Chapter 323: The Few Loved Ones?

“Wait! Purple Wind Chimes? Could it be……” Cheng Yu seemed to have recalled something as his heart tighten with huge changes happening to his expression!

Cheng Yu took out a Purple Wind Chimes bracelet from his storage ring. This was similar to the one he had made for the few women he had in the secular world. He made an additional 2 of it and had always placed them inside his storage ring.

Cheng Yu stared at the Purple Wind Chimes as his heart was filled with overwhelming emotions. He was somewhat panicking. Could Kunlun have made a move on his woman?

“Who was it that was caught? Or was it all of them?” Cheng Yu felt that he was somewhat turning mad.

“Not good. Regardless of who is it, I have to save them. It’s unknown whether or not those Kunlun dogs would hurt them. They must be in extreme fright right now.” Cheng Yu had never been so flustered before. He was never scared of dangers but was afraid of his beloved getting hurt.

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“Hmph! Kunlun, you better not hurt them. Otherwise, I will cause your Kunlun to never have peace!” Cheng Yu swore in his heart. The hate he had for Kunlun had reached the peak.

“Yu’er, what’s going on? Why are you so flustered? Where are you going?” Qing Xu had just returned back when he saw Cheng Yu’s impatience look.

“Teacher, you have come back at the right time. You must help me this time!” When Cheng Yu saw Qing Xu had appeared, he became elated as he spoke in a hurry.

“What happened?” Ever since he met Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu had always been smiling and would joke around. He had never once asked for help. Just like when Cheng Yu had bumped into him for the first time. Even though Cheng Yu was beaten into a plump by him, he had never once begged for leniency. But when he saw how Cheng Yu was acting currently, Qing Xu was able to tell something big had certainly happened.

“It’s like this. Just now, Junior Brother Xin Wen returned back from the Black Heavenly City. He told me the news of……” Cheng Yu narrated the whole situation out to Qing Xu.

“So you are saying Kunlun might have captured your beloved, and are using them to threaten you to crash their gate?” Hearing Cheng Yu narration, Qing Xu frowned.

If it was like this, it would be a huge conspiracy! Since Kunlun dared to head over to secular world to capture people, and also to announce this news to the whole cultivation world, this meant that they were determined in getting Cheng Yu to crash their gate to the point that they had ignored if they were to be ridiculed behind their back or be shamed by the whole the cultivation world.

“Yu’er, remain calm. Remain here in the Extreme Heaven Peak. Remember! You are not to head out before I return! This matter I would get the Sect Master to help you handle it.” Qing Xu was afraid Cheng Yu would no longer be able to resist any longer and head to Kunlun to crash their gate.

Cheng Yu didn’t understand the meaning behind crashing the sect gate. But how could he, hundreds over years old man didn’t understand the meaning behind it?

Since ancient times, crashing the sect gate was aimed at those cultivators whose cultivation were in the Nascent Soul Realm and above. It was a challenge meant to settle the grudges between the cultivator and the sect. What the challengers face were the cultivators that were 200 years old and below within the sect.

Kunlun might not be a super sect like Limitless Palace. But they were certainly among the top in the ten great sects. It was sufficient to show that their strength wasn’t to be underestimated. Qing Xu had no idea how many Nascent Soul Cultivators Kunlun have that were below 200 years old. But he certainly knew that it wouldn’t just be limited to a 1 or 2.

Secluded sect like Limitless Palace already have tens over Nascent Soul experts who were 200 years old and below. Even if Kunlun had at least half of what Limitless Palace have, Cheng Yu would still not be able to withstand against them. Crashing the sect gate was just pure suicide.

Therefore, whatever the case was, Qing Xu would never allow Cheng Yu to crash the sect gate. Cheng Yu was someone with lots of growth potential. Qing Xu would never allow Cheng Yu to come to a premature end before he had fully matured.

“Is Sect Master around?” Qing Xu arrived at the Wuji Peak and questioned the disciple stationed outside the main hall.

“The Sect Master is currently cultivating. Please come in, Martial Uncle. I will report your audience to the Sect Master.” The disciple greeted respectfully.

“En! Tell the Sect Master that I have urgent matters looking for him. Tell him that he must make a trip down!” Qing Xu was also extremely anxious as he walked into the main hall alone.

“Martial Uncle, why are you here? Are you looking for my father? I will go call for him.” Qing Xu had just entered the inner hall when Xin Yao who was lost in thoughts saw him. She immediately stood up and greeted him.

“No need. A disciple had already gone to find him.” Qing Xu replied with traces of worries.

“Martial Uncle, what’s wrong? Why are you looking so anxious?” Xin Yao poured a cup of tea for Qing Xu. When she saw how tensed up Qing Xu was, she couldn’t help but enquire curiously.

“Haiss. Isn’t it because of Yu’er.” Qing Xu sighed.

“Junior Brother Cheng Yu? Are his injuries very serious?” Xin Yao enquired. Yesterday when she left, wasn’t he already fine? Although his injuries were somewhat severe, it wasn’t to a point that would hinder him. As long as he recuperated for a few days, it would have been fine.

But from the way Qing Xu was acting, it caused her to be somewhat confused.

“It’s not that. It’s the matter between him and Kunlun. These days, Kunlun had announced to the world that they are inviting Cheng Yu to crash their sect gate.” Qing Xu explained.

“Crashing of sect gate? How did it lead to that? It would be fine if Junior Brother Cheng Yu were to not go, isn’t it?” Xin Yao spoke her thoughts.

Previously, Cheng Yu had already told them the grudges he had with Kunlun. Kunlun wants him to crash their sect gate but if he were to not go, who could do anything to him? What was there to worry about?

“Crashing of sect gate? Who wants to crash sect gate?” At that moment, the Limitless Palace Sect Master walked out.

“Junior brother, you came at the right time. This time, no matter what, you must make a trip down to Kunlun. These days, Kunlun had announced to the world that they are inviting Cheng Yu to crash their sect gate.” Qing Xu explained to Qing Yuanzi.

“Why is this so? How is Kunlun intending to deal with Cheng Yu? Wouldn’t it be fine if Cheng Yu were to not accept it?” Qing Yuanzi spoke exactly the same thing as what Xin Yao had just said a few moments ago.

“Haiss. If only it were so simple.” Qing Xu sighed.

“Could it be there’s an ulterior motive of them doing so?” Qing Yuanzi frowned.

“It was said that on the Kunlun Sect Gate, there hung a Purple Wind Chimes. It was said that they are inviting Cheng Yu to crash their gate 5 days later.”

“Purple Wind Chimes? What did it mean?” Qing Yuanzi and Xin Yao were confused.

“Yu’er said that the Purple Wind Chimes was something he had given to his secular world beloved. Therefore, he speculates that Kunlun might have captured his beloved from the secular world over. They are trying to force him to crash their gate! With Yu’er current strength, how was he going to crash Kunlun’s sect gate? It was just pure suicide!” Qing Xu was in for a headache.

“What?! Kunlun actually dared to head over to the secular world to capture mortals in order to threaten others! This is truly too shameless. Father, you must definitely interfere with this matter. The cultivation world had its own regulations. We are to never deal with the secular people. Kunlun has completely disregarded the cultivation world rules.” Xin Yao spoke in fury.

“How could Kunlun possibly not know of this? Since they dared to do it, it means that they had gone all in. Even if they had to go through infamy, they still want to eliminate Cheng Yu. Seem like Kunlun was resolute in the killing of Cheng Yu!” Qing Yuanzi finally understood what was going on. It seemed like Kunlun had long discovered that they wouldn’t be able to kill Cheng Yu off using normal means. Therefore, they intend to force him to submit.

“No matter what, you must think of a solution. We can’t possibly let Junior Brother Cheng Yu go over to crash their gate right?! Wouldn’t it just be him bringing about his own destruction?” Xin Yao commented with displease.

“That’s right. Junior Brother, this time you must certainly make a trip down to Kunlun personally. It would be best if you could resolve this dispute else, at least save Yu’er beloved back! Otherwise, Yu’er might perhaps crash the sect gate due to momentary impulse!” Qing Xu voiced out his worries.

“Alright! Although Cheng Yu had only been here for a few days, I am very satisfied with him. It was hard for us to have such an outstanding disciple like him. Naturally, I would interfere in this matter. I will make a trip to Kunlun right. Wait for my news!” Qing Yuanzi commented.

Even though Limitless Palace was a secluded sect, the aptitude of their disciple was still pretty decent. However, compared to Cheng Yu, they were still somewhat lacking. Besides, the moment Cheng Yu arrived, he had given all the elders a big present. Although he had only been here for a few days, everyone already knew of him in the whole Limitless Palace.

Besides, everyone knew that they had accepted Cheng Yu’s gift. Now that Cheng Yu was facing troubles, if they were to not help him out, just how shameless would that be?

After Qing Yuanzi left, Qing Xu had also returned back in a hurry. He was truly afraid Cheng Yu would not be able to resist his impulse and went over to crash the sect gate. If that were to happen, everything would be done for.

“Teacher, Senior Sister! How was it?” Cheng Yu waited in the Extreme Heaven peak alone foolishly. When he saw Qing Xu and Xin Yao had come over, he inquired worriedly.
“Yu’er, you have to calm down first. Your Martial Uncle had already made a trip down to Kunlun. I believe he would certainly deal with the matter for you.” Qing Xu spoke. However, the worries in him never subside. After all, for Kunlun to choose this step would only mean that they had already thought of a thorough plan.

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“Thank you, teacher!” When Cheng Yu heard that the Sect Master had already made a trip down to Kunlun, he finally felt somewhat better. However, the worries had never once vanished but had only been suppressed.

Although he had taught the few women how to cultivate, they were still mortals. When they come across such a situation, it was unknown how frightened they would be. Thinking of this, Cheng Yu felt that his heart had been pierced by thousands of needles.

It was all his fault. All because of his strength is too weak. If only he still possessed his formidable strength in his previous life, he would be able to instantly eliminate Kunlun hundred overtimes. Would there be a need for him to be so vexed and had no choice but to seek help from others?

“Junior Brother, we know that you are very anxious. But you acting like this isn’t solving the issue. I believe my father would certainly bring your beloved back. What you need to do now is to wait calmly.” When Xin Yao saw how restless Cheng Yu was, she consoled.

“Thank you, Senior Sister. I agree with what you said. But they are just mortals. They had never once suffered such sufferings before and it was unclear of what was their current situation. How could I possibly calm down?” Cheng Yu spoke in pain.

“They? There’s more than 1?” Xin Yao expressed her surprised. Even Qing Xu also looked at Cheng Yu in bafflement.

“This…… I am not sure either. Perhaps it’s 1. Perhaps, there might be several of them.” Cheng Yu replied awkwardly.

“……” Xin Yao and Qing Xu glanced at each other. They were rendered speechless.

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