Chapter 322: Purple Wind Chimes!

“En. What you just said is very reasonable. However, you should still stay behind a while more. Besides, your injuries have yet to fully recover. What if you come across Kunlun experts when you are on your way back?” Qing Xu nodded his head.

“This…… Alright! I will stay for another day.” Cheng Yu also felt that he wouldn’t be able to deal with Late Stage Nascent Soul experts for the time being. He should at least draft out a plan on how to handle them.

“I know the cultivation technique of yours is very formidable but you are someone from the Limitless Palace. Here are a few of our Limitless Palace techniques. You should take a look at it. In case you didn’t know, some of our disciples don’t even know what kind of techniques we teach.” Qing Xu took out several cultivation techniques and placed them in front of Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu picked them up and have a look. <Limitless Yin Yang Technique>, <Limitless Yin Yang Sword Technique>, <Limitless Mirage Technique> and etc. Cheng Yu skimmed them through and felt that he would only study them when he’s free.

The next day, Cheng Yu didn’t go out but sat inside his room to adjust himself to his optimal state so that if he were to face any Kunlun Nascent Soul experts, he would still be able to flee.

Cheng Yu sat on his bed and flipped through those Limitless Palace cultivation techniques. Suddenly, he remembered the few jade slips he had gotten in the Heavenly God Palace.

He took out the 3 Dan God Fantasy Technique jade slip and took a look at it. He realized this was exactly the same as his Arts of Derivation From All Living Things but lacked quite an amount of content.

Cheng Yu took out the 6 Dan God Fantasy Technique and have a look at it as well. He realized that it was more substantial compared to the 3 Dan God Fantasy Technique but was still an incomplete version of Arts of Derivation From All Living Things.

Cheng Yu started having some suspicions. He kept the jade slips away and started pondering about it with his eyes closed.

“3 dan…… 6 dan…… “ Cheng Yu thought through the 2 set of cultivation technique. Suddenly, he seemed to have seen the light in the tunnel. He recalled the 9 branches within his dantian. Could this perhaps be cultivating 3 golden cores and 6 golden cores respectively?

If it was so, then wouldn’t he be able to nature 3 and 6 golden cores expert out? Cheng Yu pondered excitedly.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yu took out a few other jade slips and have a look at it. Inside recorded all kinds of techniques.

Cheng Yu eyes brighten up immediately when he reached the last jade slip. God Concoction Technique – it was actually a pill refinement technique!

Cheng Yu was extremely interested in this technique because he was previously a pill master. Furthermore, the pills he found inside the Death Forest were all supreme-grade pills. Cheng Yu had long used to know how they were able to concoct such perfect pills.

“Impossible… impossible… How is this possible… Why would it be like this? What exactly is going on? How could such a thing happened!” Cheng Yu held onto the jade slip as his body shuddered.

At the start, Cheng Yu read through the contents attentively. He felt that this pill technique was very superior. But when he reaches the later part, his complexion started to change. It became extremely alarmed as if he saw something terrifying. He couldn’t convince himself what he was reading was real.

It was because this pill technique had recorded several kinds of pill fire. And 2 of the pill fire was something Cheng Yu had been very proud of. He always thought that he had created those pill fire; the Six Phoenix spiritual flame & Nine Dragon immortal flame.

It was clearly recorded that they used a phoenix type pill fire and a dragon type pill fire to manufacture the pill. All along, Cheng Yu had always thought that the pill those 2 pill fire of his was created by him. Regardless of it being in which universe, only he would be able to use it.

But in this world inside the Death Forest, thousand or perhaps ten thousand over years ago, this 2 pill fires had already appeared in this universe.

Could this be a coincidence? Perhaps, the senior who created both the pill fire had the same thoughts and concept as him? Therefore, he was able to create the exact same pill fire as Cheng Yu?

Cheng Yu felt that this matter was truly too unbelievable. They were both in 2 different universes. But the trip to the Death Forest had allowed Cheng Yu to see a lot of identical stuff that belonged to his previous universe. First, it was the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things. Now, it was his unique and unmatched pill fire.

How was all of these related to him? Could this universe be interlinked to his previous one? Cheng Yu felt that the Death Forest had concealed a heavenly secret. Furthermore, this secret seemed to be related to him. But this was somewhat too strange.

What kind of people had lived in Forest City last time? Besides, why would they face extinction in that instant? Was it done by others or was it a natural disaster?

Why would the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things which belonged to the previous universe of Cheng Yu’s appeared there? Why would they be able to create the exact same pill fire as his? He had created it thousands over years ago. Then did this pill fire in this world been created long before he had created his in his universe? Did they create it themselves as well?

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All of this was starting to become a never-ending maze. It seemed like everything was related to him. However, it also seemed somewhat unrelated to him.

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“Forget it. In any case, I have no leads at all. Even if I wish to seek for answers, I wouldn’t be able to find it as well. Might as well return home to flirt with those women at home!” After pondering for several moments, Cheng Yu felt that he only got more and more confused. He might as well stop pondering about it.

Cheng Yu walked out of his room and was preparing to take a stroll. But just when he stepped out of his room, Xin Wen who had guided him around came running towards him gasping for breath.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu, no good! Big… big… Something big has happened!” When Xin Wen saw Cheng Yu, his expression turned flustered as he ran over in his top speed anxiously.

“Hehe. What happened. Why are you so anxious?” Xin Wen was in the Qi Training Realm and was not able to use the flying sword to travel around. The Extreme Heaven Peak was at least several kilometers long. When Cheng Yu saw how tired Xin Wen was, he could speculate that he had run here non-stop. He truly pitied Xin Wen.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu. Today, when I went over to the Black Heavenly City to purchase some goods for the sect, I heard news relating to you.” Xin Wen spoke with an ugly expression.

“Oh? News relating to me? Let me heard what kind of news was it that managed to make you so anxious?” Cheng Yu frowned as he was somewhat surprised. He couldn’t be counted as a famous figure in this cultivation world. Those who knew him was only those who saw him in the Death Forest. Could it perhaps be because of the matter regarding the treasury of the Death Shrine?

“Senior brother, did you have enmity with Kunlun?” Xin Wen enquired.

“Yea. Kunlun and I have a very big hatred of each other. Why? Could the news be related to Kunlun?” Cheng Yu enquired curiously. What kind of tricks are Kunlun up to again.

“In the Black Heavenly City, I heard that Kunlun has announced to the whole cultivation world that they are inviting you to crash their sect gate!”

“Crash their sect gate? What kind of plaything is that?” Cheng Yu was puzzled. Inviting him to crash their Kunlun gate? He had never once heard that someone was willing to invite others to crash their sect gate.

Crashing Sect Gate was an established rule in the cultivation world. However, Cheng Yu didn’t belong to this world. His previous universe also had no such thing as the crashing of a sect gate. Therefore, when Cheng Yu heard of this he was extremely puzzled. He couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.

“Senior Brother. I am not sure about the details earlier. But after getting more information out, it was said that Kunlun was inviting you to crash their sect gate.” Xin Wen replied.

“Really go and crash their sect gate? Are they drunk! Nowadays, there’s still someone who would invite others to tear down their houses?” Cheng Yu commented in a shock.

In the secular world, he heard of house tenant refusing to leave their rental house. But Kunlun had made things even better. Inviting him to crash their sect gate. This is truly inexplicable.

Besides, why would he go and crash their sect gate? Cheng Yu wasn’t foolish. If he does so, wouldn’t he be allowing himself to be captured? How many experts would be ambushing him in the Kunlun territory? The moment he appeared, would he still be able to keep his life?

Cheng Yu felt that Kunlun Sect people were truly low in IQ. They actually dared to announce such a botched scheme to the whole cultivation world. They have truly thrown away all the face of the cultivation world.

“Senior Brother, this matter isn’t so simple. I heard that this was a challenge used to severe the resentment between 2 parties. If you were to accept it, the resentment between you and Kunlun would end from that moment on.” Xin Wen explained.

“Cheh. If I were to go over, I would be killed. Of course, the enmity will end during then. Do they take me as a fool?” Cheng Yu replied in an ill-mannered way. This Kunlun was too shameless. They actually wanted him to challenge their whole sect and yet they still dared to announced it to the whole cultivation world. They were truly hopeless.

“True that.” Xin Wen thought before reply. Although Kunlun couldn’t be compared to Limitless Palace, Kunlun was still something Cheng Yu couldn’t be able to defeat alone. If he were to head over, the moment he dies, wouldn’t the resentment between them be resolved as well?

“You need not to be concerned of this matter. However, thank you. Here, this is Ordinary Core Pill. Take it back to refine and absorb it. It would be able to increase your cultivation level by 50 years. The earlier you enter the Foundation Establishment Realm, the lesser you would need to be so tired.” Cheng Yu took out a supreme-grade Ordinary Core Pill and handed it over to Xin Wen.

This kid was truly efficient. Just because of minor news, he was willing to run here to report it to him so anxiously. Gifting Xin Wen an Ordinary Core Pill could be counted as a payback for his effort.

“Thank you, Senior Brother! Thank you, Senior Brother!” When Xin Wen heard Cheng Yu words, he turned extremely excitedly. Unexpectedly, his momentary goodwill could be exchanged for such good benefits.

“En, you can return back!” Cheng Yu nodded.

“Oh right. Senior Brother, I also heard that there was a Purple Wind Chime hung outside the gate of Kunlun. They said they are waiting for you to challenge them 3 days later!” Xin Wen had just walked for a few steps before turning back and spoke.

“Purple Wind Chimes? Nothing better to do! I got it. You need not to concern yourself in this matter.” Cheng Yu no longer wish to continue on with this topic. It was impossible for him to fall for such a folly scheme unless his brain had short-circuited.

“Oh!” Xin Wen also felt that it was extremely weird. He nodded his head before leaving.

“Crazy. If I don’t have the intention to go, don’t talk about hanging a Purple Wind Chimes, even if you have hung an extreme beauty, I still wouldn’t head over!” Cheng Yu scoffed.

“Wait! Purple Wind Chimes?! Could it be……” Cheng Yu suddenly seem to have recalled something as his heart tightened. His complexion immediately changed!

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