace Sect Master, no matter what, Cheng Yu must never be allowed to be killed by Kunlun.

“I will have to disappoint Senior. Cheng Yu had already become our Kunlun arch-enemy. Therefore, I hope the senior would not obstruct us.” Yuan Yangzi attitude was very firm. He did not succumb to fear just because the other party was Limitless Palace Sect Master.

“Haha! Joke! Cheng Yu is my Limitless Palace disciple. How could I not interfere if you are to kill my Limitless Palace disciple? I will also be explicit to you. I’m definitely protecting Cheng Yu. If you are willing, I can compensate you with sufficient resources. I believe with those resources, you can nurture not only a dozen of Golden Core disciples. What do you think?” Qing Yuanzi attitude was also very firm.

“This……” When Yuan Yanzi saw Qing Yuanzi attitude, he hesitated. Naturally, the resources sufficient to nurture dozens of Golden Core experts was nothing to him. What he was worried about was Limitless Palace strength. If the other party was resolute in protecting Cheng Yu, it would be even harder for them to kill Cheng Yu.

“I know dozen of Golden Core cultivators are nothing to you. As long as you are willing to reconcile, I’m willing to compensate double the resources, sufficient for you to nature 30 Golden Core experts. How about that?” Qing Yuanzi continued.

Yuan Yangzi was stuck in a dilemma. However, some of the elders below them were somewhat moved by the suggestion. There were also a few elders who held an ashen expression. It was especially so for Elder Cheng as his favorite disciple Yun Zhong had died in the hands of Cheng Yu. Afterward, the few direct disciples he had sent out had also died in the hands of Cheng Yu. The hate he had for Cheng Yu had already penetrated down to his bones. It was impossible for him to forgive Cheng Yu just because of these resources.

Yuan Yangzi was no longer able to decide which was better for him. Honestly speaking, those resources offered to him was truly too generous but their Kunlun was not lacking such resources. What most important was that if they had that many outstanding disciples for them to nurture.

This was similar to being a billionaire but have no later generation to inherit your assets. What was the use for you to hold onto so much money then? Besides, if they truly had that many outstanding disciples, there was still not a need for them to be worrying about the lack of resources to nurture all of them.

Yuan Yangzi really wished to reject it but was afraid of provoking Limitless Palace. If that were to happen, this matter would no longer be as simple as it sounds.

The reason why Yuan Yangzi was so resolute in killing Cheng Yu was not that he had killed so many Kunlun disciple but was because they realized the potential of Cheng Yu.

When Cheng Yu was still in the Late Stage Foundation Establishment Realm, countless of Late Stage Foundation Establishment Realm disciple were unable to subdue him. Contrary, all of them had died in his hands.

After that, even with Golden Core experts making a move, he still managed to survive. What even more depressing was that not only did Cheng Yu manage to escape alive, he had also managed to break through to the Golden Core realm. The most aggravating portion was after he had broken through to the Golden Core Realm. Every time he came across a Kunlun Golden Core disciple, he would kill them.

Not long ago, even 2 of their Nascent Soul disciple had also got injured by him. That was why how could he not be worried of Cheng Yu’s future endeavors?

Perhaps, he could reconcile with Cheng Yu momentarily. But Cheng Yu’s aptitude was so abnormal and he grew exceptionally quick. Once he was to obtain sufficient strength, would he still let off Kunlun?

Yuan Yangzi was only in the Late Stage Unification Realm. But according to Cheng Yu’s growth speed and abnormal strength, as long as Cheng Yu stepped into the Unification Realm, wouldn’t he be able to have a show-down with him?

The more Yuan Yangzi thought about it the more resolute he was in killing of Cheng Yu. But if Limitless Palace were to protect him, perhaps in the future, Kunlun would be destroyed by the hands of Cheng Yu.

He was not willing to be the sinner of Kunlun. Before Cheng Yu managed to fully mature, he needs to get rid of Cheng Yu. Even if he had to offend Limitless Palace. Although Limitless Palace was very powerful, it was impossible for them to eliminate the whole Kunlun.

After much ponderation, Yuan Yangzi finally came into a decision.

“How is it? Have Sect Master Yuan Yang came into a decision?” Qing Yuanzi did not interrupt Yuan Yangzi when he saw Yuan Yangzi expression kept on fluctuating. It was only after a period of time did he finally opened his mouth to get Yuan Yangzi reply.

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“I’m sorry, Sect Master Qing Yuanzi. I still can’t agree to your conditions. My Kunlun is resolute in killing Cheng Yu!” Yuan Yangzi tone was extremely resolute.

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“You sure you wanna do this?” Qing Yuanzi was first taken aback before his expression turned cold.

“Yes.” Yuan Yangzi nodded.

“I heard that you had already announced to the whole cultivation world that you are inviting Cheng Yu to crash your sect gate?” Qing Yuanzi knew that it was impossible for him to change this conclusion. However, he still hoped to be able to bring Cheng Yu’s beloved back. Otherwise, it would truly be too embarrassing for him.


“Aren’t you afraid that I wouldn’t let Cheng Yu come?” Qing Yuanzi glared at the other party.

“I believe he would certainly come.” After putting out his decision, Yuan Yangzi no longer felt oppressed as before as he smiled with confidence.

“Just because of that Purple Wind Chime?” Qing Yuanzi commented coldly.

“What is Senior trying to say? I’m somewhat confused?” Yuan Yangzi expression suddenly changed before he acted in puzzlement.

“You really don’t understand me? But I feel that you seem to have understood what I meant.” Qing Yuanzi laughed coldly.

“The younger generation truly couldn’t understand what is senior trying to say.” Yuan Yangzi would never admit it even if he had to die.

“That’s good then. Since it’s so, let me give you a reminder. Secretly capturing mortals to threaten others is not something we cultivators should do. You most likely don’t wish for the whole cultivation world people to know Kunlun would do such a thing right?!” Qing Yuanzi was certain that the other party had captured Cheng Yu’s beloved.

“Senior must be joking. My Kunlun Sect had always been upright and frank. How could we possibly do such a thing? Senior must have taken those irresponsible remarks of others too seriously.”

“Hand over the person. Otherwise, if I were to issue out my Limitless Order, your Kunlun might no longer be so peaceful. I believe a lot of the other sect would be willing to witness all of these.” Qing Yuanzi no longer beat around the bush with him and threatened.

Limitless Order was a crusading order issued out to the whole cultivation world. If any sect were to do any actions that violate the regulations of the cultivation world or something that go against the humanitarianism, 4 of the secluded sect have the rights to issue a crusading order as they called upon all the other sect to suppress the respective sect.

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