Chapter 320: Qing Xu Was Angered!

“Stay your hand!” Just when Cheng Yu was injured by Xin Heng’s punch, a dainty voice could be heard transmitting over.

“Junior Sister Xin Yao!” When Xin Heng saw the person who came was Xin Yao, he was surprised.

“Senior Brother Xin Heng, for what reason did you injure Junior Brother Cheng Yu?” When Xin Yao saw the bloodstains in front of Cheng Yu’s foot as well as his pale complexion, she questioned Xin Heng.

Yesterday, Xin Yao has also heard that Cheng Yu had sent gifts to the other elders. Only Extreme Earth Peak elder have yet to receive one. Could Martial Uncle have sent someone over to create trouble? Xin Yao has no idea Cheng Yu had just gone over to gift Qing Fengzi a gift. And still thought that both of them was in conflict due to that.

“He was holding onto your jade flute!” Xin Heng cried out.

“That’s…… I gifted it to him!” Xin Yao grew red as she replied somewhat unnaturally.

Those who were close to her knew that the jade flute was her beloved object and she would never allow anyone to touch it. But yet, it was currently in another man’s hand. What would others think of this if they were to see it?

The reason Xin Yao came over was also because of this similar reason. Ever since he gifted the jade flute to Cheng Yu, she had been contemplating her decision in her room. Ultimately, she felt that she should get her jade flute back. Thus, she came out to search for Cheng Yu. Unexpectedly, she saw Xin Heng injuring Cheng Yu.

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“What? Why? You have never once allowed someone else to touch your jade flute. Yet, you have given it to him?” Xin Heng was surprised. Could it be like what this brat had said to be? Xin Yao has given it to him as a love token? His emotions started surging as his tone started to contain traces of interrogation.

“This…… this is my matter. I need not others to care about it!” When she heard Xin Heng’s interrogation tone, she got extremely displeased. It was her stuff. She can gift it to whoever she wishes to. Who was he to care about it?

“Junior Sister Xin Yao, I don’t mean it that way. I just don’t understand why would you give him your jade flute?” When Xin Heng saw Xin Yao unsightly expression, he knew that the words he had spoken just now were somewhat inappropriate. Hence, he quickly explained himself.

“Enough. This is my matter! No one has the rights to interfere with whoever I give this jade flute to. Junior Brother Cheng Yu, I can tell your injuries aren’t light. I will send you back to Extreme Heaven Peak!” Xin Yao replied coldly. She came before Cheng Yu and measured his injuries before frowning and shaking his head.

This Xin Heng truly has no idea about the degree of seriousness. He was a Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert yet he actually inflicted such a serious injury on a Golden Core cultivator. Although Cheng Yu’s strength was comparable to Initial Stage Of Nascent Soul Realm, this was already his limit. Yet, Xin Heng has actually inflicted serious injuries onto Cheng Yu’s internal organs. Isn’t it too shameless of him?

Meanwhile, Cheng Yu was also flabbergasted. From the impact, he could tell that Xin Heng was in the Late Stage Of Nascent Soul Realm. Although he didn’t use his full strength, the other party had also didn’t do so as well. But unexpectedly, after their fist collided, Xin Heng did not even sustain any minor injuries yet he was seriously injured. Seems like the disparity him to a Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm was still quite far apart.

While pondering, Cheng Yu started to feel somewhat terrified. If Kunlun were to really send out Late Stage Nascent Soul cultivator, it would really be hard for him to survive.

“Junior Sister Xin Yao……” When Xin Heng saw Xin Yao had actually supported Cheng Yu up and was about to fly off, he mumbled a few times of her name. However, Xin Yao ignored his cries.

“Are you Alright?” When she saw Cheng Yu complexion kept on switching colors, she though Cheng Yu was in severe pain due to his injuries.

“……” However, Cheng Yu was in deep contemplation and have not heard Xin Yao words.

“Oi! Junior Brother Cheng Yu, are you alright?” When she saw Cheng Yu not replying her, she got even more worried as she enquirer once again.

“Ah? Cough cough! Yes?” After being shaken by Xin Yao a few times, Cheng Yu instantly started coughing as he woke up from his contemplation.

“Junior Brother, are you alright?” When Xin Yao saw Cheng Yu’s behavior, she enquired worriedly.

“Ah? Oh! My injuries are very severe. I’m extremely feeble right now. Senior Sister must hold on to me well! I’m about to fall!” After waking up from his contemplation, Cheng Yu sniffed the fragrance on Xin Yao. This smell was similar to the one on the jade flute. Cheng Yu was instantly aroused. He immediately leaned his body towards Xin Yao and spoke weakly.

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“Ah? Junior Brother, you must hang on a bit later. We are about to reach Extreme Heaven Peak!” Having leaned upon by Cheng Yu, Xin Yao got somewhat anxious. She had lived for over a hundred years yet never once did a man got so close to her. She subconsciously wanted to push Cheng Yu away but when she saw his pale expression, she decided not to.

Xin Yao immediately got somewhat panicky when she smelled the odor of Cheng Yu. Helpless, she only hoped that she could arrive at the Extreme Heaven Peak earlier so that she could put him down.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yu was in enjoyment. In any case, this incident happened because of her jade flute. Taking some liberties of her could be counted a form of consolation to him.

Cheng Yu acted feebly as he leaned his whole body weight onto Xin Yao. If Xin Yao were to let go of him, he would fell straight down from the sky. Thus, Xin Yao could only hug onto Cheng Yu.

Feeling the soft body of Xin Yao’s, Cheng Yu intentionally twisted around. It was simply a pleasure for him!

“Can you not move around!” Cheng Yu stuck himself onto her and yet he kept on moving about. This caused Xin Yao to feel somewhat feverish. A weird feeling rushed up to her head and caused her to feel somewhat irritated.

“Eh? Look, isn’t that Senior Sister Xin Yao?” Suddenly, some Limitless Palace disciple noticed the people above the sky as they cried out in excitement.

Xin Yao was not only the Sect Master Daughter, but she was also a Late Stage Nascent Soul expert at such a young age. She was actually not any weaker than Xin Heng. More importantly, her beauty was able to cause all men to fall in love with her.

“Why is Senior Sister huffing a man? Oh Gosh! Could that person be Senior Brother Xin Heng? Wuwuwu, my dream has been smashed!” A male disciple lamented.

“How is that possible? Senior Brother Xin Heng hair is all silver in color. From the way that person dress, he looked more like Senior Brother Cheng Yu!”

“What! Senior Brother Cheng Yu? The one that won against Nascent Soul Realm Xin Heng with his Golden Core Realm cultivation, that Senior Brother Cheng Yu? But didn’t he just joined the sect? Why would he be so close to Senior Sister Xin Yao? God! You are too unfair! I have waited for Senior Sister Xin Yao for over tens of years. Could it be I’m destined to be alone forever?” That person was in a shock at first. Another moment later, he sighed.

“Senior Brother Cheng Yu seems to be injured?” Someone noticed their weird positioning. They were envious and curious at the same time. Finally, one of them took notice of the clues.

“What? Senior Brother Cheng Yu was someone who could defeat Nascent Soul Realm expert. Furthermore, who dares to injure him in the Limitless Palace? I heard that Senior Brother Cheng Yu had gone to gift our sect elders a present. Now, all the elders had already ordered their disciple to be respectful to him whenever they see Cheng Yu. Why would there still be someone who would injure him? Could he be looking for death?”

“Ah? Gifting every elder a soul artifact? What kind of cost was this? But Cheng Yu was only in the Golden Core Realm. How could he have so many soul artifacts? Soul artifact! Never had I dare to even dream about it. At most, I would hope for a spiritual artifact. Yet, Senior Brother, Cheng Yu could even gift out soul artifact. Hais… why is our disparity so big?”

“Why not let’s go Extreme Heaven Peak to greet Senior Brother Cheng Yu? Perhaps, we might get some loots.” One of them suggested excitedly.

“Forget about it! Even if Senior Brother Cheng Yu had a lot of soul artifact, it was still impossible for him to gift us one. Besides, with our current strength, it would be a waste on us. We basically can’t bring forth its full power.” That man shook his head.

“That’s right. Furthermore, Senior Brother Cheng Yu seems to be injured. It’s even more impolite of us to disturb him.” Another one of them sighed.

In Extreme Heaven Peak. When Xin Yao landed down, she bumped into Qing Xu.

When he saw Cheng Yu and Xin Yao hugging each other, he was surprised. Didn’t this brat go to give Qing Fengzi a gift?

Why was he together with Xin Yao? Wasn’t this kid too overbearing! He had just entered the sect for a knew days and he had already taken down the precious pearl of Limitless Palace?

However, before Qing Xu could continue his thoughts, he became angered. His disciple was actually injured! This was his only and extremely satisfied disciple!

“Yu’er. What happened? Didn’t you go to Extreme Earth Peak? Why would you be injured? Was is that bastard Qing Feng who had injured you?” In the whole Limitless Palace, the only one who had a conflict with Cheng Yu was Xin Heng. Could Qing Feng really be that shameless and injured his disciple Cheng Yu?

Besides, the first thing Cheng Yu did today was heading over to the Extreme Earth Peak. Qing Xu became even more certain of his opinion.

“Martial Uncle, you have misunderstood. Just now, he had bumped into Senior Brother Xin Geng. Both of them got into a small misunderstanding that’s why he would injure Junior Brother.” Before Cheng Yu even spoke, Xin Yao immediately explained.

She knew that the Martial Uncle in front of her had always been on bad terms with Qing Fengzi. If they were to get into a quarrel because of Cheng Yu, this might perhaps become an unresolvable dispute.

“A small misunderstanding? Just because of a small misunderstanding he could beat my disciple to this extent?” Xin Yao brought Yu’er back to his room to rest first. I will go and settle the score with that old guy!” When Qing Xu saw the pale complexion of Cheng Yu, his anger could no longer be suppressed as he ordered Xin Yao before flying off.


“Martial Uncle……” Both of them called out to Qing Xu. However, Qing Xu disappeared in a blink of an eye. Both of them could only shake their head helplessly.

“What exactly happened between the two of you? Just because of a jade flute, you two fought?” Xin Yao supported Cheng Yu to his room and got him to lie on his bed before enquiring.

“The incident is like you said it to be!” Cheng Yu replied.

“I think it’s better for you to return me the jade flute!” Xin Yao suggested. The reason why she came over to look for Cheng Yu was just so she could get back her jade flute. Now that the jade flute had brought such big trouble onto Cheng Yu, all the more was she certain that she should take back the jade flute.

“No way!” Cheng Yu rejected immediately.

“Why?” Xin Yao frowned.

“Since when was the gift that had been given out be taken back? Therefore, I have the rights to reject it. Besides, this jade flute belongs to me now. I have the rights to handle it anyway I want. I will never give it to others.” Cheng Yu replied.

“This…… but it will only bring you troubles.” Xin Yao also knew that it was unreasonable for her to ask him to return it. But she truly wished to get the jade flute back.

“I ain’t afraid of troubles.”

“Then I will return you the immortal gown so you can return me back the jade flute.” Xin Yao pondered for a moment before replying.

“Senior Sister, what you just said is an insult to me. How could I take back what I have given out? Besides, in my opinion, the immortal gown is a lot better than this jade flute as this was your beloved object. I have a lot of soul artifacts but Senior Sister only had a beloved object on her all the time. Naturally, I would pick the jade flute.” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“……” When she saw how resolute Cheng Yu was, she knew it was impossible for her to get it back. But when she saw the mischievous smile of Cheng Yu’s, she got even more regretful.

Extreme Earth Peak.

“Qing Fengzi, get out of here! You this old chap!” Qing Xu flew to Extreme Earth Peak and yelled.

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