Chapter 321: Punishment!

“Qing Fengzi, get out of here! You this old chap!” Qing Xu flew to Extreme Earth Peak and yelled.

“Martial Uncle Qing Xu, Teacher had invited you into the main hall!” A disciple arrived before Qing Xu had said in a rush.

“Humph!” Qing Xu harrumphed coldly before walking away.

“Senior Brother, why are you acting like this? I seem to have not provoked you right?” When Qing Fenzi saw the cold expression of Qing Xu, he was somewhat baffled.

“Qing Feng, you are truly too shameless. My disciple had come to give you a present with good intention yet you actually got your disciple to injure him! You better give me an explanation for this!” Qing Xu yelled.

“Senior Brother, where did you heard this from? When Cheng Yu came to give me the present, I was naturally very happy about it and was very pleased with his actions. Why would I get my disciple to injure him?” Qing Feng was surprised by the events.

“You go and ask your chief disciple! It’s him who did it!” Qing Xu glared at Qing Fengzi to see if he was speaking any lies.

“Xin Feng, go and get your Big Senior Brother out! Senior Brother, take a seat first. What exactly happened?” Qing Fengzi ordered Xin Feng before speaking to Qing Xu.

“I’m not sure about the details but the fact that Cheng Yu got injure by your chief disciple is true!” Qing Xu sat down.

A moment later, a handsome man with full silver hair came walking out with Xin Feng. This person was Xin Heng.

“Teacher, Martial Uncle. May I know why are you finding me for?” When Xin Heng saw Qing Xu was present, he had a rough idea of why he was summoned.

“I heard that you have injured Cheng Yu. Is there such a matter?” Qing Fengzi questioned.

“Yes.” Xin Heng knew that he wouldn’t be able to conceal the matter. Thus, he admitted in a clear-cut manner.

“Why?” Qing Fengzi frowned. Xin Heng was his chief disciple. He was extremely pleased with this disciple of his. Not only did he manage to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm in his hundred, but the current him had also already managed to enter the Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm in 300 over years old. His future could be boundless.

Furthermore, Xin Heng had always handle matters calmly. Why would he suddenly make a move against Cheng Yu?

“Because he took Junior Sister’s jade flute. When I asked him where he got it, he didn’t answer me but gave me a load of nonsense. Therefore, I made a move to teach him a lesson.” Xin Heng spoke truthfully.

“Hmph! I need not others to teach my disciple on my behalf. Martial Nephew is trying to say I didn’t teach my disciple well isn’t it?” Qing Xu harrumphed coldly.

“Martial Nephew don’t dare!”

“Hmph! Even so, you need not made a move against him, isn’t it? Besides, he could be counted as your Junior Brother. Although his strength was barely enough to compare to an Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm, he was after all still in the Golden Core Realm. As his Senior Brother and having reached the Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm, just because of a small matter he had actually injured him so badly. If it wasn’t because he had some abilities, wouldn’t I be seeing his corpse now?!” Qing Xu interrogated.

“……” Xin Heng didn’t speak when facing Qing Xu’s criticizes and did not dare continue speaking. In Limitless Palace, if you don’t show respect to elders, it was a very serious offense.

However, Xin Heng did not harbor any sense of regret in this matter. If Cheng Yu had been honest with his words, he wouldn’t have made a move. Furthermore, those words of Cheng Yu had truly caused him to be extremely irritated.

Meanwhile, Xin Feng who was standing at a side was extremely happy. It just so happened that he was lacking someone to vent the anger out for him. Ultimately, his Big Senior Brother had actually beat the kid up for him. From the way it seems, the injuries he received wasn’t light. Otherwise, Martial Uncle Qing Xu would never come here so angrily to condemn Xin Heng.

Compared to this, previously, he had only received some minor injuries. Although Big Senior Brother didn’t do that to take revenge for him, this didn’t affect Xin Feng way of feeling.

“Senior Brother, may I know how is Martial Nephew condition of injury?” Qing Fengzi enquired.

After all, Cheng Yu had come over early in the morning to give him a big present. In the end, not even a few hours later, he had been beaten up by his disciple. If this matter was transmitted around the sect, wouldn’t they think that his Extreme Earth Peak was truly shameless and not have any bearings? And just because of such a small incident that happened a few days ago, they actually waited for an opportunity to take revenge?

Although this 2 incident was not related in any way, others might not think of it that way. Others would think this 2 incident was caused by caused and effect.

“He wouldn’t die temporarily.” Qing Xu replied in an ill-mannered way.

“Ah?” Hearing Qing Xu words, Qing Feng and his disciple were in a shock. However, Xin Feng became happy immediately after recovering from his shock. He truly looked forward to Cheng Yu just dying in such a manner.

However, Xin Heng was also extremely shocked. He was extremely confident in his strength. Cheng Yu might be seriously injured but it wouldn’t to the extent of taking his life. If Cheng Yu were to really die from this, he would really be in big trouble.

The offense of killing sect members was extremely severe. If it was not handled well, his future would be ruined.

“Senior Brother, are you serious about it?” Qing Fengzi recovered from his shock. He naturally understood the concern that was at stake here as he enquired anxiously.

“You should first tell me how are you going to handle this matter?” Qing Xu didn’t bother about them but changed to another topic. Humph, who lets you, people, to act so arrogantly. I shall give you all a scare.

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“This…… Senior Brother, not sure how would you like me to handle this matter?” Qing Fengzi enquired.

“Well, get him to apologize to Cheng Yu! And we will forget about this!” Qing Xu commented.

“No way. I will not agree to it!” When Xin Heng heard that he needed to apologize personally, he immediately became unwilling.

He did not feel that he was in any way wrong. If it wasn’t because Cheng Yu didn’t place him in his eyes at all and spoke a load of nonsense invoking his anger, he wouldn’t have made a move.

“Seems like you didn’t seem to be aware of your mistake. Since it’s so, Junior Brother should give a suggestion on how should we handle this matter!” Qing Xu stared at Qing Fengzi.

“This…… Senior Brother, I feel that the ambitious between the juniors had no right or wrong. I can only say that their hearts have yet to become as calm as a wave when solving some matters. How about this, I will punish Xin Feng to the Calming Heart Peak for a year and let him reflect on his actions. How does this suggestion sound to Senior Brother?” Qing Fengzi suggested.

He was also not willing to let Xin Heng apologize personally. Xin Heng was his Extreme Earth Peak chief disciple. If he were to apologize to Cheng Yu, wouldn’t it be telling everyone that they were in the wrong? When the time comes, their Extreme Earth Peak would never be able to go against the Extreme Heaven Peak. Therefore, Qing Feng would never agree to let Xin Heng head over to Extreme Heaven Peak to apologize.

“Hmph!” Qing Xu also knew that it was nigh impossible to get Xin Heng to apologize. The concern behind this would become too complicated if this ever happened. Thus, he harrumphed once and did not reply.

“Xin Heng, are you willing to accept this punishment?” When Qing Fengzi saw Qing Xu’s actions, he knew that he had tacitly agreed to it.

“Disciple is willing to accept it.” As not as he need not apologize to Cheng Yu, Xin Heng was willing to accept any kind of punishment. What could a reflection of a year be counted as? He could just treat it as a year of seclusion.

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“Good. Then you can head over now!” Qing Fengzi waved his arm and replied so as to avoid Qing Xu having any other weird punishment for him.

“Yes. Teacher, Martial Uncle, I shall take my leave first.” Xin Heng saluted before leaving the hall.

“Senior Brother, how about I head back with you to take a look at Cheng Yu injuries? In any case, he was still my Martial Nephew and was injured by my disciple.” Qing Fengzi wished to take a look at Cheng Yu’s injuries himself. If it was really as serious as Qing Xu said to be, it might no longer be so simple.

“Let’s go!” Qing Xu didn’t wish to continue staying. He had yet to truly examine Cheng Yu’s injuries before. However, he felt that it wasn’t life-threatening.

Qing Xu duo arrived at Cheng Yu’s room. Xin Yao was no longer around. When Qing Feng saw Cheng Yu injuries weren’t as serious as Qing Xu said to be, he finally loosened his anxiousness. Suddenly, he felt that he had been duped. From the way Cheng Yu looked, it was because his internal organs had been jolted injured but Qing Xu had actually come straight to the doorstep to get him to account for this. What most lamentable was that he actually punished Xin Heng to reflect on his actions for a year.

Actually, what he didn’t knew was Cheng Yu’s injuries weren’t as light as they thought to be. It was because Cheng Yu had actually consumed the god’s water after Xin Yao had left. Thus, his condition became a lot better.

Qing Fengzi exchanged some pleasantries before leaving gloomily.

“Brat, what’s going on? A moment ago, you were on the verge of death. Now, you seem to be fine. You have even made me told your Martial Uncle that you have been severely injured! Where am I gonna place my face whenever I meet him after this?” Qing Xu glared at Cheng Yu.

Just now when he came into the room, he was immediately filled with doubts. This brat had certainly been severely injured a few moments ago. But now that he had brought someone over, Cheng Yu suddenly seem not to have been seriously injured before at all. Perhaps, Qing Feng might even think that he went over to look for trouble.

“Heh heh, Teacher, didn’t it just meant that my recovering speed is a lot better than others? Could it be that you wish for me to die?” Cheng Yu joked.

“Naturally I wish nothing happens to you. But you should at least give me a warning beforehand. Because of this, Xin Heng had been punished to the Calming Heart Peak to reflect on his actions for a year. But from the way you looked, wouldn’t your Martial Uncle be thinking that I have purposely lied to him?” Qing Xu commented.

“How I know that Teacher would bring Martial Uncle over? However, it’s worth to let that guy reflect for a year!” Cheng Yu spoke disapprovingly.

“You are really a freak. However, it’s good that you have such high recovery abilities. Alright, you take a good rest!” Since Cheng Yu was fine, it would be the best course of events for him.

However, this recovery speed of Cheng Yu was too abnormal. However, Qing Xu did not inquire about it. Cheng Yu himself was filled with secrets. If Cheng Yu ever wish to tell him, he would listen to it. If he didn’t, he would never go enquire about him. Everyone had their own secret, including himself.

“Teacher, I plan to leave Limitless Palace tomorrow to return back to the secular world.” When Cheng Yu saw Qing Xu is about to leave, he voiced out.

“What? You are leaving tomorrow? Didn’t you say 3 days later? Could my place is really so unwelcoming to you?” Hearing Cheng Yu wish to leave, Qing Xu was somewhat unwilling.

His Extreme Heaven’s Peak had always been very peaceful. There had been very little people here. But ever since Cheng Yu arrive, the atmosphere in the peak changed. He felt that this was actually not as bad as it seemed to be. Yet unexpectedly, Cheng Yu was going to leave so soon.
“Teacher, of course, I wish to stay behind longer but it had been 4 months since I returned back. Previously, I had promised my women that I would return in 3 months time. So long have past but I have never once return any messages to them. They would certainly be very anxious about me. Furthermore, I’m afraid that Kunlun would seek revenge from my woman since they couldn’t find me. If that happened, it would become very troublesome.” Cheng Yu grumbled.

“En. What you just said is very reasonable. However, you should still stay behind a while more. Besides, your injuries have yet to fully recover. What if you come across Kunlun experts when you are on your way back?”

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